Why Life Coaches Should Stop Taking Free Consultations…

This Instead If You Want to Have a Thriving Life Coaching Business

You’re a Life Coach, and you love what you do…

…however, if you’re struggling to get clients, then you may not love what you do. It’s time to fall in love with your passion again.

This article will show you why you’re not getting paying clients and what to do about it.

The secret to getting high-paying clients without the hassles of entertaining dozens of Free Consultations before you land a real client is deceptively simple. In fact, it’s just two simple steps.

Continue reading if you are a Life Coach who makes less than $100,000 / year, and you want to make an EXTRA $39,150 / year without creating a complicated sales funnel.

Dear Reader,

Somehow something brought you here. Think for a moment why that may be the case. Is the Universe telling you something? Maybe, you were meant to be here.

If you read this entire article, you will have the most exceptional insight in skyrocketing your fledgling Life Coaching business without re-inventing yourself.

You dreamed of being a life coach, and you want to help people sort out their problems. You went to coaching school, and you set up your own practice.

But somehow things aren’t working out as you had hoped. You’ve been blogging,posting videos, taking free consulting calls, but still making a living out of life coach seems to be for everyone else—not you.

Rest assured. Once you figure out what’s holding you back from getting big paying clients and how easy it is to fix, you will be on your way to making a real living from your life coaching.

Has the dream died?

You quit your job to be a life coach. You spent hundreds or even thousands on training and getting a Life Coaching certificate. You were told you would be working in a thriving industry.

But nothing is happening…
The problem is you don’t have a reliable system for getting premium clients—these are the ones with money. Stop chasing after the clients with no money.

All you really want is someone to call you, and you will take care of the rest, right?
Read on to discover exactly how that is done.

The reason why no one is calling you is because…

Life Coaching is extremely competitive

Coaching schools are pumping out hundreds of life coaches every day. These life coaches are flooding the market with their newfound certificates.

They are blogging, YouTubing, Facebooking, Twittering, Instagramming, and offering everything free under the sun just to get a little attention.

And you are probably doing the same. It can be exhausting.

Now, with the “New Normal” and people out of work, more and more people want to get into the life coaching business. It’s getting awfully crowded!

It will be a long time before many of these newly minted life coaches will be washed out, and the demand for life coaching will catch up with the supply. But that is many years down the road. Do you have that kind of time?

In this new normal, it takes more and more resources to get your potential clients to call you. This adds up to more exhaustive hours in your day and more money draining from your bank account. How long can you keep this up?

Offering free calls is not the answer.

The problem with the Free Consultations

The problem with the Free Consultations is that your prospect must be pre-sold on your higher-levelcoaching services before they even think about calling you.

Do you see how that is?

Your high-value clients know that the Free Consultation is just a sales pitch. Why else would you offer it? Giving valuable information on a free call is not a good use of your time or your resources, right?

Whether you realize it or not, you are reallyselling your more expensive packages before they take you up on your free call.

Your prospect must be sold onor convinced that they will be pitched a higher-level packageon the call; therefore, they wouldn’t call for a free consultation.

The question is: How well is your sales funnel doing in selling your higher-level packages to premium clients?

If it’s rock-solid, then stop right here. You won’t learn anything new that will help you.

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Losing trust

Everything on your website must convince these premium clients to invest in higher-levelcoachingwith you. That’s essentially what you are selling. The Free Consultationis just a formality.

When people see “freecall” (or any other wording of it), they immediately have their guard up. Their Bullshit Detector goes off with lights, bells, and whistles.

They know that the person on the other end is going to try and sell them on a higher-level package.

They know that you couldn’tpossiblyruna business by giving away your time.

You’ve LOST trust even before you started the relationship! Is that how you really want to present yourself to the world?

The problem is that most life coaches think they only need to sell the Free Consultation.Oncethey get the prospect on the phone, they can sell their higher-level services. How good are you at selling premium services to people who just want free information?

This approach simply doesn’t work for most life coaches.This leads to frustration and the ongoing fear of not having your business survive—especially in these chaotic times.

Do you believe in what you are doing? Do you stand behind your product and services? You owe it to your clients to stop wasting their time on Free Consultations.

