Postcard Copywriting

Project Description

Project: Rewrite Postcard for local tree expert

The Objective:  Increase responses from postcard mailing

The Problem/Challenge: The current postcard was not getting the responses the client had hoped for. In fact, the client didn’t get any responses from a mail of 1,000 to homeowners. We needed a way to get people more engaged and to see how ignoring the problem won’t make it go away.

User & Audience: The primary audience for these postcards was local homeowners.

Team & Role: The team consisted of a graphic designer and me—the copywriter. I created the copy for the postcard.

Writing Process: I had my client fill out my standard Creative Brief. From there, I learned the value of having a tree expert. This was not readily seen in the client’s prior copywriting.

In the first postcard, the copy was company-centric versus customer-centric. I made it a priority to change all that.

In my copy, I offered real information that real value to the customer reading. It forced the customer to think about his landscaping problems.

Outcome: The client was very pleased with the outcome when he got a flood of calls from his new mailing.

My Personal Thoughts: Unfortunately, most businesses that create these postcards don’t know anything about getting customers. They just know how to please the client with fancy images. That doesn’t work.