Money Minders Sales Page

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Project Description

Project: Sales page for a membership program. This sales page taps into many emotions parents go through while raising their children. The parents are reminded about why it’s important to rear children properly early on to avoid disasters down the road.

Backed by statistics, stories, and real-world illustrations, this sales page gets to the raw emotions that many people feel about money. It sucks you in.

Also, this page reveals facts very few people have heard of but are highly interested in–such as becoming a millionaire by 55 while on $50,000 salary.

This page also answers many objections such as… costs too much… better deals from competitors… don’t have time…etc.

Objective: Get people to purchase a monthly membership.

Team & Role: Copywriter

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In-Person Course Sales Page

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About the Client

The Spyder Institute is an online teaching school for professionals. Using a real instructor, they host live online classroom learning in several areas of interest, such as Leadership, Interpersonal Communications, and Project Management.

What did they want?

They wanted a new sales page to increase enrollment.

My approach to the copy

Since their current copy was heavily based on the features of the course (i.e., course curriculum, classroom times, etc.), I chose to add benefits to those features.

The previous copy was focused on being a better communicator and ended right there. My approach focused on being a better person admired by family, friends, co-workers, superiors, subordinates, etc. I wanted to make it more personal and emotional, so the reader really feels they are missing out on life’s big opportunities if they don’t become a better communicator.

 The previous copy was very general and had little to visualize other than “be a better communicator.” After reviewing the course details, I realized that being a better communicator came down to three main concepts: having the correct body language, using the right words, and having the right approach. I used this theme throughout the copy, so the reader had something to visualize and identify with.

I wanted to make the end user feel like they had nearly unlimited power in controlling their environment and the people in it. This sense of empowerment was absent in their previous copy.

Throughout my copy, I used Blair Warren’s One Sentence Persuasion Course as a framework for my copy. He says, “People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.”

Plus, I used some great tactics discovered in Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar Secrets program.


The course provided many learning materials, but they weren’t emphasized in their original copy. Also, nothing really happened after a prospective student enrolled in the course and paid their money. I wanted to ensure that they knew they would get something right after signing up, so I introduced a workbook and a user guide to be delivered to their inbox.

I also introduced the concept of Bonuses, which the client loved. Some bonuses were time-sensitive. I used Alex Hormozi’s 100M Offers framework to offer these bonuses.


The client was thrilled with this campaign’s results. They hired me to write another campaign for another course where they are looking to increase enrollment. They were so impressed with my copy and the power it had to persuade, they raised the price of their course from $299 to $497 and still filled the event.

New Webinar Registration Page

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About the Client

Anderson Business Advisors is a tax planning and asset protection law firm. They host free webinars to generate leads to introduce their products and services to potential clients. After the webinars, attendees can get discounted prices on their primary service package, which sells for $2,997.

What did they want?

I worked for Anderson as an in-house marketing copywriter for two and a half years. One of my tasks was to write sales copy for their registration pages.

My approach to the copy

Our online webinars were held on Saturdays for over seven hours. Unlike other lead generation tools, this one takes a significant commitment from the end user. Why would someone give up their Saturdays for seven hours to listen to a couple of lawyers talk about saving some money on taxes?

Before writing my copy for the new opt-in page, our current pages didn’t say too much. A new approach was needed.

My objective was to answer as many objections as possible. Some of these objections included:

  • Why Saturday?
  • Why seven hours?
  • Who is this event for?
  • What’s in it for me?
  • Do I really need this?

Our clientele is primarily real estate investors. Many real estate investors attend real estate seminars to learn how to invest in real estate. But they don’t learn how to protect their investments (assets) if they ever get sued by their tenants.

Therefore, the objective of this page was to warn them of all the hazards of owning real estate and clearly state why they need to have an asset protection plan in place.

The biggest challenge was this monthly workshop was two workshops in one. The two topics discussed are tax planning and asset protection. This proved to be challenging since it often confuses the end user.

I aimed to make this page easy to scan and read so the reader could make an explicit and informed decision. This proved super valuable as previous pages had thick paragraphs of text and small print.

How Urgency Was Created

The urgency was created by showing how important the lessons learned needed to be applied as soon as possible before a lawsuit occurred.