“You have to believe in what you do in order to get what you want.” – Larry Ellison

Lack of confidence

When you offer a Free Consultation, you are on a “try before you buy” basis. Essentially, you are telling your prospect, “I’m not sure I can deliver the goods, so maybe you should just try me out for free. I lack total confidence in myself.”

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This is a bad vibe to send out if you’re struggling to fill your calendar with real paying clients.

How can you afford to promote free stuff?

When you have Free Consultation as your lead generator, how can you spend money on advertising or other forms of promotion?

You can’t!

No one arrivedon your website because you didn’t spend time or money on marketing. Whether you make videos, blogs, speaking, or direct advertising, you are spending money and your time promoting your services.

This is a lot of resources to spend on a Free Consultation that only attracts people with no money… or people who must be pre-sold on your more expensiveservices before they think about calling you.

This simply doesn’t work.

Your blogging efforts and free introductory calls are only attracting people with plenty of time and NO money. You want clients who value their time and have money to get their problems solved, right?

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Sales funnels are way too complicated

One of the more popular ways to attract high-paying clients is with a convolutedsales funnel to generate leads. Have you tried this? 

The problem is that these sales funnels are extremely complex and hard to set up. You need the services of a sales funnel professional. The cost of this is out of the range of most life coaches struggling to get their business off the ground.

Ad policies

Here’s what’s involved…

If you are using a webinar to attract leads, you need to pay a monthly fee for webinar hosting… then you need a call-appointment system… then you need an email autoresponder…then you need to spend money on advertising to set the whole thing in motion. Finally, you need to hire a bunch of professionals to help you put together this whole salesfunnel.

You could spend several hundred dollars—or even thousands—on a clumsy sales funnel.

For what?

To get a bunch of tire kickers who want a FREE“strategy call”?

That’s not any way to jump-start your life coaching business—or resuscitate it from near death, is it?

The problem with thisapproachis you attract mostly people who are looking for morefree information. They’ve watched your webinar because it was free. They signed up for your free strategy call because they have a lot of time on their hands.

Ad policies
Ad policies

But they are unlikely to buy.

People who have (and earn) real money don’t have hours to waste watching free webinars. These are professionals who want their problems solved quickly. They will seek out someone (you, for instance) who can add tremendous value right away—even if it costs money!

The webinar or any other complicated sales funnels only slows down the process for thosewhohave money to pay for your $2,500 / month coaching packages.

Why put up roadblocks?

Running a complicated sales funnel with lead magnets, webinars, emails, follow-ups is like juggling a dozen balls in the air. You drop one, and the whole thing falls apart!
Yes, these sales funnels do work… but only for a few people who have the time, the resources, and the commitment to follow through. For the rest of us, it’s just too much work and too much money.

Ad policies

Do you have respect for your time?

High paying clients who have money to pay for your services have a high regard for their time. If you don’t value your time, they won’t put a high value on your coaching services.

Giving away Free Consultations shows that you don’t value your time.

You need to show that you have respect for your time and that you respect the time of your prospects. This is the great premium client attractor that so few people understand.

Chasing down clients is the worst!

When you offer Free Consultations, you are forced to chase down leads with a complicated email follow-up system.

According to most online marketing experts, if you don’t keep up with yourleads at least three to five times a week in the first six months, you can kiss that lead goodbye.

Writing three emails a week for six months takes a lot of work. Do you have that kind of time? Do you have a reliable system set up for that?

If you are not going to have a robust email follow-up system where you are following up with at least one email a day, don’t bother. All the leads you got from your freelead magnet will move on to other things if they don’t hear from you regularly.

What a waste!

How do you handle a Free Consultationanyway?

When you have a free call with a prospect, you have the dilemma of how much value you should offer:

  • If you offer too much value to your prospects, they will wonder why they should pay a premium for the same value you just gavethemfor free.
  • If you hold back on the value you give, your prospect won’t believe that you have anything better to offer. They will move on to someone else.

This is a no-win situation. There is no such thing as offering a lot of value for free. You can’t sustain it. This can lead to frustration and feeling like you failed as an entrepreneur.

You need a simple system that provides a steady stream of clients and a steady stream of income. On the next page, that system is revealed. Click below to continue.

How do you get clients to pay you for your initial calls?

