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Amazon Book Sale Accelerate

There are many ways to market your book, but there is only ONE way to actually sell your book.

Amazon Book Sales Accelerator $795+

Imagine making a real passive income from your Amazon self-help book

You need to convince your audience that your book is the solution to their problem.

Sounds simple, right? Well, you’d be surprised how many authors and professional book marketers get this wrong.

To increase your Amazon book sales, you need to have compelling and persuasive sales copy for your Amazon book description.

And the reason you need persuasive sales copy for your book description is because the sales process goes like this:

  • Book cover—attracts attention through a sea of competing books

  • Book title—creates intrigue and arouses curiosity

  • Book description—confirms whether the book is the right book for buyer

  • Book ratings and reviews—provides social proof of what was read in the book description

Your book description acts like a salesman, standing next to your customer illuminating all the benefits your book provides.

If you don’t say anything in your book description, no one will know whether your book is the right fit for them. And the ratings and reviews won’t help much in this case, because if your book is not a right fit, then it’s not a right fit.

You will not only get more sales with this solution, but you will also get many more of the highly coveted five-star reviews. When your book description is clear and provides enough information to make an educated buying decision, your customer will be fully satisfied and reward you with a five-star review.

BUT if your book description is misleading, vague or doesn’t provide enough information, your buyer will respond with a negative review.

“Negative reviews will kill any kind of sales momentum you’ve already had.”

You just need more traffic, right?


The problem most authors have is that they focus only on getting more and more traffic, but they are not getting any sales. But when sales are in a slump, all they can think of is getting more traffic. They pitch on Twitter, blog on Facebook and LinkedIn. This is all in an effort to get more traffic. But still no sales.

The problem is that the book description is seriously lacking. How many times have NOT bought something because you didn’t have enough information to make a buying decision? It happens all the time. Your buyer is going through the same process. Your buyers need more information. The book description is there on Amazon to provide that information.

“But I have a great book description.”

A few benefits of having a professionally written book description:

  • Sell your book at a higher price point because you got your reader emotionally involved. (People pay 50% more on average when emotionally involved than just on price alone).

  • More free downloaded samples means more purchases because your buyers were motivated by the book description.

  • More five-star reviews because you delivered on what was promised in the book description.

  • Need less traffic to make more sales because of a higher conversion rate (relieving you the time and effort of blogging and pitching on social media).

  • You’ll be way ahead of over 95% of your competitors—because they all have lacking book descriptions.

What this package entails:

Amazon book description using persuasive copy.

This book description will be written by a professionally trained direct response copywriter who understands the persuasive techniques needed to get your audience to buy your book. This will be written in a format that will stimulate the maximum amount of sales. This will be written based on proven methodologies that have worked for bestselling books on Amazon.

Who this package is for:

  • Are you self-help author who wants to find another way to accelerate sales on Amazon?

  • Do you have books that were written many years ago and could use a boost in sales?

  • Are you a new author who wants to blast out of the gate right from the beginning?

  • Are you frustrated by the lack of sales on Amazon and other places?

  • Do you also want to make book sales on your own website in addition to Amazon?

  • Do you want to get more five-star reviews?

If you answered YES to any of the above, this Amazon Book Sales Accelerator is exactly what you need.

Please download the ABSA (Amazon Book Sales Accelerator) Information Kit which includes:

  • Full Pricing Guide

  • Book Description Development Process

  • Working Arrangements

  • Payments Terms

  • How to Get Started

  • Why You Need a Direct Response Copywriter for Your Book Description

This document will help you narrow down what you are hoping to get from this Amazon book description package.

Please note: There is NO obligation to do business with Ash Waechter or Fresh Sales Copy by downloading this Information Kit. This is just for your information purposes only.

By the way: This book description can also be used on any other bookselling site—it’s not just limited to Amazon. You can use it for Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble or anywhere else you can think of (even your website).