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How Life Coaches Can Make Big Money

How Life Coaches Can Make Big Money   The best way to get lifelong clients for life coaching is to create an information product that introduces your services. There are many advantages of selling an information product versus just selling a book on Amazon. Putting together an information product takes less time to put together than a book. An e-book or a regular book has a strict format, so it takes a bigger thought process to put it together. This is why so many life coaches [...]
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Why Good Sales Copywriting Won’t Be Outsourced Anytime Soon

Why Good Sales Copywriting Won’t Be Outsourced Anytime Soon   We all know from history that the best of skills become obsolete at one time or another. Here’s a quick list of skillsets (and their replacements) that these people probably thought would go on forever—and the reason why they’re gone today: Tailor/Seamstress—Mail order, cheap clothes, casual wear, fat people Telegraph/Telephone Operator—automated switch boards Travel agents—Orbitz, Expedia, Priceline, [...]
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How to Finally Get Your Self-Help Book to The Top of Amazon

How to Finally Get Your Self-Help Book to The Top of Amazon   There are many authors who are kicking and scratching their way to the top of Amazon. It’s tough out there, and it gets tougher every day. Even if you’re not already doing this, you can be sure your competition is blogging, Facebooking, You Tubing and Tweeting every second of every day. And if they’re not doing it themselves, then they’re paying someone on Fiverr to do it for them! How do you compete with tha [...]

7 Myths About Creating and Selling Information Products

7 Myths About Creating and Selling Information Products   Myth #1: Nobody buys this stuff. It’s all about eBooks It’s true that if you only sell an eBook on your website, very few people will pay a high price for it. At one time (let’s say ten years ago) that may have been the case, but thanks to Amazon and Kindle, those days are over. However, if you package your information product in a way that has a high-perceived value AND you sell it using the right system, people will gla [...]
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20 Online Websites Where You Can Market Your Small Business for FREE

20 Online Websites Where You Can Market Your Small Business for FREE       Facebook Pages Intro: Facebook is well known social media and many businesses have used Facebook Pages to market tier businesses. This is one of the many reasons for Facebook’s skyrocketing success Pros: Everyone seems to be on Facebook. Facebook is easy for the average person to post text and photos. Cons: Facebook can be distracting. When you’re on Facebook there are notices and feeds t [...]
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Landing Pages – Real Landing Pages

Small businesses and even medium sized businesses on the World Wide Web spend a lot of marketing dollars on getting visitors to their website. When they think of a "landing page," they dump their visitors right onto their home page.  This is not the best use of advertising and marketing dollars.  This is all part of the website optimization process. When you spend a lot of money on getting visitors to your website, you want to determine where your visitors will land as a result of your ad. Th [...]
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Things to Watch Out For When Outsourcing Your Project Online

One popular way getting your website designed and developed at an inexpensive price would be to outsource your project overseas or to some other part of the country (where it may cheaper, such as rural areas).  You can try:, Base Camp, Huddle and Elance.   Elance(now Upwork) Elance is probably one of the first and most popular places to outsource your website project to offshore developers.   There are certainly many pitfalls to this process as well. Some Quick Tips about s [...]
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Lotto, Powerball, Twitter and Facebook

So what is this post about? I will tell you.  First you have to hear a quick story. Since I have castigated Twitter for some time on a number of recent posts, someone recently asked me why I would criticize Twitter if I had a profile on Twitter.  The answer lies in the Powerball / Lotto Theory. To win at Powerball, you have to be in it to win it.  If you buy one ticket you increase your chances of winning tremendously versus not playing at all.  No one is going to call you up to say that y [...]
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Tools like Unbounce and Leadpages will only get you so far

There are now powerful tools to create really great landing pages. I’ll discuss a few in moment, but tools alone will not get you the riches you desire. Because as you will see, we’ve had all sorts of tools in the past, but many of us have failed to make them work for us. First, we had websites, and everyone thought “If we build it, they’ll come.” But did they? Probably not. And if they did, did you sell anything? Probably not. I’m pessimistic because the vast majority of online bus [...]
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How to Love Junk Mail

If you are a business owner and you are involved in doing your own marketing such as magazine ads, marketing postcards and e-mails, do not ignore the junk mail that you get from other businesses.  Cherish them.  Getting junk mail is your best marketing education and a great for finding new prospects.  You should relish it and bring it on.  For two main reasons: #1 You have just found a new prospect to put on your mailing list. #2 You can learn from these mailings and see how they have affect [...]
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