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I Never Made It to Madison Avenue

While I was in college in New Orleans, I dreamed of being a copywriter for one of the big ad agencies on Madison Avenue in New York City, but somehow that didn’t really happen.

Upon graduating Tulane University, I managed to secure a job as a media assistant for a big ad agency in New York. At night, I took courses on how to be a copywriter.

During my time there, I was itching to move out of the city, so I moved to Dallas, Texas where I had friends and classmates from Tulane living there.

While I was there, I put aside my dreams to become a copywriter because I enrolled in a school for computer animation—which was really starting to get hot.

After graduating, I managed to secure a few jobs as an exhibit designer where I used my talents in 3D animation. During that time, I moonlighted creating websites for various businesses.

While creating websites, I flexed my writing muscle quite a bit because my clients didn’t know what to say. I had to say it for them! During that time, I devoured numerous books about sales copywriting and online marketing.

After six years of living in Texas, I moved back to Connecticut to be closer to my family. While in Connecticut, I started freelancing my web design services. I got quite a lot of business, but I was still itching to be a copywriter on Madison Avenue, so I took some evening classes.

And then I discovered something…I hated it.

Yes, that’s right.

I hated the copywriting. Well, at least I hated the type of copywriting we were being taught in class. Actually, we weren’t being taught copywriting in its truest sense. We were being taught to think and come up with ideas.

And that’s exactly what I wanted to do! When I was in college eight years prior, I had dreams of sitting on sofas and coming up with clever ideas. However, I found out that I hated sitting around and coming up with stupid and clever ideas.

So, I just focused on my web design freelance business. And I learned a lot about online marketing. I had to promote my own businesses and play a role in promoting the businesses of my clients.

After many years of creating websites and learning a lot about online marketing, I decided that my talents would best be served focusing on direct marketing—which I found to love immensely.

Online marketing and direct response copywriting is very challenging. It makes a lot more sense to me than the brand copywriting and the kind of marketing that’s done on Madison Avenue.

So, here I am. In Fairfield, Connecticut writing sales copy and helping my clients with their online marketing.

Why Fresh Sales Copy?

Would you be able to find me if I told you to go to www.AshWaechter.com? Probably not. My name is not only difficult to pronounce, but it’s also difficult to spell. The best way to describe how my name is pronounced is that it rhymes with “Hector.”  Easy, right?

I came up Fresh Sales Copy because people want the latest and greatest copywriting, and that’s what I deliver. I keep up with all the new strategies that are happening in the world of copywriting.

Ash Waechter

Ash Waechter
Certified Sales Copywriter