The Number One Strategy for Small Local Businesses to Make Huge Profits from Facebook

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The Number One Strategy for Small Local Business to Make Huge Profits from Facebook

If you agree that finding the right audience is the toughest part about advertising your Local Business on Facebook, then continue reading…

If you agree that creating the right offer and message for your audience is the second biggest challenge, then continue reading.

It is well known and agreed by everyone that finding your exact audience is extremely tough.

Some local business owners say that their customer is “everyone.” And if you’re a dentist, you just might think so. After all, everyone has teeth!

But many others do know who their exact audience is. They just don’t know where to find them. That’s why SEO is so popular.

It takes the pressure off of you from going out and finding them.

And almost as popular is Google AdWords because people find you!

But SEO doesn’t work anymore.

Too many big businesses crank out content like crazy. If you are a small local Business, you just can’t keep up with that kind of volume.

So what do you do?

Well, if you can’t afford Google AdWords (it’s expensive now), then you should consider advertising on Facebook. And the reason why is because of this sure fire system that will target your exact audience.

Here are the steps for Local Business on Facebook in selling to your exact audience…

1) Create a “Like” Campaign to Boost Social Proof

The first thing you want to do is build up your social proof.

And you do this by launching a “Like” ad campaign in Facebook.

The best way to view “Like” campaigns is to see them as primarily as social proof.

If you look at them as real followers, you will most likely be disappointed.

The object here is to get as many Likes as possible for your Local Business on Facebook at the cheapest price.

You want to set a goal of around 1,000 Likes. This will be a small investment on your part. It may seem like there are no returns, but you need to look at the long-range plan.

Facebook Likes - Local Business on Facebook

When people look at your page and see a 1,000 Likes as opposed to 23 or 56 Likes, you’re gonna look a lot better! A LOT better!

There are many ways to get a Like on your page. You can ask people from your own website (which I don’t recommend in most circumstances), or you can try to get them from people already on Facebook.

And the best way and fastest way to pay for those Likes!

Facebook allows you to run a “Like” campaign. Running a “Like” campaign is a paid advertising campaign where you try to solicit Likes from an audience that you select.

Local Business on FacebookIt can be tricky to get the right amount of Likes for the lowest cost.

Some campaigns can cost 23 cents per Like and some can cost a lot less.

I can get costs as low as a penny or two. That’s a lot of bang for your buck!

As you can see from a campaign that I ran, I got 1,223 Page Likes, spending a total of $12.48! That’s some social proof!

(If you want to get 1,000 Likes easily, please contact me at:

Once you get a good number of people Liking your page, you can move onto the next step.

2) Promote a Blog Post to Find Your Exact Audience

Once you’ve built up that social proof, you can now promote a post.

Now, to be very clear, the people you got in your “Like” campaign may not be your ideal audience, but that’s okay. You don’t really them because Facebook pretty much suppresses posts made by businesses anyway.

But Facebook will gladly take your money and promote your post for you.

And that’s what you’re going to do here. And it will be all worth it, because this is where all the magic happens.

Promoted posts are cheaper because they are seen as newsworthy or content oriented and not salesy.

People will accept them more and will more likely to click through–which is what you want! (more about that later).

Local Business on Facebook

In the image above, you will see that Facebook asks you if you want to Boost your post. It’s pretty straightforward. Just click the blue button that says “Boost Post.”

You can choose targeting, but you generally want to keep it pretty broad because this is where you’re trying to find your ideal audience.

When people click onto your blog post, you will have your Facebook pixel on there, so you can pixel them for future and more targeted ads with offers. (more about that later)

This is how you will create your own personal audience rather than shooting in the dark.

Here’s an example:

Suppose you have a landscaping company, and you want to attract homeowners with big lawns and who are likely to hire a landscaper.

First let’s look at a few problems with this:

  1. There are not many (or any) demographics that are going to reveal to you who would “likely hire” a landscaping company.
  2. Facebook is phasing out homeowners and income as demographics you can target. Big bummer!
  3. And there is no demographic that reveals who has big lawns. Also a bummer.

Now to solve these issues, you need to build an audience of people who will likely hire a landscaper.

Now, the fastest way is just throw up some ads in your area and see what sticks. This can be very expensive, and it has been done for years, which keeps many landscapers still struggling.

Now with a boosted post, you will draw them in slowly with an informative blog post that will show your expertise in the subject matter.

Here you will write a blog post with a title such as:

“How to Negotiate With Your Landscaper to Get a Green Lawn at Cheap Price!”


“Ten Things Your Landscaper Isn’t Telling You But Should!”

Both of these titles will attract people who already work with landscapers while excluding the “do-it-yourselfers.”

As you know…

…you will have better luck selling to people who already work with landscapers rather than converting people who have never hired a landscaper.

Once you have your blog post written, you will create a post on Facebook and link to it.

Once you created your post in Facebook, you can now boost your post. You will pay somewhere around $10 or $20 a day for the boosted post to run. You can set the time and amount for anything you want.

After your post is boosted, you will now have an audience of exact people who are interested in dealing with landscapers. This is the EASIEST audience to sell to!

In the above graphic, you will see that I created a Custom Audience (second row) of people who read the blog post I just promoted (actually, in this case, it’s different than the graphic of my promoted post).

Once you have your Custom Audience, you can ask Facebook to find other people who match the profile of people who read your blog post. This is known as a Look-a-Like Audience (see first row in the above graphic).

The way this Look-a-Like Audience works is like this:

  1. Suppose—with your limited budget—you only get 250 people to your blog post “How to Negotiate With Your Landscaper to Get a Green Lawn at a Cheap Price.”
  2. You can now tell Facebook to go find a bunch more people who fit the same profile. Facebook will go out and find those people for you! This means you can now target thousands of people who are truly interested in working with landscapers.

“It would be hard to find your exact audience with any other strategy.”

Now that you have your “landscaper audience” and your “look-a-like” audience, you can now zap them with ads with real offers and promotions. And you will get a high click-through-rate which means you will pay less money for your ads.

Low Cost Ads

The way click-through-rate (CTR) works is like this:

Facebook wants to get the most bang for their buck. There is only so much real estate out there. They want to make sure that when they show your ad, it will get a click. If it doesn’t, they’re gonna be pissed.

For instance, if your ad is shown 100 times on the Feeds of 100 people and you get 5 people to click on your ad, that means you have a CTR of 5%. (The industry experts consider that really good, by the way).

Facebook will reward you by lowering your cost. However, if your ad only gets 1 click out every 200 times (.5% CTR), then Facebook is gonna charge you more, because they are making less for their efforts.

Got it? If not, feel free to contact me at:

3) Start Running Ads with Enticing Offers to Your Core Audience

Now you can start running your ads with offers like:

“Get 25% Off Your First Mowing”

“New Customers Get $75 Rebate”

These ads will have a high CTR because you are targeting only those people who showed an interest in your type of services. They read your blog post, for crying out loud!


Here is the summary of this simple system:

  1. Get Likes (Preferably 1,000)
  2. Leverage those Likes with a boosted post
  3. Target people who were interested in your boosted post with a direct offer

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