Get College Right

Project Description

Project: Get College Right college acceptance coaching program

The Objective: Develop a sales page, e-mails and flyers that would sell the Get College Right coaching program

Overview: Get College Right is a coaching program for high school students and their parents to get into the college of their choice

The Problem/Challenge: Get more people to make an appointment with Hans Hanson, the college coach.

User & Audience: High school students and their parents. Much of the focus was on high school athletes.

Team & Role: The team consisted of Hans Hanson, Jeff Hanson (the art director) and me. In this role, I was more of a writing/marketing coach rather than the copywriter. For a monthly fee, I coached Hans on how to write good sales copy for his business.

I outlined the whole sales funnel for them and also provided customized examples for their sales page. In other words, I wrote a lot of the copy, but they were free to change it however they wanted based on their intimate knowledge of their business.

I was able to provide them some direction of how to structure the landing page in a visual. Once Jeff (the art director) understood what I was saying in terms of graphics and layout, he was able to take it from there.

Writing Process: I provided many outlines for Hans to follow with some examples thrown in. For instance, I created an e-mail template and outline, so they could make e-mails on their own at some later date.

I helped them recognize the difference between product-focused marketing and audience-focused marketing and sales copy.

Both Hans and Jeff Hanson provided great feedback and great information to make the whole process run smoothly.

Outcome: I was very happy with the outcome. I very much enjoyed the experience of coaching both Hans and Jeff Hanson. I know they learned a tremendous amount on how to market their product to their audience.

And my client, Hans, was very happy with the results. This is one of the things he had to say…

“Ash was instrumental in getting our sales message focused so it was on target, inspiring and professional.

Ash was easy to work with, and his knowledge and expertise in this area is unique and refreshing. I highly recommend using Ash for your sales pages, sales e-mails or any other sales message for your product and services.” –Hans Hanson.

More testimonials can be seen here.

Overall, I was very instrumental in helping my client finding clarity in their sales message and their approach to the big picture marketing.

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