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How I Write / My Methodology

Here is a brief overview of how I work. Please contact me for further details.

  • I gather as much information about the product or service as I can by doing extensive research online, in books and even going to my local library and reading articles.

  • I take careful notes of my discoveries, organize them and discuss them with my client.

  • I create a persona for each project, and this persona has all the character traits your actual prospect would have such as age, gender, occupation, etc.

Terry Shaw, Male, Inside Sales, likes fishing and coffee, etc.

  • I try to anticipate the conversations your prospects are already having in their heads when they’re seeking to solve their problems.

“My boss has just announced the new goals for this year, and we’re far from reaching them. We desperately need some new education or training in order to meet those goals.”

  • I write down all the possible objections a prospect may have in either reading the copy or buying the product or service

“Is this the right product? Are these the right people? Can they really solve my problem? What’s in it for me?” etc.

  • I find the pain points that the prospect has when he or she doesn’t have this product or service.

Short on time. Short on staff. Short on budget. Etc.

  • I write 20-25 headlines or subject lines (for eMails) and 20-35 leads. This gets my head into the project and gives me a direction of where the final copy will go.

  • I go further down my list of 25 “must haves” and incorporate those into the copy.

What the copy is supposed to achieve, the headline, the lead, the offer, all the benefits, all the features, etc.

  • Often times I have more than one angle that I’m working on at the same time, so I work on these concurrently. As I have learned early on, it’s a good practice to have a lot of bad ideas and then throw them out. I revise, revise and revise some more.

  • I print out the final draft and read it out loud until I am absolutely satisfied that all my selling points have been covered.

  • I present my final draft to the client for approval and sign off. If changes are needed, I gladly make those changes. The best way for my client to apply changes is electronically through Word’s Track Changes.

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