Are You Looking for a Remote Direct Response Copywriter to Join Your In-House Team?

If yes, then please read this page to see how choosing me as your newest team member just might be the best decision you made all year.

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What I can do for you.

Write hold-‘em-by-the-eyeballs copy that generates high-quality leads and a steady cash flow.

My Stats at a Glance:

  • Increased revenue by 156% for our signature monthly webinars through direct-response copywriting.
  • The company more than doubled in size during my time here (170 to 501) due to increased clients.
  • Consistently beat industry benchmarks (based on MailChimp and Active Campaign benchmarks) for open rates and clickthrough rates for our webinars.
  • Email Copywriting Promoting Webinars
    • Written over 1,350 promotional emails for webinars and other online events.
    • Open rate AVG: 42% (industry avg: 21%).
    • CTR AVG: 3.1% (industry avg: 2.3%).
    • Webinar attendance rate AVG: 32% (increased by 28%).
  • Email Copywriting Post-Webinar Sales Emails
    • Written over 250 sales emails, generating millions of dollars from each webinar.
    • Open rate AVG: 53.4% (increased by 19%).
    • CTR AVG: 22.7% (increased by 3.1%).
    • AVG Time spent viewing emails: 79%.
  • Increased Strategy Sessions by over 53% through NEW opt-in pages written.
  • Helped generate millions of dollars monthly from post-webinar sales—sales pages and follow-up emails.

E-books: For e-book lead magnets, I increased downloads by 231% using my friendly conversational copy that removed the top objections to moving forward.

Strategy Sessions: I helped increased SS inquiries to our sales department by a whopping 433%. This was done by using copy that answered questions such as “Why is this free? What’s the catch?” and by showing the value of the call (i.e., get answers from a professional and resolve your challenges quickly.). Previous versions of the SS page focused too much on the mechanics and the work involved—not what the prospect will get out of the call.

Flagship Webinar: More about this later, but sign-ups went from 800 people to over 5,000 since I started writing all the copy for these online events. The 7-hour events were held on Saturday. While the event was FREE. Longer copy was needed because—while the event was FREE—the was a cost involved. That cost was seven hours on a Saturday. This is a day people normally spend with their families or play golf.  Before I came on board to write copy, the marketing department didn’t understand this “cost.” With my new copy, we began packing these events.

I can put these same copywriting skills to use for you, so you can generate all the leads you could ever want.

Here’s what I’ve done:

  • Landing pages
  • Sales pages
  • Follow-up sales email sequences
  • Autoresponder email sequences
  • Cold emails
  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads
  • Sales letters
  • Webinar registration pages

Strategy Session Pages: Most people by now know that the Strategy Sessions is really a sales call. My approach to writing these opt-in pages is to understand the prospects’ hesitancy in signing up. I must show them that they will get the information they need quickly without wasting time going down some rabbit hole. With this approach My SS pages at Anderson proved to be highly effective. As mentioned above, I increased the conversion rates by over 400%.

Sales Pages: Most of our previous sales pages lacked the answers to the objections people had when making a purchase. These objections must be addressed and resolved, so the prospect feels comfortable making a purchase online.

Offer Pages: These pages usually followed a webinar where the sales pitch has already been made. The offer pages merely remind them of what was offered. Therefore, not a lot of sales copy is needed. However, the offer and its components need to be spelled out specifically and allow the prospect to be comfortable. At my most recent job, the offer pages were barebones—with not a lot of information on what they were going to get.

It was assumed that the prospects would remember what was offered. Not likely. I rewrote dozens of offer pages to remind people of what they were going to get and how they were going to benefit. And unlike previous offer pages that were created before I arrived, I made sure to include scarcity and urgency in the offer. These pages had 167% increase in conversions.

Webinar registration pages: Because these pages were greatly improved through my copywriting, we were able to increase our ad budget from $800 per event to over $30,000. As Dan Kennedy says, the one who can spend the most wins.

We generated thousands of leads from my registration pages and Facebook ads. At our peak we had over 5,000 people sign up for a live online event (webinar), with an attendance rate of 43%. My one regret is that I didn’t push harder for us to have a follow-up sequence that showed the value of showing up to the events. We mostly relied on the generic Zoom reminders which were just that—reminders.