What you need to do is this…

The solution is to stop offering Free Consultations and start getting clients to pay you foryour initial calls.

You need to have a “first-call-paid” strategy. This means getting paid on your very first one-on-one contact with your client.

This is a simple concept. Free calls are a waste of time for you and your client. But first paid calls are not.

Clients who have money to spend want their problems solved—or at least addressed—as quickly as possible. They don’t have time to read your blog, watch your videos, or download another free lead magnet.

These are powerful people with time-consuming businesses to run. They want to talk to someone now—not tomorrow!

They will generously pay someone (you) who respects their time and can solve their problem as quickly as possible.

Starting any personal coaching business or maintaining one takes a lot of effort. When your clients bypass the Free Consultation and pay you for the first call, you will create unstoppable momentum in your business.You only need one or two paid calls a day to kick start a thriving life coaching business.

It’s a lot easier to move a prospect from a $250 call to a $2,500 / month coaching package than to move someone who is looking for free information. Don’t you think?

Remember, high-value clients—in which money is no object—have a high regard for their time. They don’t have time to jump through hoops and listen to 45-minute webinars just to get on a “strategy call” that doesn’t really do anything except sell them on a premium package.

Without a proper flow of good-paying clients, you are stuck in your coaching business. Having a first-call-paid strategy is the fastest way to get unstuck.

Imagine getting two or three calls a day where your client pays you $125, $150, $250, or more without a complicated sales funnel?

What would that mean for your business? What would that mean for your advertising and marketing efforts?Using a first-call-paid strategy is the fastest way to grow your Life Coaching business.

Use the Two-Step System for Instant Premium Client Calls

I’ve been using a simple two-step system for getting paid calls on the very first contact. I call this system First Call Paid to Premium Client System. And I will show you how it works.

This is a simple two-step process:
Step 1: Set up a deliberate sales channel.
Step 2: Create an intentional traffic system.

It’s really simple. You just need a well-written article* highlighting a quick solutions-based coaching session. And then you use a reliable ad system such as Facebook, Google, or YouTube, to direct traffic. With the right words and a laser-focused audience, your coaching call is irresistible.

That’s it!

I know it sounds too simple. Okay, the first step has a few details that really make it shine. However, the second step is crazy easy, and you probably already have this in place. You just need a little adjustment to make it work.

*Actually, it’s not really an article. It’s more of a hybrid of article and sales page. This is the secret sauce.

The Big Secret to Attracting Your Best Clients and Getting Them to Pay for a First Time Call Versus a Free Consultation.

If you can solve a specific and immediate problem, you will have your best clients filling up your calendar in just days.

Part of this system involvestaking one component of your coaching practice and delivering it as a stand-alone coaching session. Below is an example.

Suppose you are an Executive Coach, and you help people get ahead in their careers.

The coaching session you would provide using the First Call Paid to Premium Client System is:

“I help middle managers in the tech sector get a $20,000 raise in six months or less.”

Do you see how specific that is?

If you were a middle manager working at Microsoft and you felt you were being undervalued, who would you contact to help with your career?

Would it be an executive coach who just says she helps peopleget ahead in their careers or an executive coach who says she can help you get a $20,000 raise in six months or less?

Having specificity in your initial offering attracts your best clients like a magnet and gets them to pay for a first-time call.  This is the big secret that extremely successful budding entrepreneurs have known for years.

This solution you are providing on this paid call is just one small part of your whole coaching business.

The Importance of Systems

The most important thing to know is that the fastest way to build up your business is to implement a system.

Amazon skyrocketed to success because they had a specific system in how they sold their products. The First Call Paid to Premium Client System is designed to fit in with what you are currently doing.

Any good system is only as good as what you are currently doing. You shouldn’t have to re-invent the wheel. With this system, you won’t have to change anything about your business.

Why should you listen to me?

I was exactly where you are now. I was struggling to get clients and get my freelance business off the ground. It was tough. I had created all the sales funnels that the experts were telling me to do.

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The problem is that I was getting too many calls that went nowhere. I was spending more and more time working on my business than working in my business.

I wanted to do what I do best—and that is to help people deliver their message to the world. As a marketing copywriter, that was my talent.