I intentionally stayed away from the trite urgency tactics of there being “limited seats available.” This would be untrue since this was a virtual event with nearly unlimited spaces. Therefore, the urgency in this case was created by saying, “Not all LLCs are created the same. Therefore, you could be at risk if you are currently using the wrong one.”

Overcoming a Boring Topic

This was a challenging subject to tackle. Who enjoys learning about taxes and protecting their assets? No one. Not even hard-core real estate investors.

Since one of our speakers on the webinar had dozens of cautionary tales of people losing money when they didn’t set up an LLC properly, I emphasized that in the copy. People love listening to disaster stories and cautionary tales. This is why the News is so popular.

Since this was a very long webinar on the weekend, I felt we needed to address the 800-pound gorilla in the room. I wanted to show that spending over seven hours on a Saturday would save them time, money, and effort. Before I wrote my copy, it was assumed people would overlook this apparent drawback of this FREE webinar.

So, the challenge was to get people to sign up for a very long workshop.

Further challenges

Although I have made many suggestions to do so, we didn’t offer any inducements or bonuses to sign up. Everything was strictly based on the copy. Despite these challenges, we averaged between 3,500 and 4,500 sign-ups for each event. We held these events twice a month, which had its own challenges.


These events bring in thousands of attendees. During my first few years at Anderson, my copy for the webinar opt-in pages helped increase sign-ups from less than 800 to over 5,000.

Below are some emails that promote these types of events.

Email 1 Email 2 Email 3

JV Partner Opt-In Page

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About the Client

Anderson Business Advisors is a tax planning and asset protection law firm. They host free webinars to generate leads to introduce their products and services to potential clients. After the webinars, attendees can get discounted prices on their primary service package, which sells for $2,997.

What did they want?

They needed a registration page for a joint venture event with real estate investing expert Chris Prefontaine.

My approach to the copy

One of the biggest obstacles people have when it comes to real estate investing is that most new real estate investors feel there are only a few choices. Either they must be a landlord with tenants or flip a property for a profit. I wanted to dispel that myth right there in the heading.

I wanted to highlight the method for making big profits using the 3 Pay Day System.

We ran several webinars a week (see other samples), but this one was different from the others. Therefore, I needed to emphasize the word NEW even though this was met with some resistance (see Challenges below.)

Introducing the speakers

Our audience was used to seeing the same two speakers at most of our events. We needed to clarify that this event was a NEW event with NEW speakers. Our audience responded to the emails very well.


While our JV Partner, Chris Prefontaine (a.k.a. The Smart Real Estate Coach), has some aggressive promotional campaigns, ours was a little different. I needed to incorporate the enthusiasm of Chris Prefontaine with the tempered voice our audience was used to.

While initially getting resistance from the marketing department, I know—and they have soon found out—that telling people precisely what you want them to do increases conversions. Therefore, I said, “Fill out your name and email on the right to get your FREE pass to this one-time special event…”

Also, I needed to show how these two speakers fit together. Chris Prefontaine showed our audience how to make money in real estate, and Clint Coons spoke about how to protect your assets once you make money in real estate.


This event proved to be one of our best events for various reasons. We had high registrations, a fantastic show-up rate,  and an excellent profit. Please get in touch with me for the KPIs for this event.

Please contact me to see the sales page for the $2,997 package we sold. I can present here for obvious reasons.

Motivational Speaker Copywriting

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Project Description

Project: Landing page for motivational speaker Chip Eichelberger

The Objective: Attract sales organizations who have a budget of $10,000 or more to spend on a motivational speaker for their sales force.

The Problem/Challenge: Create a page for Chip’s website that will get an event planner to take action, and also for search engines to find the page.

Since Chip had such an expansive website (over 100 pages of information), I had to encapsulate all that into one single sales page.

My goal was to create a YOU-focused sales page that showed how his audience had made a transformation in their lives.

User & Audience: Event and meeting planners of sales organizations.

Team & Role: The team consisted of just me writing the sales copy. Chip gave me valuable feedback and was instrumental in much of the project.

Writing Process: First things first. I had Chip fill out my Creative Brief. Fortunately for me, Chip was very thorough in his answers.