Here’s what I am working on:

  • VSL scripts
  • Webinar scripts

Ash Waechter

What kind of person am I?

I’m a person with…


When I get a project I go all out. When I wake up at 5:00 A.M. I am raring to go. But first, I hit the gym and then some meditation practice, and then I start work at 8 or 9. Getting a physical workout and centering my mind with meditation gives me a kind of superpower to write copy. When I write copy, it’s like it’s coming from somewhere else. I can’t help but put this kind of passion into my work, so this is what you will get without even asking for it.

Can do attitude.

I love new challenges that help me grow as a direct-response copywriter. With enough faith and determination, nearly anything can be done.

Offers: I love coming up with offers that people cannot resist. The offer stack is something I learned from Russell Brunson and Alex Hormozi.

At my most recent job at Anderson, I came up with dozens of ideas to make our offers more appealing.

World Experience.

While my direct-response copywriting experience spans a little more than 5 years in a professional capacity, I have been involved with marketing for much longer. I bring my experience as a designer to my copywriting. My lengthy real-world experience has been a huge benefit to my previous employers. I have saved them many times from making catastrophic mistakes. I am older than a lot of people in marketing positions, and that’s a good thing because I bring a lot of real-world wisdom to the team. This has proven to be quite valuable in terms of money gained, and money lost. I could tell you many cautionary tales.


As part of my morning routine, I write out copywriting controls. Right now, I am handwriting Dan Kennedy’s Renegade Millionaire sales letter, and it’s a whopper. It’s over 19 typewritten pages. So far, I have over 26 handwritten pages, and I am only halfway through Kennedy’s letter. This hard work has allowed me to excel at writing direct response copy at a much faster rate than other copywriters. Many people would suggest that my copy equals that of someone who has been writing copy for over 15 years.


I love learning, and I never stop learning. I didn’t take just one copywriting course (i.e., AWAI Six-Figure Copywriting) and call it a day. No, I have taken many courses and read many books because there is always more to know. Copywriting is like an arms race. You are never done. You always must outdo your competitors and find ways to offer ever-increasing value to your leads and clients. I attend in-person conferences such as AWAI boot camp and Digital Marketer’s Traffic & Conversions Summit. This year I am making plans to attend Funnel Hacking Live.

Most recently, I have taken Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar course. It’s a gold mine of information and insider secrets. I look forward to putting this knowledge to good use on my next project. Hopefully, that will be with you.


I won’t ghost you. Check out my testimonials to see what people say about me.

Here’s how you benefit by having me on your team:

Get Better Leads

Well thought out copy will generate more high value leads. Not only did I increase the number of leads from our strategy sessions pages, but also better leads who are likely to be better clients who spend more.

Lower Acquisition Costs

Dramatically improve your ROAS when you have customer-focused copy that your prospects can’t resist. At my previous employer our Facebook CPA decreased by 149%.

Improve Sign Up Conversion Rates

Free offers and events must have short but very compelling copy. It’s not a time to answer every (buying) objection. The copy must arouse curiosity to sign up to see what’s behind door number one.

Stand Out and Dominate Your Niche

Your copy should be tailored to your business. On every project, I dive deep into the research to find those nuggets that no one else is talking about. That’s what gives your prospects those “a-ha” moments of awareness and desperately want what you have to offer. This creates a strong bond between you and your audience—moving them closer to your intended goal (i.e., lead or sale).

Strengthen Your Position

Warren Buffet invests in companies that have a moat around them. In other words, no one can touch them. This is where strong persuasive copy can strengthen your position as the category leader. Build a moat around your business with powerful words that your customers cannot ignore.

Reduce the Sales Cycle Time

Get people to buy faster. At Anderson, the average buyer of our $2,995 product attended our events three times before making a purchase. With my copy, we were able to reduce that by half. This saves a lot of time and money. Fewer sales calls, email campaigns, etc.

