Share Housing Opt-In Page

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About the Client

Shared Housing is a JV partner of Anderson Business Advisors. They help real estate investing develop group homes for those in need. It’s a profit-generating venture.

What did they want?

They wanted a new opt-in page for people to sign up for their free all day webinar.

My approach to the copy

These all-day free webinars are quite a challenge. While they are free in terms of cash out of pocket, they are not free in terms of time spent.

My approach was to recognize that people were giving up their Saturday to sit in on an 8-hour webinar. They needed to see the benefits of doing that.

Therefore, my copy stacked the benefits, so they had no choice but to sign up and attend.


This event was a huge success. In fact, we (the marketing department) were asked to halt any further post-event emails because they already received too many buyers/clients. They couldn’t take on any more.

The promotional emails can be seen here

The post-event emails can be seen here.