Author: Ash Waechter, Certified Client Acquisition Specialist.

As a Certified Client Acquisition Specialist, Ash helps coaches and mentors create marketing programs that bring new business.

Attention: Coaches and Mentors for Real Estate Investors

Discover How to Double Your Monthly Revenue with This One Simple Email Trick

Hey, Coaches and Mentors,

Check this out…

I recently received an email with this subject line:

Go F*** Yourself This Holiday Season!!!

Kind of crazy, right?

This email stood out among dozens of marketing emails because it was…

  • Topical
  • Relevant
  • Eye-catching

The email’s subject line was on people’s minds at the time.

It was all over the news!

I got the reference right away.

I knew it was due to Elon Musk’s interview at The New York Times’ DealBook Summit.

Elon Musk saying, “Go F yourself” at the New York Times DealBook Summit

But I was still curious about what the email would say.

After all…

Why would someone want me to go f*** myself this holiday season?

Inside the email, in large print, it said…

Go Fund Yourself

Now, it all made sense.

This email was from a personal finance coach/expert who helps people get funding for their small business ventures.

This coach did exactly what legendary direct response copywriter and self-help author Robert Collier often said to do…

“Always enter the conversation already taking place in the customer’s mind.”

This is the key to grabbing people’s attention and shaking them out of their daily patterns.

Pretty simple, right?

Seeing that Elon Musk was a trending topic, this finance expert capitalized on it.

And you can capitalize on these trending topics, too.

Using trending topics in your emails, you can…

  • Double your monthly revenue
  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Double your conversion rates
  • Double your open rates
  • Double your opt-in rates

If you want to grab your reader’s attention…

You should take current events (i.e., the conversation already taking place in your customer’s mind) and make them relatable to your offers.

For coaches and mentors in the real estate investing space…

…this shouldn’t be too hard because there’s a lot of news about real estate.

However, real estate news can sometimes be old, stale, and boring.

After all, how often can you make interest rates exciting?

How to Get Football Legend Tom Brady to Sell Your Coaching Business

The GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) has made the headlines with stories such as …

… Tom Brady moving to Florida to play with the Buccaneers

… Tom Brady getting a divorce from Gisele Bündchen, or…

Tom Brady retiring from football

All these stories tie into Tom and Gisele’s home purchases.

  • In 2008, their big L.A. $20 million mansion with a moat was a huge trending topic.

  • In 2015, the trending news was about his home in Brookline, MA.

  • In 2020, the news revealed their purchase of a home in Florida.

For a while, people couldn’t stop talking about Tom Brady’s real estate holdings.

And today, in 2023, Brady is still making waves with his “$11.5 million bachelor pad.”

For real estate investors…

… this is the kind of topic that would interest them and would make for a great lead for your emails.

These news-based emails have been my secret weapon for increasing open rates, clickthrough rates, and attendance rates.

Do you want to see the top 7 reasons why news-based emails win every time?

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