Why you should consider me for your next direct response copywriter role:

I meet deadlines. Many copywriters can have attitudes and think the world owes them a favor. That’s not me. I have a high regard for the process of getting things done on time.

Always willing to pitch in. On my last job, we had many “burners” that needed to get done. I was there to put out the fires.

I write better than A.I. I am up for a challenge. Try me!

High integrity for the job: One of my recent bosses at my most recent job said, “I’m happy you care so much about this company. Many people (marketing dept) here just seem like they are punching the clock.”

I work well remotely. Many people can’t handle the remote environment. However, I’ve worked remotely for several businesses and as a freelancer. I have a strict schedule that I stick to that allows me to deliver copy on time and on target.

What I am looking for

Some traits that I look for in an employer.

  • You value direct response copywriting because you know that it has the potential to bring in millions of dollars in sales (see below for what I can do for you).

  • You follow David Ogilvy’s truism, “…you direct response people know what kind of advertising works and what doesn’t work. You know it to a dollar. General advertising people don’t know.”

  • You value remote employees because you know they put in more work and get better results than most onsite employees.

  • You value time off from work to recharge batteries because you know this produces the best copy. Nothing like having a fresh perspective.

  • You value “quite time” so direct response copywriters can turn out amazing copy that generates thousands of leads and millions of dollars ($$$) in revenue.

Here’s what I am NOT looking for

We would NOT make a good match if…

  • You are looking for a brand copywriter. I only do direct response copywriting. That is my greatest strength.

  • You don’t measure KPIs and report back to me what they are and how I can improve my copy. I am in it to win it.

  • You’re more focused on the value of how much is produced versus the quality of what is produced. In other words, your metrics are not based on leads and sales but on the number of emails, opt-in pages, and sales pages that are written. This sets up a very bad working relationship. I can produce a lot of copy; however, quality work takes time. I’m no slouch, either. In my last job I wrote over one thousand emails, dozens of landing pages, and other direct response copy.

  • You are looking for someone to write website copy or some other copy that has no measurable results in terms of leads and sales.

I don’t want to sound difficult, but I just want to set expectations.

We are a good match if…

  • You need to fill your online events with high-value prospects.
  • You need to skyrocket your sales from your email campaigns.
  • You need to pump up the lead generation funnel to full capacity.
  • You need to move people up the ladder to your higher-level offers.
  • You need to crush last year’s sales.

I would do well in your organization if…

  • You need someone who is fully entrenched in the direct marketing principles of people like Russell Brunson, Dan Kennedy, Ryan Deiss, Alex Hormozi, Frank Kern, and many more.

  • You keep meticulous records of your metrics (KPIs), so you are constantly improving and optimizing your campaigns.

  • You provide me with feedback with relevant stats, so I can write better copy to make more sales and bring in more leads.

  • You are looking for a full-time employee to help bring in leads and make sales.

  • You understand the value of A/B testing to squeeze as much out of each campaign as you can.

Why you should give me a call now.

  • You’ll get answers to any outstanding questions you may have.
  • You’ll hear more about how I approach copy and how I would approach your current challenges.
  • You can finally narrow your search.
  • You can find out what’s important to me in terms of compensation. Everything is on the table. I’m willing to negotiate.

Contact me here:

Here’s what they have to say…

“Ash was instrumental in getting our sales message focused so it was on target, inspiring and professional. He was easy to work with, and his knowledge and expertise in this area is unique and refreshing. I highly recommend using Ash for your sales pages, sales e-mails or any other sales message for your product and services.”

Hans Hanson, Founder

“I came out of the advertising business, and I could tell Ash was a great copywriter when I first read his work. My suspicions were confirmed when I retained him for an important project. He is a real value if you need powerful copy. I recommend him.”

Mark Sanborn, Leadership Keynote Speaker & Best-Selling Author

“Ash was contracted to work on many eLearning modules for the School of Social Work at UNC. I couldn’t be happier with the results I got from Ash. He was diligent, meticulous, and delivered everything on time or even earlier than expected. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in developing these eLearning modules. No job was too big or too small to work. He took pride in every project I gave him.”

— John Anderson, eLearning Developer, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill