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Book Sales Accelerator on Your Website $1,795

For Self-Help authors

This package is for those who want to sell their books on their own website.

We will overcome many challenges to selling your book on your own website.

There are many advantages of selling your book on your own website. The biggest is to start building your list—either email list or snail mail list. The second big advantage is you can charge a premium for your book. We will explore how to do that later.

Also, you won’t have to compete with others in a crowded marketplace. And since there are no ratings on your website, the purchase decision is based solely on how your book is sold—and that is the basis of this package.

  • Chapter download copy

  • Funnel development copy

  • VSL Script copy

  • Book product page copy

  • Added value: infographic, worksheets, cheat sheets, diagrams, signed copy, etc.

  • Discover untapped potential (comments, A/B testing, user experience design)

When selling your book on your own website has its own set of challenges. The main one of course is trust. Can I trust this guy/gal? Can I trust the mechanics of this website? Can I trust the inner workings of anything? Is anybody home?

At the same time, selling your own book on your own website is very liberating. You’re not under the constraints of publishers, Amazon or some other book seller. You can sell your book the way you want to. You can give away a few chapters, or you can give away the whole book. You can script out a whole sales funnel that leads to someone hiring you for a speaking gig. There are numerous benefits to selling your book on your own website. The best part is that no one will tell you not to. Amazon doesn’t care as well any other book seller.

You can package your book with an audio, a infographic poster, to make it more valuable to the consumer.

You can build your e-mail list

You can do all sorts of things that you cannot do on some bookseller website. Your list will be your list.

Advantages of selling your book on your own website:

  • Charge full price vs. discounted on Amazon

  • No distractions vs. Amazon. The focus is on YOUR book only

  • Books sales can lead to more lucrative speaking engagements

  • Attract more followers

  • Share more vs. Amazon and other book sellers

  • Turn book into an information product.