The Struggle
I struggled to get clients, and I followed all the rules of the marketing “gurus”:

  • I gave free value upfront (blogs, videos, free offers, etc.)
  • I entertained dozens of complimentary calls
  • I had lead magnets coming out of my ears

It didn’t work. It wasn’t until I took stock in myself and began charging real money for my time that I could create a sustainable business for myself.

When I started charging for my initial client calls, people in my industry said I was crazy!

Which brings me to this inspirational quote from billionaire Larry Ellison…

“When you innovate, you’ve got to be prepared for people telling you that you are nuts.”

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ash Waechter (rhymes with Hector), and I’ve been helping coaches and consultants get more traffic to their websites for ten years now.

Since starting my own business, I’ve written and published two books about online marketing for small businesses. And I share my online marketing tricks with my 16,000 followers on Facebook.

I’m just like you

I was where you are now…

Many years ago, I finally took the plunge and paid someone (I didn’t even know) $250 to answer one of the most burning questions I had about my business.

It was the best $250 I had ever spent!

Soon after, I had absolute clarity about my business. It was far better than dozens of courses I had taken or the hundreds of free videos I watched… or even the thousands of answers I received from various online forums and Facebook groups.

I needed clarity!

And I got it. And it only cost me $250. It may sound like a lot for a coaching call, but that $250 has turned into thousands upon thousands of dollars today. I am so grateful for the work that coaches do.

Why you should adopt a first-call-paid strategy using the First Call Paid to Premium Client System

Quite simply,it’s the fastest way to jump-start your business. Here are…

The Top Seven Reasons Why a First-Call-Paid Strategy Works

#1. Fast Start Up

You can quickly ramp up your business without the slow process of getting leads through a complicated sales funnel. No lead magnets. No long-winded webinars. No blogging. No videos. No email follow-up system.

#2. Quickly solidify the relationship

With this first-call-paid strategy,you can quickly help your client without getting on free calls that really don’t do anything. You’ve already explained what you do on your website.

By using a first-call-paid strategy, you and your client are both invested in the call. Your client has paid you in advance, and you received the money. Now, you are both relaxed and invested in making this call a success.

#3 Professionalism

Offering a first-call-paid solution signals to your premium clients that you are a professional who values your time.They know you don’t have time for tire kickers.

Interesting fact: As soon as you charge for all your calls, your premium clients instinctively place a higher value on you.

#4 Support advertising effort

By far, the best and least labor-intensive way to get traffic to your website is through online advertising. You may have tried this and failed.

However, when you advertise using a first-call-paid strategy, the advertising pays for itself. You can’t do that with just generating leads and free calls. Since you are being paid on your first call, you can easily support a paid advertising effort.

#5 Free up your time

You will have more time working in your business rather on your business.

#6 Integrity

Using a first-call-paid strategy allows you to keep your integrity.By keeping coaching and marketing separate, you won’t have to up sell anyone on your coaching calls. Your premium clients will naturally up sell them selves to your higher-level services.

#7 A good match

On a paid call, you will still see if you are a good match. You will both be invested in creating results, and there will be no pressure. A Free Consultation is completely unnecessary when a paid call will do accomplish the same result.

These are just the top seven. There are at least a dozen good reasons why you need to adopt this strategy today.

Let’s talk so you can start getting paid calls now.

I would like to invite you to my Innovative Marketing Coaching Call, so I can explain in more detail about how you can attract premium clients using the First Call Paid to Premium Client System.

On this Innovative Marketing Coaching Call, I will show you exactly how to put together a First Call Paid to Premium Client System for your Life Coaching business. I will take you by the hand and show you how you can attract high paying clients who value their time and pay you generously for yours.

I will explain in detail HOW this works. I’ve shown you the WHAT, and I’ve explained the WHY. On this call, you will get the HOW.

This call is designed to get you unstuck. You’ve been to all the webinars and downloaded all the free stuff. And watched all the videos and blogs.

NOW it’s time for some personalized attention, right? Don’t you think getting some clarity on how you can get started on a first-call-paid strategy is the right thing to do now?

What to Expect on This Innovative Marketing Coaching Call

For the first part of the call, we will go over the brief questionnaire you filled out before the call. You can “pick my brain” however you like.

