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The Tale of Two Business Women

On a beautiful summer evening…

…two women attended a networking event hosted by their local Chamber of Commerce

These two women were very much a like in many ways.

They both had the same type of business.

They both were the boss of their own company.

They both enjoyed the type of work they were doing.

But there was a difference…

One woman had a thriving business and enjoyed attending these Chamber of Commerce events.

She loved socializing with others.

She enjoyed hearing how people loved her products and services.

The other woman hated these events.

She hated talking to other successful business owners and hearing about their successes.

She hated feeling bad about herself and her unsuccessful business.

She only attended these events because she was desperate to save her fledgling business.

What made the difference?

Have you ever wondered what makes the difference in people’s lives and their business?

The difference in these two women was how each of them approached their online marketing strategy.

They both knew that being online was super important for their respective businesses.

However, only one woman knew the exact strategy to getting customers to come back repeatedly.

The successful woman’s approach was to have lots of free content on her website.

But not just any content, but content that was Google-worthy.

The kind that brought in loads of website traffic.

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“I thought blogging was a waste of time and money.”

As the two women spoke at this networking event, the struggling woman said, “I thought blogging was a waste of time and money.”

“Nope,” said the more successful one.

“Content is what powers the Internet. It’s what made Google a billion-dollar business. Google rewards those who put out lots of free content. Good content.

“So far, it has done wonders for my business.

In fact, I only have to work a few days a week because the phone just keeps ringing.

I’m so grateful that I learned about this strategy years ago. It’s the easiest and fastest way to get awesome customers.”

“But doesn’t that take a lot of your time?”

“Oh, I don’t write all that content. My time is too valuable. No, I work with a freelance writer who writes all my content. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent.”



As you can see, the difference in how these two women turned out is how one approaches her online strategy. This is why I am writing to you today. I want to help you understand how this works. Let me introduce myself…

A little about me

I’m Ash Weckter, and I help businesses get loads of traffic to their websites.

I do this by writing blog posts and articles that are interesting to people and Google.

I’m often referred to as a SEO copywriter.

Clients pay me to write Google-worthy blog posts; however…

I’m NOT trying to sell you anything today

I’m just here to inform you how you can get lots of traffic to your website with clearly strategic online content.

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