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Who I Work For

These are the areas of expertise in which I can provide top quality sales copywriting.


These are the areas of expertise in which I can provide top quality sales copywriting.

Online Learning

Companies like Udemy and Lynda.com have exploded in recent years, providing expert learning materials to individuals and businesses alike. Since the internet has a lot barrier to entry, companies like these and Treehouse and Code Academy are crop up everywhere. You will need an edge in your advertising to highlight how you differ from all the rest.

Sales Training

You know that corporations need to keep their sales people trained with the latest techniques. You also know that your business needs to have the latest advertising and marketing techniques to reach those businesses in need. Whether it’s a PPC campaign or getting people to a paid seminar, you need the best marketing and copywriting you can buy.

Colleges & Universities

With enrollment to schools is at an all-time high, players in this arena are increasing, too. Whether it’s brochures, direct mail or social media, you need the right words to capture the imagination of your young audience.

For Profit Universities

With schools like DeVry University and Strayer University, this sector is growing exponentially and proper care is needed in how these schools are marketed.

Personal Development

This is a big field. Personal development can be anything from spiritual awakenings to time management practices. New players are getting into the market each and every day. Special marketing tactics are needed to reach this vast audience.


There is big money in professional and personal coaching, so there is a lot of competition out there. You need to have an edge.

Speakers & Authors

This category is somewhat covered in the personal development and coaching sections. The work I do ranges from sales pages, Amazon book descriptions, micro-sites, seminar sales e-mails and landing pages, etc. Please contact me for more information.