During the second part of the call, we will start implementing the First Call Paid to Premium Client System, so you have the exact steps to start getting paid calls without dealing with tire kickers who won’t convert to your higher-level services.

Before the call

I will review any materials you would like me to look at. I will spend about 30 minutes reviewing your online presence and any materials you have submitted to me beforehand. I will take careful notes, and on the call, we will discuss them. This way, I will be prepared for our call together.

Your USP

Most Life Coaches fail to get high paying clients quickly because they lack a USP. What’s a USP? It is your Unique Selling Proposition.

On this call, I will help you come up with USP (should you need one). You will think of your business in a whole new way.

The “Dumb” Psychology of the Premium Client

Premium clients want you to solve their problems quickly. They will pay good money for that privilege! They want to talk to someone now when they have a problem. They don’t have time for blogs, videos, or webinars. Understanding how high paying clients make purchasing decisions is critical to getting them on a call.

The 5-Point Power Positioning Protocol

The success in growing your life coaching business is knowing how to position yourself in the mind of your prospects. On this call, we will quickly go over the five finer points on how to position yourself, so you are irresistible to high paying clients.

The Simple “I Can’t Believe It’s This Easy” Website Traffic System

Many life coaches are struggling to get traffic to their website. It’s quite easy—if you know a few tricks of the industry. We will cover this in detail on this call. You will never have a website traffic problem again.

Personalized Help

The most important part about this call is that it is personalized for you and your business. This isn’t some cookie-cutter approach. Your business has specific problems that need to be addressed.

You shouldn’t have to change what you are already doing to implement the First Call Paid to Premium Client System.

No more learning and spinning your wheels.

The best part about this call is that there will be no more Learning. There will be only doing. We will create this action plan together.

The Investment in Your Coaching Business

Your total investment is $125 and is backed by my 100% Money Back Guarantee. Full details below.

This is an incredible value.

This is a PAID Coaching Call, NOT a FREE Strategy Call (a.k.a.aSales Call).

If you want premium clients fast, join me on this Innovative Marketing Coaching Call. We will steer your ship in the right direction, so you can breathe easy with a ton of new clients. My aim is to give you over $1,250 of online marketing value for only $125. That’s a 10X proposition.

Think about the last time you got $1,250 of business-building marketing knowledge from watching videos or taking an online course. What kind of motivation and guidance did they provide? Did you follow through with what you learned? Was the program/course personal to you?

This is a PAID Coaching Call, NOT a FREE Strategy Call (a.k.a.aSales Call).

If you want premium clients fast, join me on this Innovative Marketing Coaching Call. We will steer your ship in the right direction, so you can breathe easy with a ton of new clients. My aim is to give you over $1,250 of online marketing value for only $125. That’s a 10X proposition.

Think about the last time you got $1,250 of business-building marketing knowledge from watching videos or taking an online course. What kind of motivation and guidance did they provide? Did you follow through with what you learned? Was the program/course personal to you?

Please note: This First Call Paid to Premium Client System is ONLY for Life Coaches who are making less than $100,000 and want to jump-start their business. If you already have a well-established Life Coaching business, you probably already know these secrets!

The best value for your money

You could buy a new pair of shoes or some other luxury item for $125 to make yourself feel better. But how long does that last? A few weeks?A few months? Wouldn’t it be better to spend that $125 on a reliable client-attracting system that will build up your business in the weeks to come?

Your life coaching business is important to you. The best money spent is the money you spend on fine-tuning your client-generating strategies. Don’t you think?

You could easily spend $125 ormoreonmarketing courses that really don’t address your problem.Just more hours sitting and staring at some video. Will you really be inspired and take action after watching another online course?

This Innovative Marketing Coaching Call will inspire you to act because you will be part of the solution that you need to kick start your coaching business.

You don’t need another webinar, free download, or online course. You need a sounding board, and this call is that sounding board!

Imagine getting $125, $150, or even $250 on every new client’s first call. Yes, you will get that once you have this first-call-paid system in place.

As long as you have the right alignment and strategy on your website, you will find these clients with ease. Remember, people who value their time will pay to have their problems addressed quickly.

They just want to talk to someone who is a professional. They don’t have time to waste on Free Consultations that seem like desperate attempts to get clients in the door.

