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Are you looking for an email copywriter?

Here’s a quick story I’m sure you can relate to:

Many years ago, I was in search of a web designer for my website. (Can you relate?). I wasted so much time looking through portfolios, reading testimonials, looking at pricing, and reading About Me pages.

I spent 10, 20, and even 30 hours during this process.

I did this because I had so many previous disasters—even when I did scrutinize portfolios, testimonials, and pricing options.

Then one day, someone emailed me with a unique proposition.

A web designer wanted to give me a FREE audit of my existing website.

At first, I was skeptical, but then I figured, “What do I have to lose? It’s FREE!”

This web designer gave me a full review of my website and what was working and what wasn’t. In that review, he had given me complete confidence that he knew what he was doing.

After that experience, I knew exactly how I was going to win over new clients and provide them with the best service possible.

Now, the question is…

Do you want to go through the trouble of finding another copywriter to write your copy only to find out that it’s not what you want?

Neither do I.

In fact, it’s a waste of time…and, ultimately, money.

This is why I developed my FREE Instant Feedback for Cold Emails to make the process of finding a talented email copywriter that much easier.

This way, you will quickly see if I am the right email copywriter for your project.

I like to make it easy for you.

Simply fill out the form below with your cold email sample included (copy & paste). I will give you my instant feedback within 12-24 hours (depending on when you submit your request).

How does that sound?

This way, you can see very clearly how I would write a cold email for you.

And it won’t cost you anything.

Here is how it works.

  1. Submit your cold email sample (copy and paste it in the form)
  2. Get a response within 12-24 hours.

Just in case that FREE and FAST isn’t enough to convince you to take a few minutes to submit one of your emails for instant feedback…

Here are 7 Great Reasons why you should take me up on this offer:

  1. Save Time

I could show you a bunch of samples from past clients, but that often doesn’t work.



You’re different.

Your business is different.

You need to see how I work my magic on YOUR cold email—not anyone else’s. Right?

You’ll know very quickly what a cold email copywriter can do for you without wasting your time.

It will take you just two seconds out of your day to send me your cold email for me to review and provide you feedback.

Compare that scenario to going through the process of explaining your project, defining your goals, explaining your budget, and explaining your thought process to another copywriter.

It’s just too much of an investment of your time just to see if a copywriter can deliver the goods.

I can review one of your existing emails and have a report on your desk in 12-24 hours without you have to do anything.

  1. Save Money


I’m sure you’ve been down this road before (we all have), but it bears repeating.

If you hire a copywriter based on portfolios samples, testimonials, and pricing, you may be in for a big surprise when you actually sign an agreement to start work.

I’ve seen too many disasters.

Some of the copy I’ve seen from other so-called “copywriters” is nothing short of criminal (that is if they charged money for it).


Why not get FREE feedback without costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars “to see if this copywriter works out”?

Who has that kind of budget for guesswork?


  1. End the Frustration


Do you still want to go through the frustration of reading copywriters’ blog posts, watching videos on YouTube, or attending yet another webinar…

…and STILL, have no idea of whether that copywriter can write the kind of emails you need for your business?

It’s frustrating as hell to go through all that and still NOT have any more definite idea of how a copywriter is going to treat your work.

  1. No more false starts (with copywriters who put on a good face)


No more thinking you found the right copywriter based on their past work, their results, and their happy clients.

You need to find a copywriter who can understand what you are trying to achieve. The best way is to have a copywriter look at your emails. Then provide you with honest feedback.

You could look at a copywriter’s entire portfolio and love it. But when it comes to your project, they could completely miss the mark.

Past samples

How times have you hired copywriters based on their recent work samples?

Then later, you were surprised by the copy they wrote for you doesn’t really match up with their impressive work samples.

Sadly, I hear this all too often. I’m sure you have many disaster stories.

You can avoid all this just by having me review your one of your previously written emails FREE of charge.

I could show you past samples, but they really won’t tell you that much. What you really want to know is how I would write a cold email for your business.

Testimonials don’t really tell the whole story

I could rattle off a bunch of testimonials by people you have never heard of. Does that help? Maybe.

But does it give you 100% comfort in knowing what a copywriter can do for you? Not really.

I could also rattle off a bunch of testimonials from people you have heard of. Does that help? Sure.

But in the back of your mind, you will be wondering: “Are these testimonials part some kind of…’ I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine’… joint venture arrangement?”

This is the strategy of the many “famous copywriters” promoting their services and products.

I’m sure you’ve seen these testimonials by these semi-famous personalities. Are they genuine, or are they compensated in some way? You will always wonder.

It’s unsettling.

In the end, you are more uncertain and more confused.

