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How to Sell $2,500 Dental Implants to Your Exact Audience Without the Hassles of Building an E-mail List

Part II (continued from page 1)

Now, here is where many dentists (and their marketing agencies) get things wrong.

They boost a post that they already have on their website. These posts were usually written with an SEO strategy in mind. This means a lot of key word stuffing and bland writing.

With the strategy that I’ve laid out, you need to have a blog post with selling in mind. You need to make it a transformational experience for your reader

Your blog post should be something new and thought-provoking.

For instance, you might warn them about something important about dental implants. They will appreciate the transparency, and they will learn something and appreciate that.

People love anything that is “NEW” or innovative

Every other dentist talks about their dental implant procedures. That’s okay, but it doesn’t get people to take notice and to take action.

You need to show a transformation, and you need to answer some objections your patient may have. For instance…

“Why Do I Need a Dental Implant?”

You need to remind people how much better their life will be with dental implants. You need to show how bad their life is without dental implants such as:

  • Lack of a good job
  • Poor dating prospects
  • General anxiety
  • And so on.

Then show how many of these issues can all be resolved with a $2,500 dental implant.

“That’s Too Much Money to Spend on a Dental Implant.”

You need to put the expenses they are going to pay into perspective. Compare your services to the last thing they spent money on, such as a…

  • Disney vacation
  • Ski trip to Colorado
  • New car
  • New boat

This post must be informative with facts and figures, but it also must be entertaining to read. And easy to read. Too many articles and posts on dental websites are very dry and technical. No one wants to read that.

Your blog post should be about getting your prospect closer to making a decision. It should NOT be about getting SEO traffic. Those are two completely different approaches.

DON’T Make Your Boosted Post look like an ad

You need to get them excited about the concept of a dental implant before you try to sell them.

Here are some DOs and DON’Ts of an effective persuasive blog post:

DON’T: Make your boosted post look like an ad.

DO: Make your boosted post look like an article worth sharing.

Tell an intriguing story, so it will be shared!

DON’T: Describe in lurid detail what the dental implant entails. Do you really want to see how the sausage is made?

I personally would never go for my biannual cleaning if they had a mirror showing me exactly what my teeth cleaning looked like. I just want to SEE the results.

DO: Show a transformative experience, such as getting a new job, a date, a relief of anxiety.

DON’T use stock images of people on your posts

DO use images of real people in your boosted posts

(People don’t want to be educated as much as you think. They want just enough information to make an informed decision. Too many blog posts about dental implants are long, boring and dry. Quite frankly, many of these posts and articles sound and look downright medieval).

DON’T: Make the procedure sound more complicated than it is by showing all the steps involved. This will scare people away.

Save that for when they make contact with you. Those are the questions they will have when they call you. It’s important to make the sale on the call and not in the blog post. More on that later.

DO:  Show how easy the process is. And how quickly people can get a new smile. Compare it to fixing a smile the long way. Show it is a pain free experience. People want a transformational experience!

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