Top Five Reasons Why Your Chiropractor Ads Are Getting Refused—And Then Possibly Banned!

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Top Five Reasons Why Your Chiropractor Ads Are Getting Refused—And Then Possibly Banned!

With the quick trigger finger of Facebook’s quick banning process, making a mistake with your ad can have costly and irrevocable consequences due to their strict ad policies.

There are many people who get their Facebook ad accounts banned and shut down because they didn’t follow Facebook’s Ad policies—which you can see here. But instead of going through all that, this post will help you alleviate all those problems.

The fallout is pretty serious. Just look at the outcry below to see why you don’t want to get your account banned by Facebook by violating their ad policies!

Ad policies

Ad policies

Ad policies

Ad policies

Okay, let’s get started with the 5 Reasons Why Your Chiropractic Facebook Ad Might Get Denied…

Reason #1: Showing Pain

Facebook frowns upon showing the seriousness of the problem in which your solution provides. Sounds backwards, doesn’t it? But that’s how it goes with Facebook.

Showing pain focuses on the problem—which is great for direct marketing. But Facebook wants you to focus on the solution—which you should also focus on as well.

Below are a few examples that focus solely on the solution.

Ad policies

Ad policies

So, if you’re seeing your ad get denied, try changing the image to something that shows the solution and NOT the problem. But don’t overdo it—as you will see in Reason #2.


Reason #2: Misleading Content

Facebook frowns upon advertisers who claim to have a cure all for whatever ails their target market. Some examples that would be rejected would be:

“Get rid of back pain instantly forever!”

“Lose back pain 15 minutes!”

“This One Trick to Get Instant Relief!”

Even if it’s NOT really misleading, Facebook just doesn’t like wild and outrageous claims.

What they will accept is (mostly) anything that follows “Learn” or “Discover.” Some examples would be:

“Learn How to We Can Help Relieve Back Pain.”

“Learn Some New Techniques That Our Patients Are Using At Home to Find Back Pain Relief.”

“Discover How We Helped One Patient Get Fast Relief.”

With normal direct marketing techniques, you do want to be a little more aggressive. You do want people to feel the pain, and you do want your audience to know that you have the best solution around. Why? Because it works!

Unfortunately, when it comes to Facebook, you can’t do that. So you have to keep the magnified claims to a minimum.


Reason #3: Calling People Out

Calling people out is very popular in direct marketing. Why? Because it works. For instance, what is going to get you to sit up straight and take notice of what is written?

Are you suffering from excruciating back pain right now?


We can help with back pain.

The first one is more personal, and you start to feel the pain. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t like this. So, you have to resort to the second—thus more generic headline. Of course, you can and should be more creative than what I had hastily written.

This ad below is NOT a Facebook ad, but I inserted this ad here to illustrate a point.

While this ad isn’t too bad, Facebook might have a problem with the image and the line… “Stress or Physical Pain?”

Facebook takes a more of a hardline when you start mentioned diseases like diabetes. For instance, if you said, “Do you have diabetes?” That would be a big no-no.

If you’re just starting out, it’s best to be on the safe side. Later, you can test the waters. You don’t want to get banned on your first outing!

And when Facebook denies your ad, they really don’t tell you the specific reason why. They just point you to their advertising policies.

Some examples that Facebook has on their Ad policies page:

“Date Christian singles!” [This would be approved]

“Are you Christian?” [This would NOT be approved]

Did you see the difference? One clearly calls someone out. So, if you click on the button, you are admitting that you are Christian. And this would some kind of violation of your privacy.

Another example comes in the Age category

“Meet Seniors” [Approved]

“Meet other Seniors” [NOT approved]

Here again if someone clicks on the second ad, they are admitting they are a senior because of the word “other.”

So, for chiropractors, you don’t want to say:

“Are you suffering from chronic back pain?”

“Is back pain hindering your job performance?”

“Do you have headaches?

These would be great for direct mail, but not for Facebook. This is why it’s important to develop an e-mail list because you can then advertise your solution any way you want.


Reason #4 Before & After Images

Usually any ad that shows significant weight loss would be prohibited. These images would include a person wearing really big pants (showing before), showing a scale, or showing two images with one being before and one being after.

The image below would NOT be approved by Facebook:

They also cannot portray a negative self-perception. Any kind of image that makes people feel bad about themselves probably won’t get approved.

Reason #5 Too Much Text in Image

The general rule is that you cannot have more than 20% of an image taken up with text. Usually, this is up to the discretion of whoever is reviewing your ad.

Facebook has a handy tool where you can check your images.

This ad below has a nice ratio. Not too much text.

The image below is NOT an ad but a post in Facebook. This would NOT be approved if the chiropractic practice decided to Boost this post.

Ad policies

This is a pretty simple rule to follow, and most of the time Facebook will actually tell you why your image wasn’t approved.


So, what’s the solution to all these rules and Ad policies? The best solution is to advertise an incredible offer. This won’t violate any of Facebook advertising policies or ad policies. Some of these offers can look like this:

“FREE Appointment for New Patients. This includes: Exam, X-Ray, Consultation and Report of findings.”

It’s important to understand your value ladder and getting people in the door. The most important thing you can do is to get people in the door. And the best way to do that is to offer tremendous value over and beyond what your target market thinks it’s worth.

This may sound obvious, but too many chiropractic practices get caught up in “branding,” “messaging”, the “look and feel” and other stuff that really doesn’t matter to your patient ONCE they’ve been in your office.


Think about it for a second. Once your patient is in your office, does she really care what your website looks like… what you ads look like… what your “branding” is all about? No! She only cares about the service you provide and the value she gets from it.

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