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Full Product Development

Selling a book these days is pretty hard.

Today, your book has just been relegated to “glorified business card” status. Nothing wrong with that, but that’s not the passive income you signed up for when you spent many months writing your book.

Instead of selling just a book at $9.95, why don’t you sell a full package for $495?

I throw some quick numbers at you to show you why having a full product package which I call Total Package is in your best interest.

Let’s say you want to make a passive income of over $100,000 years. How many books a month would you have to sell?

You would have to sell over 836 books a month if your book was $9.95. You would have to sell over 2,800 books if your book was sold at $2.99. That’s a lot of books. Forbes puts the number at 250-300 books a month if you’re lucky.

Now, if you had a complete program selling on your website for $495, you would only need 17 customers a month to generate a passive six-figure income. That’s more manageable!

And yes, you can do this.

The reason why most speakers, coaches and consultants don’t make money from their content is that they don’t believe there is a market for it. They often try to sell something for $20 and it doesn’t work. That’s because you can’t put any marketing money behind something that’s only $20, and if that’s all you have.

The secret is to create something that is worthy of buying and helps people solve their problem quickly and quietly.

That’s where I come in.

What I do:

I work with my team of designers, writers and developers to create a Total Package based on any published book or a project in the making.
I create the sales funnel that includes the downsell, the automated e-mails, and other product offerings.
I personally write the sales copy that is going to get people to open their wallets.
The price for this complete package is in the range of $24,000 – $36,000. Call me for full details.

To learn more about my process, download this free guide

Please note: This is a full done-for-you service. If want just coaching on how to develop your own product without the big expense, I offer a limited number of students in which I work with.

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