Motivational Speaker Copywriting

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Project Description

Project: Landing page for motivational speaker Chip Eichelberger

The Objective: Attract sales organizations who have a budget of $10,000 or more to spend on a motivational speaker for their sales force.

The Problem/Challenge: Create a page for Chip’s website that will get an event planner to take action, and also for search engines to find the page.

Since Chip had such an expansive website (over 100 pages of information), I had to encapsulate all that into one single sales page.

My goal was to create a YOU-focused sales page that showed how his audience had made a transformation in their lives.

User & Audience: Event and meeting planners of sales organizations.

Team & Role: The team consisted of just me writing the sales copy. Chip gave me valuable feedback and was instrumental in much of the project.

Writing Process: First things first. I had Chip fill out my Creative Brief. Fortunately for me, Chip was very thorough in his answers.

Next was to dive deep into Chip’s website and see what I could dig. While I wanted to retain his voice, I wanted also to avoid covering the same ground that has already been covered on his website. This was actually quite a challenge because Chip’s website had over 100 pages of content. And not just blog posts.

So I dug around and search the Internet to see what I could find that would be a good angle.

While Chip had some good testimonials on his website, I found some on YouTube videos that were not currently showcased on his website. One, in particular, stood out. It was a testimonial where someone had referred to having Chip speak at his event as an insurance policy against having a lousy sales conference.

I went with that as my theme for the sales page. I then created an outline using Robert Cialdini’s Six Principles of Persuasion that he made famous in his best-selling book, Influence.

These principles are:

  1. Reciprocity
  2. Commitment & Consistency
  3. Social Proof
  4. Liking
  5. Authority
  6. Scarcity

I wanted to fit these where appropriate. Combined these elements with a little bit of storytelling.

Link to sample

Outcome: While I was working with Chip, this page moved from page 9 to the 2nd page of Google for “motivational sales speaker.” Since then, I don’t where it is.