4 Reasons Why Dentists Should Avoid Advertising on Yelp

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4 Reasons Why Dentists Should Avoid Advertising on Yelp

As you may already know, Yelp is an online service that is known for its crowd-sourced reviews.

Yelp’s reviews are mainly about local businesses and many local vendors today consider advertising on Yelp with the intention of boosting their businesses.

However, in certain cases, Yelp might not be the best option you should use.

Particularly, when it comes to a business like local dental care business, we don’t consider advertising on Yelp as the best option.

Here’s why dentists should avoid advertising on Yelp.

1) Yelp calls you too often

One of the annoying practices associated with Yelp is that Yelp generally calls your business too often.

For instance, Yelp will call your dental care business at least a few times a week (in most of the cases, they call you on daily basis) in order to discuss about your listing.

You are most likely to receive these calls particularly after some activity (such as a new review) on your Yelp account.

In addition to that, you are likely to get calls even if you don’t log into your account for a long period.

These calls are likely to continue whether you like them or not.

2) Although Yelp listing is free, they push you to buy premium services

Soon after creating an account with Yelp and list your local dental care business with Yelp, the Yelp representatives will start to sell their other services to you.

Generally, this will be done by phone. They constantly call your office until you agree to subscribe to their premium packages.

Yelp ad placements, additional tracking statistics, and enhanced listing are among the common things they try to sell you.

Eventually, you will have to end up with a monthly subscription fee around $350.

That is too expensive when compared to highly effective, paid listing services.

3) Your competitors’ ads will appear on your listing

A significant disadvantage associated with Yelp’s free listing is that the ads of your competitors appear on your own listings.

You will have to pay Yelp to get those competitors’ ads removed from your listing.

In fact, this practice is considered to be a serious issue by many dentists across the country.

4) The representatives are pushed too hard

The representatives who work for Yelp are pushed hard to work under a commission scheme.

Because of this very reason, many of the Yelp’s representatives are highly motivated to make a quick sale. They sometimes act aggressively to make you subscribe to their paid services.

In most of the cases, those representatives tend to promise beyond their capacity for the sake of getting your business listed under premium category.

These representatives don’t want to consider the operation of your dental practice; instead, they want to sell Yelp’s tools ‘somehow’.

Although it is a widespread platform and a substantial percentage of the total online reviews are made on Yelp, their paid services aren’t as effectively as they promise.

The truth is that most of the dentists don’t need Yelp’s premium tools to get more business.

So, before you select Yelp to advertise your dental care business, you should analyze the pros and cons carefully probably with the assistance of a marketing expert.

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