Landing Page Gutter System

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About the Client

LadderFree Gutters (name changed upon client request) is a company that installs screens on top of existing gutters to keep leaves, dirt, and other debris from clogging the gutters.

What did they want?

They wanted to generate as many leads as possible in the shortest time. They had a limited Facebook ad budget and wanted to line up as many projects as possible for the early summer season.

My approach to the copy

My objective was to make LadderFree Gutters worry-free gutters. I wanted the reader to know that once they buy, they will never have to worry about the consequences (revealed in the copy) of not having clean gutters.

I wanted to emphasize how dangerous it can be to get on a ladder to clean one’s gutters. But some people think their gutters are working perfectly fine, so getting on a ladder may be unnecessary. Therefore, I made sure the reader knew how much home damage ($$$) can happen when gutters are clogged with leaves, dirt, and other debris.

Still focusing on the money aspect, I wanted the reader to know that weak gutters that are falling apart can look ugly and unappealing to new home buyers. Most people are willing to spend extra money on their house when they are about to sell.

However, most potential customers are not looking to sell their homes and don’t feel a need to change anything about their gutters. But there is still a huge liability if the gutters fall apart and hurt someone. Therefore, I made a point that weak and faulty gutters can fall on neighbors’ children and pets, home contractors, and other guests at home.

Now the reader realizes there is an actual cost ($$$) of the real cost of doing nothing (hospital bills, lawsuits, lost money on a home sale, etc.) that is far above the cost of getting this gutter system.

During my research, I noticed most gutter companies focused only on the features of this type of gutter system. They only scratched the surface when making a solid case for why a homeowner should get this gutter system now. I made sure to answer as many objections as possible.

The Result

The client was super happy with the amount of leads they got. They continue to run this campaign every summer season.

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How to Convert a Cold Audience Into Warm Leads and Hot Buyers

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Project Description

Project: Booklet that shows sales funnel using Facebook

Objective: Show clients how to use a 5-step system for getting leads and sales on Facebook

Team & Role: Copywriter

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Catchy Emails for Ecommerce Client

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About the Client

Snoozeheads sells eclectic apparel at bargain prices for men and women. I had a chance to meet with the CEO at a networking event in New York City. He asked me to take a look at some of this copy.

What did they want?

I was asked by Snoozeheads to write some emails that could be entertaining but also click-worthy. They showed me some emails they had previously sent and wanted “to punch it up a bit.” I don’t have the previous emails, but these are my versions. The client was super happy with the results. This campaign was a while ago, so I don’t have the exact numbers. I do remember it was a success. Unfortunately, the business closed shortly after.

My approach to the copy

As requested, I wanted my emails to be highly entertaining and easy to read. Using conversational copy, short sentences, and bullet points, my emails could be easily scanned and read in under a minute. In just a few easy-to-read sentences, I pitched the offer, highlighted the benefits, and showed how easy it was to make a purchase.

My extensive research into the psychology of buying behavior shows that people buy things to escape that empty feeling of not being the person they thought they should be. My copy allowed people to be who they are. These emails feel like I am talking to the one person that we’re sending these emails to. The emails don’t feel like I am talking to many people.

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Cold Email for Corporate Janitorial Services

About the Client
U.S. Metro Group is a corporate janitorial service in business for over 40 years.

What did they want
They wanted to secure on-location appointments through a series of cold emails.

My approach to the copy
The strategy used in this campaign is the “door-in-the-face” strategy popularized by Dr. Robert Cialdini, author of Influence.

So, the idea behind this approach is to ask for a big favor—or a big Ask. Once you get the door slammed in your face, ask for a smaller favor. In this sequence, we first requested an in-person meeting at the recipient’s location. The second email asked for a phone call. The third email asks to send some free information.

I wanted to keep a friendly and familiar tone to the emails as if they were coming from someone they knew.

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Anatomy of a Cold Email to Real Estate Agents

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Anatomy of a Cold Email to Real Estate Agents Promoting a Real Estate Listing Service

I wrote the following email to real estate agents to sign up for a real estate listing service. The approach was to make it feel like it was coming from an acquaintance. Therefore, I skipped many formalities.

Businesspeople often meet contacts at conferences, events, trade shows, etc. The strategy here is to get the recipient to think, “Wait, do I know this person? Have I met this person somewhere? Did I promise them something? I better read this and find out for sure.”

This email increased the response rate of the previous email by 253%. That’s over double the responses.

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