Could you survive on three calls a day (@$150/call) for 261 days a year? That’s $117,400 just by taking three paid Coaching Calls a day! No more tire-kickers!

Best of all, you won’t have to really DO anything on this Innovative Marketing Coaching Call. I will be your guiding hand. I take all the “thinking” out of the equation. No more “my head hurts” in trying to figure this out. I do it all for you!

Yes, I Want Premium Clients Now

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: For the next 30 days, I am donating $25 to the Smile Train charity.This is a charity that I have donated for years, and I would love to pass along the trust you have given me.

After Your Innovative Marketing Coaching Call, Please Enjoy These FREE Bonuses…

Bonus I: The First Call Paid to Premium Client System guide book, templates, and worksheets. We will cover a lot on our call, but these guidebooks, templates, and worksheets will act as notes from our call.

This will be the road map to attracting high-end clients without resorting to free calls that go nowhere.Normally $250, but yours FREE after the call.

Bonus II:How to Turn Stubborn Leads into Instant Sales booklet. This booklet will show you what drives people to buy from your website. You will understand the psychology of how people process information and why they will pay attention to what you have to say and buy from you.Normally $35, but yours FREE after the call.

Bonus III:Four follow-up emails from me to see how you are doing and if you have any further questions. Normally $260, but yours FREE after the call.

Bonus IV: Recording of the call. This way, you can revisit what we discussed on our call together. The more you listen to the recording, the more value and clarity you will get.Normally$135, but yours FREE after the call.

As you can see, you are going to get a lot of value from our call together. I am focused on learning more about you and how I can quickly solve your problem of getting more high-paying clients.

100% Money-Back Guarantee*

I know you don’t know me (very well), and you may feel like you are taking a risk. However, I want to reverse that and take on all the risk. If you aren’t completely satisfied with anything, I will refund your money with no questions asked.

If you don’t get at least $1,250—in addition to the $680 in bonuses—in valuable and actionable guidance from our call together, I don’t want your money.

I only accept money from people that I truly help. If, after getting on the Innovative Marketing Coaching Call, you don’t feel this is what you had expected, simply ask me to close the call. No feelings hurt here. I only want extremely happy clients. With this 100% Money Back Guarantee, you can’t get this wrong.

Even after a few days,if you don’t feel that the call and the bonuses ($680 in value) are worth $125, then I will simply return your money. I want you to be 100% satisfied with the call. Client satisfaction is my number one priority and my greatest marketing strategy.

*Sorry, but the 100% Money Back Guarantee does NOT include No-Shows or Cancellations beyond the 24-hour cancellation window. All No-Shows and Cancellations after 24 hours will not be refunded. You will have an opportunity to reschedule your call within the 24-hour window. Thank you for your understanding.

Quite simply, this is a no-risk offer to completely change the path of your life coaching business.

Please note: I only take 2 calls a day, so be sure to get on my calendar as quickly as possible. Often, I am booked several weeks out. However, there may be a cancellation, so you might find an opening right now. If you have an urgent need. 

Why Should You Get on this Call with Me Today?

Imagine opening your email and seeing a full calendar of real paying clients. Better yet, imagine opening your bank account and seeing:







*insert any number you wish!

After seeing all the appointments, you can’t believe your eyes, and you are excited.

You may be a little nervous because you never had so much business in your whole coaching life! However, you also recognize that these clients paid in advance, and they didn’t have to be talked into setting up a call. It was all automatic!

Now, you’re relieved. You are eager to get all on these calls and help your NEW (real paying) clients. You sip a bit of coffee and get all your notes together for the coaching calls you have set up automatically using the First Call Paid to Premium Client System.

Days later, when you are on the call, you feel relaxed because you know that your client wants to be with you. They eagerly paid you without any sales pitches, and they are anticipating the coaching call with you.

On these calls, you are relaxed, and the time just slips by. On each call, you get to know your clients intimately and personally because it’s a real paid coaching call—not a sales pitch in disguise. You both are relaxed and want a positive outcome.

And to top it off, at the end of the week, you see that you have thousands of dollars from your first-call-paid clients. Before, it was a scary sight.

You may be asking yourself why you should get on a call when you can just browse around and get more free information online.

