Life Coaches Should Stop Taking Free Consultations Today… Part 2

A common myth about Life Coaching is that you have to put yourself out there to get real paying clients. That’s simply not true.

… sell, sell, sell!

That’s what you will have to do when you take those free coaching calls.

Are you a good closer?

Can you really sell one of your premium packages valued at $2,500 a month to someone on a free call?

It’s hard!

With this strategy, you usually attract tire kickers and deadbeats—also known as “time-vampires.”

They suck up your time and always want more free info from you, but…

…they will never spend a dime on anything you offer!

At this point, you just want to pull your hair out. (Trust me. I know!)

It starts to feel like Life Coaching has become more of a chore than the career choice you had dreamed about.

Your dream was to have a career with lots of flexibility and freedom, right?

But you lost that flexibility and freedom by being tied down to free consultations and free coaching calls.

Wouldn’t it be great if your clients sold themselves without you having to say a word?

In a minute, you’ll find out how to attract clients who have money and sell themselves on a PAID call.

How cool is that?

But first, it must be stated very clearly that you cannot ignore this problem any longer.

You can’t continue to waste days, weeks, months, and years waiting for a trickle of prospects to get on a free call with you.

That simply won’t work!

And how much time do you have to post on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook?

Do you really have the time and effort to make YouTube videos for only a handful of people to see?

You’re spreading yourself too thin.

You need to pick one client-generating formula and stick with it.

For me, it’s attracting premium clients who pay me before they get on a call with me.

I don’t have YouTube videos, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest followers.

I don’t have a blog.

I don’t give out free stuff.

Yet, I still get people on a paid call with me from their first and only visit to my website.

I will show you how you can do this in a minute.

If you think your clients search and buy coaching, then think again…

How often have you Googled “shoes”?

It’s more likely you Googled “red high heeled pumps,” or “leather hiking boots,” or “long-distance running shoes,” or anything else that is more specific than “shoes.”

This is a big problem with Life Coaches marketing themselves.

They are selling “life coaching,” but no one buys “life coaching.”

People buy solutions to their problems.

They search for and buy:

  • How to save my marriage after I cheated on my wife
  • How to have more confidence in asking for a raise.
  • How to get over my junk food addiction.
  • How to stay motivated with a new, stressful job

The secret to selling your services is to offer solutions to specific problems.

You must have a specific offering that resonates with people.

Life coaching doesn’t resonate with anyone other than other life coaches.

You need to position yourself in a way that people can understand.

You must frame your messaging so that it appeals to your audience.

Do you want to see the perfect solution for getting clients to premium clients who gladly pay for first-time calls?

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