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“I need help with…”

It looks like you need help with more leads…

Is that correct?


You’re at the right place.

With the all the technology at our fingertips, getting leads should be a piece of cake.

But it’s not.

And since you’re here on the “getting leads page,” you’re smart enough to know that getting leads is the first step in making sales—rather than jumping in and trying to make sales straight from cold traffic.

What you need is a system that will capture leads and allow you to build up a list of prospects that you can eventually sell to through e-mail marketing. But the first step is getting those leads!

What I can provide to you is an integrated plan that involves taking cold traffic through the entire lead generation cycle.

This can include:

  • Facebook advertising
  • Facebook audience building
  • Leads magnet to capture leads
  • Lead capture funnel
  • Lead follow up system
  • Can’t resist copywriting

To discuss more about how to put this system together to generate more leads for your business, please visit my contact page on regarding the best way to contact me directly.

It looks like you need help with converting more leads into sale. Am I on the right track?



One of the challenging things for any online business is to knowing how to move your leads into the sales funnel, so you can start creating revenue from all your lead generating efforts.

Many businesses drop the ball after getting leads. They don’t know what to do with them. They don’t know how to e-mail them. What to e-mail them. How often to e-mail them.

They are even unsure of what kind of offers present to lukewarm leads. This is a big problem and many business fail miserably on how to convert leads into paying customers.

This is an area where most businesses need some help. Just like anything else, you need a system to move those leads into sales. You can’t just send out e-mails asking people to buy, buy, buy. You need to nurture them toward the sale.

I can help you sort this out.

What you need to consider is:

  • E-mail
  • Follow systems
  • Facebook pixel
  • SMS texting
  • In office reminder systems
  • Nurturing e-mails
  • High converting copywriting
  • Sales funnel

I can map out a sales funnel that you can use immediately to move leads into making profits. To discuss more about how we can put this system together to generate more sales for your business, please visit my contact page regarding the best way to contact me directly.

It looks like you need to need to get more sales from your e-mails…

Is that right?



When it comes to e-mails, many people think it comes down to timing… you know, don’t e-mail on Friday, but not twice on Tuesday…yada…yada…yada. Yeah whaetve.

And maybe that’s all true.

But in the end that could make your head spin. And people’s habits cahng all the time. With mobile devices, e-mails viewing has changed significantly.

However, do you know what has changed since the advent of mobile devices and changing attitudes?

Human behavior.

Understanding people’s desire is more important than any trick or tactic regarding tome and frequency of e-mail.s

Human psychology has been around for billions of years…well, a really long time.

And that’s why the best way to tackle lagging conversions from e-mails is too look very carefully at your copywriting.

There you will find how well your conversions are coming.

There are many different tactics and strategies regarding copywriting and making huge convesions, but if there is one thing that is the basis of all winning sales strategies is that you need to make your audience feel important.

This is how Facebook, Google and Amazon grew to people multi-billion dollars companies.

So, here’s where I can help you get higher conversions on your e-mails…

  • Sales copywriting
  • Winning headlines
  • High converting CTA
  • Can’t miss offers

Give me a call and we will look at your current e-mails and see where we can bump up your sales. To discuss more about how we generate more sales from your e-mails, please visit my contact page regarding the best way to contact me directly.

It looks like you need a landing page that will convert 23% or more…

Is that correct?



You’re in the right place.

If you’re here then you know how important it is to have a landing page that converts visitors into leads and sales.

There is no sense wasting a ton of money on advertising and marketing only to have a weak landing page. Whether you’re advertising online on Facebook and Google or you’re bringing people in from offline advertising, you are spending a lot of money to get people to give you their business. That can quickly drain your wallet if not done properly.

Of course, you know that already. That’s why you want help with your landing page. And you would like to have one that converts 23% or more. That’s my goal.

Here’s where I can help you…

  • Create a long form sales page
  • Create a short form squeeze page for quick results
  • Help you map out a strategy for your sales sequence
  • Help you create high converting sales copy

The sooner you fix your landing page problems, the sooner you can stop the bleeding from your advertising. Remember, it’s not necessarily the advertising that is the problem, it’s the message and the offering you give to your prospects when they respond to your advertising.

To discuss more about how we can develop a high converting landing page, please visit my contact page regarding the best way to contact me directly.

Let me guess…you need a high converting lead magnet…


Well, you’ve come to the right place. Congratulations!

Getting people download your lead magnet is one thing, but getting them to make a mad dash to your door as a result of what was consumed is another.

Having the right bait for your audience is one of the most important components of making big sales. A lead magnet can be seen as one big sales piece. Of course, it’s not written in a salesy way. It in fact offers tremendous value and shows your expertise.

in the end, your prospect must feel that you are the only person he can do business with—otherwise your lead magnet is a failure. It’s just collecting dust in someone’s e-mail box.

You don’t want that.

You want people to act.

You want people to read your lead magnet and say, “Holy shit! I didn’t know that. I’ve got to do business with these people.”

Here’s where I can help you…

  • Map out a strategy for your lead magnet
  • Create a lead magnet that converts 47% or better
  • Research your audience to see what they consume
  • Determining the different types of lead magnet to use

Turning cold traffic into warm leads begins with your bait. If you don’t have the right bait, no amount of advertising will make up for that. A strong lead magnet be supported by a weak squeeze page, but no matter how great your squeeze page is it won’t help a weak lead magnet. You must have a strong offer that people cannot easily ignore.

To discuss more about how we can create a Super Lead Magnet, please visit my contact page regarding the best way to contact me directly.

Facebook Advertising for Small Business

If you’re a small and you’re struggling to make a real sales from your online advertising, let me show you how you can finally make sales through Facebook advertising

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