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Hi this is a Ash Waechter.

We are going to talk about Facebook advertising. My approach to Facebook advertising is a little bit different than a many other people’s approach to Facebook advertising. I use the Dan Kennedy model of direct marketing. And this model stems from always adding value before asking for the sale.

When you adopt philosophy, magical things happen. Too many small businesses look to win in front of their face instead of 10 miles down the road. So when you’re dealing with customers you need to add value to their lives before asking for any kind of commitment on their part.

And this is the philosophy I teach my clients.

So I take this approach with Facebook advertising. Using videos direct response copywriting information or whatever I always want to add value to the customer before they pull out their wallet.

So on Facebook you can create videos that are informative. And when your client gets these informative videos, they are more likely to buy from you.

And when you offer something of high value who would that without a lot of cost or commitment, your customers will come flocking in your door.

So with that in mind, I would like to invite you to a free offer right here and now. And this free offer I will set up a Facebook advertising campaign for you for free. I only ask that you are responsible for the actual ad cost. And those costs would be somewhere around $10 day no more than 2 weeks.

And once you see the results, I know you want to continue to work with me on an ongoing just. And this is why this offer is so effective for me to Market my services to you.