Double Your Monthly Revenue with This One Simple Email Trick … Pt 4

How to Get New-Based Emails Delivered Every Week

I’ve put together a special offer that will go away soon.

You’ll want to read this carefully.

Quite simply, I will write news-based (and other) emails for you.

This is a done-for-you offer.

I will write the emails for you using my News-Based Email Copywriting Formula.

Here’s My Unbeatable Offer for You

My email copywriting fee is normally $7,500.

However, I am eager to sign up 4 new clients as quickly as possible.

Therefore, if you respond today, you can lock in your price (for the next 36 months) for only $4,995 a month.

Get High-Converting News-Based Emails: Was $7,500.

Now, only $4,995.

On a monthly basis, you will get high-converting news-based emails delivered to you every week.

I will work closely with you and your team.

You can contact me anytime to request a new email.

Just tell me your offer and the CTA, and I will write up a powerhouse email for you.

For a more customized plan for you, please email me

Ash, Let’s Connect

Get These FREE BONUSES (Total Value $12,575)

When you come on board with me, you will get these FREE Bonuses:

FREE BONUS #1: Top Copywriter Reviews (Value $1,500)

I belong to a copywriting “insider’s circle” where my copy gets reviewed by one of the top copywriters alive today. You will get another set of eyeballs reviewing many of my emails. This alone is worth $1,500 / month. It’s like a secret passage to the best copywriters in the world. This will take a little extra work on my end, but it won’t count toward the hours you have reserved for me. I will do this on my own time. You get this FREE when you sign up with me today.

FREE BONUS #2: Full 3 Hours of Consultation with anyone in your team (Value $750).

You will have people on your team (page designers, marketing managers, salespeople, etc.) who will need to talk to me. I will conduct up to three hours of consultation with your team that will NOT count toward your hours on the retainer. This is FREE.

FREE BONUS #3: User Experience (UX) Website Audit (Value $1,525)

As a certified UX Designer, I will review your website for User Experience. In a previous life, before focusing on copywriting full-time, I was a User Experience Designer. I would conduct audits and layout design for the best possible user experience. MOST websites are NOT created with user experience in mind. This is where most websites lose leads.

Based on my extensive research of over 21 real estate investing coaches, MOST will need this service. On average, a coach for real estate investors has over 11 areas that can be improved to improve conversions significantly. Everything from copy to lousy Captcha forms. Many websites have security warnings. I’ve seen many of these—coming from paid ads! I still wonder how they get anyone on their email lists. If you don’t get this right, you will only waste time and money on marketing—especially on YouTube and Facebook ads.

I will spend three hours reviewing, researching, and writing a report for your website. You can take this report to your website designer to make your website scream with conversions. This is FREE when you come on board with me for the monthly retainer.

FREE BONUS #4: Funnel Conversion Audit (Value $1,050)

As a certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist (from Digital Marketer’s certification program), I will conduct a complete funnel conversion audit. Based on my training from Ryan Deiss & Co., I will look at any areas of your entire sales funnel where you can use improvement. Having another set of eyes never hurts—but you don’t want your buddy or neighbor giving you feedback. You want this coming from someone who knows and studies marketing sales funnels. This 4-hour audit is FREE.

FREE BONUS #5: Powerhouse Sales Page Copy (Value $4,500)

If you don’t have a sales page or one you don’t like, I want you to hit the ground running. I will write a new sales page for you. This FREE sales page will be added to your monthly retainer as a FREE bonus. This will NOT count toward your hours. These are extra hours you will get with me. This is a FREE bonus and not a part of my final fee.

FREE BONUS #6: FREE Facebook Ad Copy (Value $750)

I know you always need new ads. I will come up with NEW big ideas, NEW hooks, and CTAs, along with the body copy for 3 NEW Facebook ads. You can test these against what you are currently running. Again, this is a FREE bonus, and it won’t go toward the hours we have set for the monthly retainer.

FREE BONUS #7: The One Lead Magnet That Trains Your Audience to Check for Your Email Everyday (Value $1,750)

Once you get this lead magnet set up, your audience will look for YOUR email. But NOT just once. But every day! This is a FREE Bonus I will custom-create for you. Most lead magnets only get people to check their inbox ONCE. You can almost GUARANTEE they will use their most used email box—not some fake email address that they reserve for only downloading lead magnets. This is valued at far more than $1,750, but it’s yours FREE when you come aboard with me.

FREE BONUS #8: My Prized Swipe File of Landing Pages (Value $750)

When you are too busy to take screenshots of successful landing pages, I’ve got you covered. I have a collection of over 50 screenshots/swipes of landing pages from people like Russell Brunson, Todd Brown, Dan Kennedy, etc. Every week, I sit down and study these. And they have leveled up my copy by over 500%. No doubt, this will do the same for you and members of your team.

Summary of what you are getting (Emails + Bonuses):

High-Converting News-Based Emails
(Value $7,500)

  • Delivered every week
  • Customized for every offer
  • Request emails anytime
  • 3 FREE Test Emails BEFORE Signing up*
  • Additional copywriting services available (Ex. Facebook ads, sales pages, VSL scripts, etc.)

*Before we start, I will write 3 FREE test emails. More details when we get on a call.

FREE BONUSES (Value $12,575)

  1. Top Copywriter Reviews (Value $1,500)

  2. FREE 3 Hours of Consultation with anyone in your team (Value $450).

  3. User Experience (UX) Website Audit (Value $1,525)

  4. Funnel Conversion Audit (Value $1,050)

  5. FREE Sales Page Copy (Value $4,500)

  6. FREE Facebook Ad Copy (Value $750)

  7. The One Lead Magnet That Trains Your Audience to Check for Your Email Everyday (Value $1,750)

  8. My Prized Swipe File of Landing Pages (Value $750)

But wait, there’s more!

Get a FREE Month of Emails

Special Limited Time BONUS: (Value $7,500)

Only 2 Available!

I am ONLY taking on 4 NEW clients now.

If you are among the first two to come on board with me…

… I will reduce my rate by half for the first two months we work together.

Instead of paying my reduced rate of $4,995 / month, you will get an additional 50% off and pay only $2,497 for each of the first two months.

Essentially, you will get one month FREE.

That’s right. You will get one month of FREE emails. You won’t find this kind of offer anywhere else.

*For the first two months. And then $4,995 / month. A minimum three-month retainer is required.

This is limited to the first two who come on board for three months or more, so please contact me now at

BTW: If you are reading this, it means there is still ONE spot left. I will remove this FREE time-limited bonus when it is no longer available.

Click below to email me.

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