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What’s the fastest way to evaluate an email copywriter?

You could look at a copywriter’s portfolio and see what relates to your project.

You could set up an appointment and spend a few minutes talking to the copywriter.

You could read blog posts, read lead magnets, or watch more videos.

Yes, you could do all of those things to evaluate whether an email copywriter is suitable for your project. However, they all take time. Some of them take a lot of time.

You don’t have a lot of time to waste.

You need to find an email copywriter now.

The single best way to evaluate an email copywriter is to see what he or she thinks of one of your current emails.

This way, you will see if your marketing ideas align with one another.

  • No more false starts
  • No more investing more money
  • No more wasting time “trying someone out”
  • No more searching
  • No more failures

Get Your FREE Power Review & Feedback for Cold Emails

I will personally review and provide feedback on one of your cold emails. This way, you will know quickly if I’m the right email copywriter for you. There will be NO more lingering questions in your mind.

You won’t have to scour through my portfolio to see if something relates to your project.

You won’t have to read my About Me page to see if I have the “chops” to write your email.

You won’t have to get on a call with me.

You won’t have to scratch your head any longer.

This will be the fastest way you have ever evaluated whether an email copywriter can bring in the revenue you are seeking.

Just fill out the form below, and I will respond within 12-24 hours with your FREE 10-Point Power Review for Cold Emails.

When you receive this review from me, any questions or lingering doubts will be erased instantly. Either we align in our vision(s), or we don’t. You will see it very clearly and quickly.

Here is how it works…

  1. Submit your cold email sample (copy and paste it in the form)
  2. Get a response within 12-24 hours.

Now, let’s get a few things out of the way, so you’re not dealing with a stranger.

About Me

My name is Ash Weckter, and I have been a direct response copywriter for the past three years. For fifteen years before that, I was involved in digital and experiential marketing for many major companies, including BASF, Henkel, Freeman Companies, Pepsi, John Deere, and many more.

Today, I focus solely on writing cold emails for my clients. I found this is the best way I can serve them.

Just to toot my own horn…

Recently, I got my client a 1,346% increase in revenue from just ONE cold email.

There you have it.

I won’t have you bogged down with portfolio samples (I will send only my most relevant sample with your review).

I won’t make you read endless testimonials (you can read some below if needed).

I won’t have you read another blog post about I write cold emails (you’ll see exactly how in my FREE 10-Point Power Review for Cold Emails).


Fill out the form below, and get your FREE Power Review & Feedback for Cold Emails in 12-24 hrs

To Your Success!

Ash Weckter
Cold Email Commander


Just so you don’t feel like you are wasting your time (two-minutes max) by submitting a cold email to a total stranger, I’ve included some testimonials on this particular service:

“Ash, thanks for the quick review. Wow, I didn’t know so much psychology went into these emails. No wonder no one was responding. I will definitely give you a call once we figure out our new strategy.”


“We would have been throwing darts in the dark had we not had Ash take a look at our email. What a godsend. We saved so much time and aggravation. I highly recommend his free services.”


“I really appreciate the audit that you gave me. Once I get some more $$ for a longer-term project, I’ll circle back around with you if you are still available. Thank you.”


Why only Cold Emails?

This is my specialty, and it’s the best way for you to evaluate my conversion strategies. Cold emails are the hardest to write.

Can I send you a cold email another copywriter wrote for me?

Yes. Send me whatever you’ve got.

How long until I get a response?

You will get an immediate response, letting you know that I received your order.

How long does it take?

You can expect your FREE 10-Point Power Review for Cold Emails report within 12-24 hours.

Can I use what you’ve given me?

Yes. It’s yours to keep and to use however you want. I hold NO rights to anything I give you.

Will this become part of your public portfolio?

No. All work is confidential.

Do I need to talk to you on the phone?

No. This is not a “strategy session.” You will get a written (or video) report. The only contact you will need to have with me is submitting your email address and your cold email sample for review.