  1. Undeniable Proof


The bottom line is you want PROOF that I can write a great email for you.

Even if you looked at my portfolio, read my testimonials, and read a bunch of blog posts (and also read my published books), you would still have no idea whether I can write a high-converting cold email for you and your business.

That will always be undetermined until I do a project for you.

Why pay for the unknown?

The bottom line is that you want PROOF that’s FAST.

You don’t have time to diddle-daddle on the internet learning new strategies or evaluating copywriter’s portfolios.

Nothing will give you absolute proof than getting instant feedback on one of your existing emails.


  1. Super-Fast


As discussed before, you will save time from looking at portfolios, websites, testimonials, etc.

Also, you will know within 12-24 hours whether I’m the copywriter for you.

You won’t have to get into a long protracted project with me to see if I can deliver the goods.


  • You won’t have to send me any payment. (That can take anywhere from one to nine days).
  • You won’t have to wait for a first draft. (That can take up to a few days or a week).
  • You won’t have to wait to get on my calendar. (That can take several weeks to a month).
  • You won’t have to have conference calls with me and your team. (It can take several hours).
  • You won’t have to fill out a questionnaire. (It can take an hour or so).


As you can see, doing things this way is super-fast.

  1. No Catch and No Obligation

What’s the catch?

There is NO catch.

This is the way I generate good leads for my business. I don’t need to sucker anyone into a sales call, also known as a “strategy session.”



There is absolutely no obligation to do business with me. This FREE service for you actually saves me a lot of hassle.

(To be perfectly honest, you will be one of the dozens that will take me up on my FREE offer. Since I can only take a few clients a month, I don’t have time to pressure prospects to become a client. It’s usually the other way around.)

If you’re just poking around and kicking the tires, no problem. Take a look. I am more than happy to give you my FREE Instant Feedback for Cold Emails.

This is all part of doing business. For me, it’s the most passive approach I can take.

If you like my review and feedback, you’ll call. If not, you won’t. No sweat off my brow.

Are you ready to start?


However, here’s what I NEED from you:

A tough skin.

That’s it (aside from your email sample).

Why a tough skin?

Because I will be brutally honest with you. I won’t sugar-coat anything. In fact, you might actually come to hate me based on my brutal honesty. That’s okay.

Because once you get over the initial rage, you will come to realize that my review was the medicine you needed.

Sadly, no one has been brave enough to give it to you when you needed it most. Those copywriters needed your business. Why should they rock the boat?

I believe in giving you honest feedback, even if it’s tough medicine. And even if I lose business. This is what you need.

I get many submissions when I run this campaign. I provide feedback on dozens of prospects and their emails.

Then I don’t hear anything for a while.

Then a few months later, I get a flood of requests for projects because my prospects realize that what I was saying was the brutal and honest truth. There is no getting around the truth. Either it is or isn’t.

Don’t worry, though.

I’m not gonna say you’re a jerk or your copy sucks. That’s not my style. I don’t make personal attacks. However, I do give you my honest feedback in the most direct way possible.

Just so you don’t feel like you are wasting your time (two-minutes max) by submitting a cold email to a total stranger (me), I’ve included some testimonials on this particular service:

“Ash, thanks for the quick review. Wow, I didn’t know so much psychology went into these emails. No wonder no one was responding. I will definitely give you a call once we figure out our new strategy.”

“We would have been throwing darts in the dark had we not had Ash take a look at our email. What a godsend. We saved so much time and aggravation. I highly recommend his free services.”

“I really appreciate the audit that you gave me. Once I get some more $$ for a longer-term project, I’ll circle back around with you if you are still available. Thank you.”

Get Your FREE Instant Feedback for Cold Emails Report Now

I only run this ad once every few months. Once my calendar is full, I can’t take on any more clients.

This takes two seconds out of your day to send me the cold email for which you are having the most trouble.


Why only Cold Emails?

This is my specialty, and it’s the best way to evaluate my conversion tactics. Cold emails are the hardest to write.

Can I send you a cold email another copywriter wrote for me?

Yes. Send me whatever you’ve got.

How long until I get a response?

You will get an immediate response, letting you know that I received your order.

How long does it take?

You can expect your Review & Feedback for Cold Emails report within 12-24 hours.

Can I use what you’ve given me?

Yes. It’s yours to keep and to use however you want. I hold NO rights to anything I give you.

Will this become part of your public portfolio?

No. All work is confidential.

Do I need to talk to you on the phone?

No. This is not a “strategy session.” You will get a written (or video) report. The only contact you will need to have with me is submitting your email address and your email sample for review.

Thanks for stopping by,

To your continued success!