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Email Marketing List Accelerator $2,495+

Would you like to turn your little book into a major empire like Stephen Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People?

(BTW: That business generates over $333 million a year).

Your competition is pretty stiff. When accurate records were kept in 2001, there were over 3,500 new self-help titles on the scene.

Your first step in turning your book into in an empire is to NOT really on Amazon for book sales. The real money is building your house list of dedicated fans, and you can’t do that on Amazon. In addition, you’ll also want to turn your book into an information  product that you can sell for a lot more than $21.95 (the cost of the highest priced book on  Amazon).

You’ll want to sell your product for hundreds of dollars on your own website. We’ll discuss that later.

Do you dream your book will launch your speaking career?

Suzie Orman and Dr. Phil do so well, that their own children have followers!

The problem with most websites is that they have the obligatory one lead magnet that’s not really  promoted and doesn’t really look like it solves a problem. My strategy is to give you more than one chance to capture someone’s e-mail.


  • All copy for lead magnets

  • All copy for landing pages, thank you pages, upsell pages, opt-in pages, one time offer pages

  • Copy for ads on Google, Facebook, Tweets

The way nearly everyone builds an e-mail list is through lead magnet. We will focus on building an email list and a physical address list. This is important for when you want to contact high level people through direct mail. The benefits of direct mail are many. For more information about, please call me.