Next was to dive deep into Chip’s website and see what I could dig. While I wanted to retain his voice, I wanted also to avoid covering the same ground that has already been covered on his website. This was actually quite a challenge because Chip’s website had over 100 pages of content. And not just blog posts.

So I dug around and search the Internet to see what I could find that would be a good angle.

While Chip had some good testimonials on his website, I found some on YouTube videos that were not currently showcased on his website. One, in particular, stood out. It was a testimonial where someone had referred to having Chip speak at his event as an insurance policy against having a lousy sales conference.

I went with that as my theme for the sales page. I then created an outline using Robert Cialdini’s Six Principles of Persuasion that he made famous in his best-selling book, Influence.

These principles are:

  1. Reciprocity
  2. Commitment & Consistency
  3. Social Proof
  4. Liking
  5. Authority
  6. Scarcity

I wanted to fit these where appropriate. Combined these elements with a little bit of storytelling.

Link to sample

Outcome: While I was working with Chip, this page moved from page 9 to the 2nd page of Google for “motivational sales speaker.” Since then, I don’t where it is.

Motivational Speaker Sales Packet

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The Objective:  Showcase Mark Sanborn to prospective clients to secure paid speaking engagements.

The Problem/Challenge: Current collateral was not meeting to client’s expectations. A new approach to selling Mark. Sanborn was needed.

Mark Sanborn’s fee for a speaking engagement is in the range of $12,000 – $25,000 (plus travel expenses). The challenge, therefore, was to convince his audience that he was worth that price.

Mark has had informational packets and brochures in the past, so the challenge was to come up with some new material that would resonate with his audience and differentiate him from his competitors. (More on that in the Writing Process section).

User & Audience: The primary audience for this presentation packet was meeting and event planners of large businesses and organizations.

Team & Role: The team consisted of the marketing manager, Mark’s personal assistant, and me (the sales copywriter). I handled all facets of the copywriting and the general organization of the presentation packet

Writing Process: The first order of business was to have Mark’s team fill out a Design Brief, so I could learn more about his overall objective and his audience. You can see the Design Brief I send out here.

I researched the speakers’ bureaus to see how his competition stacked up. I “lurked around” on meeting event planner forums to see what their trials and tribulations were in regard to booking speakers. (To be perfectly honest, there wasn’t much there).

While keeping in with Mark’s overall theme and his voice, I dug deep to find something that differentiated him from his colleagues that was never showcased before. Mark has two designations on his name (CSP, CPAE) that were never talked about in any of his other marketing materials. Since these are highly earned designations, I chose to highlight them as well as get the audience (event planners) to understand why those designations were so important to the end user.

Additionally, I focused on making the presentation packet “YOU” focused. While previously collateral, focused on Mark’s books, I chose to focus on how Mark can make the event planner look good in the eyes of their bosses and their audience.

I also wanted to showcase that Mark is ranked in the “Top 1% of his peers,” which is something that he’s earned but was never really showcased in his marketing materials. I broke down the numbers so his audience could see how he really was the leader in his industry.

Outcome: Mark was very happy with the final outcome of the project. The overall presentation packet gives a warm and personal view of one of the top speakers in the industry—and shows that any event planner would be honored to have Mark speak at their event.

My Personal Thoughts: I really enjoyed working on this project, and the designers did an excellent job with the whole layout of the presentation packet. Having the client fill out my Creative Brief was very helpful in getting a running start on this project.

The final product can be found here

Share Housing Opt-In Page

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About the Client

Shared Housing is a JV partner of Anderson Business Advisors. They help real estate investing develop group homes for those in need. It’s a profit-generating venture.

What did they want?

They wanted a new opt-in page for people to sign up for their free all day webinar.

My approach to the copy

These all-day free webinars are quite a challenge. While they are free in terms of cash out of pocket, they are not free in terms of time spent.

My approach was to recognize that people were giving up their Saturday to sit in on an 8-hour webinar. They needed to see the benefits of doing that.

Therefore, my copy stacked the benefits, so they had no choice but to sign up and attend.


This event was a huge success. In fact, we (the marketing department) were asked to halt any further post-event emails because they already received too many buyers/clients. They couldn’t take on any more.

The promotional emails can be seen here

The post-event emails can be seen here.