Remote Direct Response Copywriter

Hi, I’m Ash Waechter.

Thank you for visiting this page. Here is s a little about me.

I work full-time (remotely) for a large company that helps real estate investors make more money and keep more money through tax reductions and creating LLCs for liability protection.

As a direct response copywriter, my job is to “get butts in seats,” as Dan Kennedy calls it. I write promotional emails to our list and drive them to a registration page.

A big part of my job is writing promotional emails, follow-up emails, registration pages, offer pages, and sales pages. We bring in $600,000 to $900,000 per event. My copy has been instrumental in getting high revenue and getting high registrants.

Before my most recent job, I had worked at a local ad agency. I wrote direct mail—postcards, flyers, credit card packages, etc. Also, we had a lot of hospitality clients like Virgin Atlantic. While this job was interesting, I love working remotely and being a part of a professional direct response marketing team. Working remotely has allowed me to be more productive and creative.

However, my biggest thrill in copywriting is working with businesses that host webinars, workshops, and any kind of training—such as sales training, marketing, etc.

I love the challenge of promoting the events through emails, long-form copy, and social media ads.

As mentioned before, I am a big Dan Kennedy fan. I have read many of his books and taken several of his courses. I am also a subscriber of his No B.S. newsletter—which is a fascinating read. And since Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels recently purchased Dan Kennedy’s company, I am consuming more of Russell’s content than ever before.

Are you looking for a direct response copywriter?

Right now, I am looking for a new position at a company as a full-time direct response copywriter working remotely. If you are looking for a copywriter, please reach out to me at, or you can visit my LinkedIn profile and contact me there.

You can take a look at my samples here.