The Secret to Selling More Books on Amazon Comes Down to These Super 7 Persuasion Strategies

//The Secret to Selling More Books on Amazon Comes Down to These Super 7 Persuasion Strategies
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The Secret to Selling More Books on Amazon Comes Down to These Super 7 Persuasion Strategies

Here are 7 Super Persuasive Quick Strategies you can implement right now, so you can start selling more books on Amazon today.


The problem with most authors is that they think about only one thing: Selling their book. They don’t care who buys it.

When this is the attitude, you will sell less.

The strategies used by many authors to sell more books are just tricks to fluff up your book seller status, such as “bestseller.” It doesn’t mean anything as this author pointed out.

Follow these 7 persuasion strategies, and you will be selling more books on Amazon. Why? Because these strategies DON’T rely on gimmicks. They are real selling persuasion tactics that work for selling books and other products.

Right now, you don’t have a real selling strategy, but when you read the rest of this post, you will be equipped with solid mechanism that will allow you to be selling more books on Amazon like never before.

You will no longer be frustrated  by lack of sales or angry about spending money on ads that don’t convert people to book sales. And you will no longer be overwhelmed by all the “tricks” and fake strategies that don’t work and can get your Kindle publishing account banned.

Instead, you will feel energized and confident because you will have  a real persuasion strategy that focuses on building an audience and real fan base rather than tricks and gimmicks that only sell a few books here and there.

If you’re feeling like a loser for putting yourself out there with your book and not making any sales, fret no more. You’ll finally be the bestselling author you set out to be with these Super 7 Persuasion Strategies for selling your book on Amazon.

Follow these strategies and you’re guaranteed to sell more books on Amazon.

So, let’s get started!

Super Persuasion Strategy #1: Show That You Care

The first thing you need to have to come across in your book selling process (this includes your Amazon bio and your book description) is that you care for your audience.

If it appears that you are only out to make a buck—a buck certainly will NOT make.

In your bio and in the book description for your book, you need to make your audience front and center. You need to make it perfectly clear that you care about your audience more than selling your book.

There many ways you can accomplish this.

First tell your story.

“When my grandmother was on the verge of becoming an extreme hoarder, I knew something had to be done. That’s why I came up with this time management technique that can help everyone. When I started, I would help friends and family. And then people came to me for help. I gladly helped them. And I want to help you.”

You’ve probably noticed the many new companies that have cropped up with a social mission. They promise to give 10% to some cause for every product they sell.

And many people like to support companies with a cause. After all, so many companies have a reputation of polluting our environment, exploiting poorer countries and generally not caring.

Millennials are attracted to companies that are compassionate and giving according to Forbes magazine

Fortune took a poll that shows that Millennials prefer companies that give to charity.

Now, I’m not saying you should try some gimmick like donating proceeds to some charity. It simply wouldn’t work in your case. However, you need to show that you care more about helping others more than selling a book.

You just need to show that you care for your audience and the results that they will achieve.

It’s a simple concept, yet so few authors do it—and even less do it well.


Super Persuasion Strategy #2:  Specifically Illustrate the Benefits Your Audience Will Get by Reading Your Book

The second thing you need to make very clear is how your audience will truly benefit by reading your book. This goes hand in hand with the above.

Unfortunately, too many authors miss this completely. They don’t know how to really tap into the benefits for the reader. They often make bland statements that are not specific and really don’t mean anything.

You need to show how your audience can have transformative experience. That’s what they are looking for when they are shopping for a book like yours—a complete transformation.

Do this exercise:

On a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. At the top of the first column, write “Before”. On the second column write “After”.

You will write down your audience’s before and after state. The before state is where they are now. The after state is where their life will be after reading your book.

You can come up with many different categories, but focus on these three areas:

  • What they have or will get: For example “fat body” vs. “flat abs.”
  • What they have or will feel: For example, “feeling frumpy and worthless” vs. “lean and full of energy.”
  • What their average day is like now and what it will look like: For example “no longer lifting heavy cumbersome weights” vs. “now use light exercise bands.”
  • What their status is or will be: For example: “no longer the fat loser of the crowd” vs. “walk into a room and everyone wants to know your secret.”

