Money Minders Sales Page

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Project Description

Project: Sales page for a membership program. This sales page taps into many emotions parents go through while raising their children. The parents are reminded about why it’s important to rear children properly early on to avoid disasters down the road.

Backed by statistics, stories, and real-world illustrations, this sales page gets to the raw emotions that many people feel about money. It sucks you in.

Also, this page reveals facts very few people have heard of but are highly interested in–such as becoming a millionaire by 55 while on $50,000 salary.

This page also answers many objections such as… costs too much… better deals from competitors… don’t have time…etc.

Objective: Get people to purchase a monthly membership.

Team & Role: Copywriter

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In-Person Course Sales Page

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Project Description

Project: Sales page to sign up/purchase a seat for an in-person course on personal development.

This sales page includes an offer stack that is too good to refuse–modeled after Alex Hormozi’s 100M Offers. Loads of valuable extras to the main offer plus hard-to-turn-down bonuses–both regular and times sensitive.

This page was challenging but a lot of fun to write. Many objectives are answered throughout the copy.

Plus, I used some great tactics discovered in Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar Secrets program.

This sales page is a must-read to discover how to sell an online in-person education program.

This sales page taps into many human emotions/benefits such as… saving time… avoiding effort… making money… being popular, etc.

Objective: Get people to pay and sign-up.

Team & Role: Copywriter

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TAP Reg Page

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Project: Registration for 8-Hour Saturday Event

Objective: Get people to purchase the course.

Team & Role: Copywriter

Challenge: Instill value for people to give up their Saturday

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JV Partner Opt-In Page

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Project: Registration page for webinar

Objective: Get people to register for the online event

Team & Role: Copywriter

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Motivational Speaker Copywriting

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Project Description

Project: Landing page for motivational speaker Chip Eichelberger

The Objective: Attract sales organizations who have a budget of $10,000 or more to spend on a motivational speaker for their sales force.

The Problem/Challenge: Create a page for Chip’s website that will get an event planner to take action, and also for search engines to find the page.

Since Chip had such an expansive website (over 100 pages of information), I had to encapsulate all that into one single sales page.

My goal was to create a YOU-focused sales page that showed out his audience had made a transformation in their lives.

User & Audience: Event and meeting planners of sales organizations.

Team & Role: The team consisted of just me writing the sales copy. Chip gave me valuable feedback and was instrumental in much of the project.

Writing Process: First things first. I had Chip fill out my Creative Brief. Fortunately for me, Chip was very thorough in his answers.

Next was to dive deep into Chip’s website and see what I could dig. While I wanted to retain his voice, I wanted also to avoid covering the same ground that has already been covered on his website. This was actually quite a challenge because Chip’s website had over 100 pages of content. And not just blog posts.

So I dug around and search the Internet to see what I could find that would be a good angle.

While Chip had some good testimonials on his website, I found some on YouTube videos that were not currently showcased on his website. One, in particular, stood out. It was a testimonial where someone had referred to having Chip speak at his event as an insurance policy against having a lousy sales conference.

I went with that as my theme for the sales page. I then created an outline using Robert Cialdini’s Six Principles of Persuasion that he made famous in his best-selling book, Influence.

These principles are:

  1. Reciprocity
  2. Commitment & Consistency
  3. Social Proof
  4. Liking
  5. Authority
  6. Scarcity

I wanted to fit these where appropriate. Combined these elements with a little bit of storytelling.

Link to sample

Outcome: While I was working with Chip, this page moved from page 9 to the 2nd page of Google for “motivational sales speaker.” Since then, I don’t where it is.

Motivational Speaker Sales Packet

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The Objective:  Showcase Mark Sanborn to prospective clients to secure paid speaking engagements.

The Problem/Challenge: Current collateral was not meeting up to client’s expectations. A new approach to selling Mark. Sanborn was needed.

Mark Sanborn’s fee for a speaking engagement is in the range of $12,000 – $25,000 (plus travel expenses). The challenge, therefore, was to convince his audience that he was worth that price.

Mark has had informational packets and brochures in the past, so the challenge was to come up with some new material that would resonate with his audience and differentiate him from his competitors. (More on that in the Writing Process section).

User & Audience: The primary audience for this presentation packet was meeting and event planners of large businesses and organizations.

Team & Role: The team consisted of the marketing manager, Mark’s personal assistant, and me (the sales copywriter). I handled all facets of the copywriting and the general organization of the presentation packet

Writing Process: The first order of business was to have Mark’s team fill out a Design Brief, so I could learn more about his overall objective and his audience. You can see the Design Brief I send out here.

I researched the speakers’ bureaus to see how his competition stacked up. I “lurked around” on meeting event planner forums to see what their trials and tribulations were in regard to booking speakers. (To be perfectly honest, there wasn’t much there).

While keeping in with Mark’s overall theme and his voice, I dug deep to find something that differentiated him from his colleagues that was never showcased before. Mark has two designations on his name (CSP, CPAE) that was never talked about in any of his other marketing materials. Since these are highly earned designations, I chose to highlight them as well as get the audience (event planners) to understand why those designations were so important to the end user.

Additionally, I focused on making the presentation packet “YOU” focused. While previously collateral, focused on Mark’s books, I chose to focus on how Mark can make the event planner look good in the eyes of their bosses and their audience.

I also wanted to showcase that Mark is ranked in the “Top 1% of his peers,” which is something that he’s earned but was never really showcased in his marketing materials. I broke down the numbers so his audience could see how he really was the leader in his industry.

Outcome: Mark was very happy with the final outcome of the project. The overall presentation packet gives a warm and personal view of one of the top speakers in the industry—and shows that any event planner would be honored to have Mark speak at their event.

My Personal Thoughts: I really enjoyed working on this project, and the designers did an excellent job with the whole layout of the presentation packet. Having the client fill out my Creative Brief was very helpful in getting a running start on this project.

The final product can be found here

Lead Magnet Free ebook

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Project: Opt-in page for ebook download

Objective: Get people to download an ebook to capture an email address

Team & Role: Copywriter

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RAL Post Event Emails

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Project: Post-event emails to buy a service package

Objective: Get people to see the offer.

Team & Role: Lead Copywriter

Challenge: To get people to believe they need this service package

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