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10 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Book Sales on Amazon

How Authors Can Sell 27% More Books on Amazon

Let me guess how your story goes…

You wrote a book, you paid a book designer a few thousand dollars, uploaded it to Amazon (and other sites) and probably paid someone a large sum of money to market your book on Facebook and Twitter. And then…

Not much happened since. Maybe a trickle here and there. Or maybe, you had a burst of sales or FREE downloads and then things died down from there.

And you might think if you had more traffic… the right audience… or maybe even a better book cover, you could sell more books.

Hey, all of those might help. But getting more traffic is a huge undertaking. Finding the right audience is even harder. And the idea that a new book cover will increase sales is really all just in your head. Your book cover is just fine.

If you think traffic is your issue for low books sales, think again. There are hundreds and thousands of authors who are pounding the pavement and getting traffic to Amazon. But no one is buying.

Sound familiar?

Many of those authors are on Facebook posting like crazy just to get the attention of anyone who is interested. The authors are getting eyeballs AND they’re getting TRAFFIC to Amazon, but NO SALES.

They are hacking away on Twitter, tweeting their lives away, but still NO SALES on Amazon… their website… or anywhere else.

It’s because they are all missing ONE key element in this whole make money selling books equation. It’s NOT about getting MORE traffic. It’s NOT about having a fancy eye-catching book cover (although that helps) and it’s not even about having a nice key-worded book title.

The answer to making sales on Amazon is so really simple, and it’s all right here in this 32 page Full Color Guide.

This free guide lays out ten principles of the ONE element that’s missing in your whole “how do I sell more books on Amazon” equation.

In my research into dozens of books, blogs and articles is that NO ONE is really talking about this one simple strategy.


There are a few very savvy authors who have hundreds and thousands of 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon who are applying these simple strategies.

Does your book have hundreds and thousands of positive reviews?

If not, then this FREE Guide is for you, and it will certainly change all that for you.

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This exclusive guide will show you a much easier way to boost sales of your book on Amazon (or anywhere else for that matter.)

Who can benefit from this guide:

  • Are you a new author who is writing his/her first book?
    Are you an author who has a few books and wants to make more money on Amazon?
  • Are you an author frustrated by the lack of sales on Amazon and other booksellers?
    Do you want to sell your book on your website and make more money than just from Amazon?
  • Do you want to get more positive (five star) reviews than you ever thought possible?
    Are you a non-fiction author who has just written a book to promote your business?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you shouldn’t hesitate any longer. Get this exclusive guide delivered to your Inbox right away.

I’m Ash Waechter and I’m a direct response copywriter for Self-Help authors who want to build a huge mailing list. I created targeted campaigns that get people to opt in.

I noticed several things about books being sold on Amazon that few other people are even aware of. There are online marketers, like me, who know how to sell more books on Amazon than everyone else

But most of them are keeping their mouths shut, but I put all these tactics and techniques into this one simple and easy to read FREE Guide.

Even if you don’t have direct access to your book or online store, you can easily tell your web designer or book marketer to implement these powerful strategies that are guaranteed to boost your sales by at least 27% of even more! For some, you could possibly double your sales with these not-so-talked-about strategies.

In this special guide, there are plenty of real world examples. You will see examples from authors who have hundreds and even thousands of positive reviews on Amazon. These examples and illustrations are clear and easy to follow, so you won’t have to guess your way through the material.

You will be able easily implement these strategies wherever you are selling or even promoting your book such as Amazon, your website, or even Facebook.

In this FREE Guide, you’ll discover:

  • The one way to immediately get reader’s attention like a magnet
    Why traffic isn’t your real problem in getting your book sold
  • Why missing this one element will kill 20% your sales.
    How to get people to want to try a FREE sample (or the Look inside feature of Amazon) of your book
  • Why this one common misconception will change your whole perspective on selling your book on Amazon
    Why narrowing your view is much more beneficial than broadening your view
  • Why understanding this one concept will help you promote your book not just on Amazon but everywhere else
    Use this one technique to overcome any objections your prospect may have about buying your book right away
  • Ignoring this element and you can expect to lose a lot of interest in your book. (Hint: It’s not what you think)
    Why Testimonials and Reviews are NOT really what sell your book
  • Why this one common misconception will change your whole perspective on selling your book on Amazon
    Why narrowing your view is much more beneficial than broadening your view
  • How you can use bad reviews to your advantage
    If you don’t do this one simple thing, you can guarantee no one will make the extra effort to buy your book. (It takes just 7 seconds to implement!).

You’re guaranteed to get more sales even if your traffic is maxed out.

Get this FREE Guide now and start maxing out your sales on Amazon

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  • This is no fluff piece. You will get REAL knowledge and actionable items in this guide.
  • If you can write a book, then you can easily apply these simple techniques and watch your sales climb.
  • It doesn’t matter what kind of book you’ve written, the techniques will work with any non-fiction book
  • It doesn’t matter where you sell your book (Amazon, other book sellers or your website), this guide will show you exactly how to implement these techniques, so you can start seeing a boost in your book sales.

You’ll see such a huge difference in your sales AND positive reviews, you really won’t believe your eyes—and you will kick yourself for not knowing about these strategies sooner. But that’s okay, you will now!

I’ve looked at and researched dozens of books on Amazon and distilled the secret to selling books on Amazon down to 10 basic principles. And each one of them is spelled out and explained in detail in this exclusive guide.

How many ways have you wasted time and energy doing the following:

  • Facebook posting
  • Twitter Tweets
  • Blogging

These are all time-sucking activities that really don’t do anything to increasing your book sales. These have some value to getting people to your book, but this guide will show you exactly how to sell your book so your audience will have NO CHOICE, but to BUY YOUR BOOK.

This guide can be read in as little as ten minutes. And you can apply these techniques right away. And if you apply all the techniques, you’re guaranteed to boost your sales on Amazon—and even more importantly boost the number of 5 star reviews. Those reviews are like gold.

Remember: You don’t want to kick yourself for not at least looking at these sales boosting strategies.

How long do you want to wait before you start seeing real money from your books?

You’ll see examples from these authors…

  • Tim Ferriss
  • Charles Duhigg
  • David Kelley
  • Plus many more

There are over 31 examples & illustrations in this guide, so you can easily follow along and implement these strategies.

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