Residential Assisted Living Email Campaign

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About the Client

Anderson Business Advisors is a tax planning and asset protection law firm whose audience is mainly real estate investors. They host free webinars to generate leads to introduce their products and services to potential clients. Occasionally, they have a JV event with another business specializing in real estate.

What did they want?

They need emails to promote a JV venture with Residential Assisted Living Academy. RAL Academy helps entrepreneurs in the real estate space create residential assisted living facilities. These are highly profitable businesses. This event was to showcase RAL Academy to Anderson’s audience.

My approach to the copy

My approach was to be very inspirational. This was the nature of Gene Guarino, the founder and CEO of RAL Academy. While the emails were written by someone else, I wanted to inject some of Gene’s infectious enthusiasm. Also, I wanted to ensure the audience knew how great of an opportunity this was.


Since this online event (see event copy here) covered two topics—residential living and asset protection—I had to write an email that appealed to both subjects but not get lost in the weeds with too many details.

In the first email, I wrote about the asset protection only in the P.S., so it appeared to be like a “bonus” that was needed once you succeeded in making lots of money in Residential Living investing.

Another challenge was the client insisted on using the same landing page for all their events. Therefore, more selling needed to be done in the emails. In other words, it wasn’t just about selling the click because once they got to the landing page, there wasn’t much copy on the page. Therefore, more copy had to be written in the emails. The good news is that these were the most read emails, with a readership of 84%, according to HubSpot data.


This was an incredibly successful event—surpassing attendance sign-ups and attendance records for previous events. Also, the event was incredibly profitable, bringing in over $500,000 in sales. The offer page for this event can be seen here.

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