In my early days of copywriting, I didn’t know how to get started. I read dozens of books, watched hundreds of videos, downloaded over 53 lead magnets, and watched over a dozen webinars.

Where did it get me?


Finally, I was so frustrated that I reached out to someone and asked if I could get on a call with him.As stated earlier, it was my first time calling (no free consultation), and I paid $250 for the privilege.

On this call, my coach gave me his full attention, and there was no tension between us. I paid him, and we were ready to get down to business on that call.

He was able to help me find the niche I had been searching for. Before the call, I had gone to Facebook groups, watched YouTube videos, read blogs, etc.

I just wanted someone to hear my story and listen to what I had planned for my future. I then wanted someone to digest all that and give me guidance.

That is what my $250 on a first-time call got me. I’ll never forget it, and this why I created this system. It will allow more life coaches to sustain a business where they can help people like me—who are struggling and confused.

This is why I am making this offer to you today. I know you are where I was many years ago.

How many more videos do you want to watch on YouTube before you connect the dots? How long would it take to cobble together all that information to create a marketing plan that guarantees high-paying clients?

Online forums and Facebook groups are practically useless. How many times do you want to get twenty different answers to a simple question? This only adds to your confusion.

This call with me today will remove all confusion and all doubt. And if you don’t like what I have to say, you will get your money back in full. If I can’t help you, I don’t want your money.


You get four free emails from me. See Bonus III above. Also, I have many coaching clients whom I work with for a longer period. If this is something that you are interested in, I will show you my Personal Coaching packages. We can discuss these after the call if you wish.

No one calls you because premium clients don’t want to waste time on free calls. Also, you don’t have the right system where you have a focused solution and a deliberate sales mechanism along with a reliable traffic system. This Innovative Marketing Coaching Call with me will show you exactly how to do that.

Yes! Getting traffic is built into the system. Charging for your first call is just one part of the First Call Paid to Premium Client System. I will show you how to generate reliable traffic that easily pays for itself. It’s almost like FREE traffic.

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Don’t forget: My mission is to give you over $1,250 of client-generating value for only $125. That’s a 10X value!

I Want Premium Clients Now

This call is backed by my 100% Money Back Guarantee. You can’t get this wrong!

This is a coaching call, NOT a 15-minute call about what to do. I am going to show you exactly how to implement the First Call Paid to Premium Client System into your current website and marketing programs.

What Happens If You Don’t Do This?

Without implementing the First Call Paid to Premium Client System,you will be exactly where you are now. You will still be struggling to get those high-paying clients that every Life Coach dreams about.

With the economy how it is going (i.e., shitty), you will be left behind if you continue to flounder through your coaching business.

If nothing has taken off so far, you can expect more of the same as the economy grinds down to a screeching halt.

What is your time worth to you?

You could spend another one or two hours watching another YouTube video or sitting through another free webinar (a.k.aasales pitch part 1).

If your time is worth $150 or more, this will be the best value you will get all year. My aim is to give you $1,250 in actionable business-building value.

Sit down and think for a moment. Think about all the hours you have spent trying to figure out a simple and reliable system for attracting real paying clients without resorting to gimmicks (i.e., Free Consultation).

WARNING: This is ONLY for serious go-getters who are ready to act now. This NOT a free complimentary call to see “where you are now” or “where you would like to be,” or to see “if we are a good match.”

This is for those who are in dire need to take their business to the next level…who are prepared to take massive action following the call… who are NOT confused by the kind of help they need.

We will dive in and get you set up with the First Call Paid to Premium Client System. I will come prepared, and so should you!

This is NOT for fence-sitters. You must have a real burning desire to get premium clients who want to pay you real money for your services.

To your success!

Ash Waechter(rhymes with Hector. Yes, again!)

Innovative Marketing Coach

P.S. This call may not be right for you. That’s why I offer my 100% Money Back Guarantee. But if you don’t act, you could be right back where you are now—which is stuck, confused, lacking focus, and without a definite plan as to where to take the next step.

P.P.S. Please note: This call is NOT about how to be a Life Coach. As a client-generating marketing consultant, I am only qualified to get experienced Life Coaches more high paying clients.

One final note: If you have lost direction and resolve in your Life Coaching business, I leave you with this inspirational quote:

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. —Steve Jobs

I Want Premium Clients Now