How to Sell $2,500 Dental Implants to Your Exact Audience Without the Hassles of Building an E-mail List

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How to Sell $2,500 Dental Implants to Your Exact Audience Without the Hassles of Building an E-mail List

The NEW Simple 3 Step Formula to a Higher ROI and Happy Patients

It’s getting harder and harder to reach your exact audience with high-end offers such as dental implants and Happy Patients.

Many people think you need a HUGE e-mail list to find your exact audience for a high priced offering like dental implants. This post will show you that this is NOT the case.

And often times, there are complex marketing strategies like using the Value Ladder (see graphic below) that involved a dozen steps and waiting years for your customers to move up to dental implants.

Wouldn’t it be great if it were just a lot simpler?

This article will cut all that wasted time and effort.

This simple 3 Step Formula has these advantages…

  • Less things to oversee and manage
  • Less things to worry and stress out about
  • Less things to wonder if that part of the process is working or not?

The problem isn’t that your offer isn’t good enough. The problem is that it’s  presented in the wrong order and to the wrong audience. This is exactly what we will discuss in this post, so take careful notes.

Who Should Read This Post?

  • If  you’re struggling to sell your high valued services directly to your target market
  • If you don’t want to keep track of some complicated e-mail system
  • If you’re tired of attracting bad leads from low-balls offers (i.e. Groupon)
  • If you want to really ramp up your practice by bringing high-end patients right away

Now, let’s get started!

What really is the biggest problem that is plaguing dentists today?

Is it…

  • Too much stress on the job?
  • Too many no-shows?
  • Too many long hours?
  • Can’t trust anyone?

Those are problems that dentists deal with, but…

Happy Patients

Groupon is a haven for people who only want a deal

The biggest problem today for dentists is that everyone is looking for a deal!


Happy Patients

Everyone is looking for a deal.

And most dental marketers often suggest that you practically give away your services in the hope that these dental patients eventually move up the value ladder…

…and then one day get a $2,500 dental implant from you (no one else!).

Happy Patients

But that could take a very, very long time.

What if you want dental implant patients now!

What do you do?

This post will show you the exact strategy to getting those high-end patients in the door without engaging in some complex value-ladder marketing strategy.

As you know, being a dentist is not easy these days.

  • You have the high cost of overhead and equipment
  • You have government regulations, malpractice insurance and litigation to deal with
  • You have personnel problems and difficult patients

It’s NOT easy, so when your marketing goes astray and you’re NOT bringing in patients for your high-end procedures, just know that it’s NOT your fault.

Marketing is very, very difficult. And you can’t be expected to know how to do it on top of everything else you have to deal with. However, as a small business owner, you should at least know a little about what’s going on.

The toughest part about selling anything is finding your audience.

There are people out there who want to buy your product, but you can’t afford to reach 100,000 people just to find one or two who are your ideal candidates.

Here’s some interesting facts:

According to a survey conducted by AACD, only 6% of dentists are found through direct mail, ads in newspapers and other signage (combined!)

Furthermore, the internet accounts for 27% patient appointments. (The remaining come from word of mouth). Yet dentists are still paying an excessive amount of money on flyers, magazine ads and services provided by the yellow pages…

Some dentists can pay up to $2,500 or more for a half page ad—where no one really knows if that ad is working or not!

Sending out postcards, flyers and putting ads in magazines and newspapers is the proverbial “shotgun approach” to marketing. For the most part it doesn’t work.

If you’re trying to sell a pricey specialized service like dental implants, you’re advertising to the wrong market.

Flyers work better for lower cost introductory offers

Your Core Audience is way too small for this approach. And trying to find them is like…yes, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

This is why it’s so crucial that you employ this simple 3 step formula today.

So, why this formula? Why now?

Let’s take a look…


Facebook is making BIG changes…

In the midst of scandals and humiliating teardowns on Capitol Hill and the European parliament, Facebook is making big changes to their demographic targeting.

They will no longer allow advertisers to target their prospects by “Income,” “Home Ownership,” and many other crucial demographics that dentists (and their marketing agencies) have come to rely on.

So without these crucial demographics, what do you do?

You do what direct-response marketers have been doing for decades…you get your audience to “raise their hand,” and let you know that they are interested in what you have to offer.

That’s why this strategy works so well.

It’s taken right out of the direct response-marketing handbook.

Okay, so how does this 3 step formula work?

Well, here are the three steps in their simplest form…

Step 1. Boost Blog Post to General Audience

Step 2. Pixel Your Audience to Build Core Audience

Step 3. Sell Directly to That Core Audience

Step 1. Boost Blog/Facebook Post

In Facebook, you can “Boost” your post you created in Facebook. This means that you pay to reach a larger audience.

Boosted posts like this one are read much more than ads

The strategy here is to boost your post–which will have a link to a full blog post on your website.

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