You need to make sure your audience will have a completely transformative experience, so you need to show their before and after state.

Super Persuasion Strategy #3: Address and Overcome Your Buyer’s Objections to Buying Your Book

You need address many of the objections your audience will have to buying your book. In another post, I go into more detail on how to do this.

But you need to be consciously aware of all these objections. In this other blog post, I only list the top 5 objections, but there are many more. And there are many that are particular only to YOUR book, so you need to make a list of them.

Here is the quick list:

  • Is this book a good value for the money?
  • Will this book be a good use of my time?
  • Will I be able to accomplish what this book promises?
  • Is there a better book out there that covers the same material?
  • Who is this person? Does this person have any authority?

You have to get it in your head that people aren’t frothing at the mouth to BUY your book. They are doing everything they can NOT to buy your book. They are looking for any excuse to keep things as they are.

They don’t really want to change their routine by buying your book. And they fear of making a mistake—even it’s only a 99 cent mistake!

The best place to use this strategy is in your headline–something I explain in this post called The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Book on Amazon

Super Persuasion Strategy #4: Show Very Clearly Why Not Reading Your Book is a Big Mistake.

People are more likely to spend time, money and effort to avoid pain than to put that to spend the same amount of time, money and effort to acquire a positive outcome.

This is a proven fact.

For example, people will work harder and seek out new opportunities to get out of a miserable job even than to look for a new opportunity for career growth.

Even if it means being out of work for a while and getting a lower paycheck, they will still work harder and make sacrifices to get out of that miserable job.

Here you need to tap into the pain points of your audience if you want to be selling more books on Amazon. And then once you tapped into those pain points, you need to make it worse.

Yes, you really need to make it worse!

Don’t focus too much on what’s in the book. Focus more on what their current situation is.

For instance, if your book it about time management, don’t focus on all the techniques that are in your book. Focus on how bad the situation is for your audience, and then how your  book makes their situation better.

Here’s an example of what this might look like:

“Use the Five Step Method for getting more done in two hours.”


“Being unproductive for two hours equates to $2,000 a year in lost income and poor job prospects.”

Now, we’ve put a price on your solution and what it means to your audience.

Escaping pain is the driving force to all human action. All things being equal, we would sit around and do nothing if we’re NOT in pain or discomfort (and yes, boredom is discomfort). But we go to work because we want a roof over our heads–because we don’t want to get wet or be cold.

Avoiding pain is a powerful motivator. Use it to your advantage.

Super Persuasion Strategy #5: Show Them That They Need to Read Your Book Now.

Even if you followed the above advice, getting people to buy using this step should be easy. But with all the noise and distractions people have, you really need to drive this home.

People won’t do anything today if they can put it off another day.

Now, to be clear, this isn’t just about a creating a sense of urgency in any fashion you choose. A lot of authors follow the “get this now before the price goes up” sense of urgency.

That’s fine when you’re talking about significant money and price increases like $97 goes up to $297. But when you’re talking about 99 cents going up to $2.99, you’re kidding me, right?

So let’s get back to the sense of urgency of time, not of capacity.

You must tap into where their head is at right now. Most likely, they are looking at your book because they feel a need to solve this problem.

But they are not so sure they want to solve it now.

After all, the average person has a current problem they want to solve:

  1. Get into better shape
  2. Stop procrastinating
  3. Learn a new skill
  4. Improve relationships
  5. Improve health
  6. Be happy
  7. Make more money
  8. Retire wealthy
  9. Quit a bad habit
  10. Find love

These all can be translated as, “I’m miserable.”

But a lot of people really don’t want to admit they are that miserable. Because you know what people hate more than being miserable?


They hate change.

And your book is telling them to change. So your job is to make them realize that the pain they are feeling today is much more of a pain than the change they have to make in the future.

This is where you need to create that sense of urgency. Tell them that the bad things won’t change on their own. And that the pain is too great.

Super Persuasion Strategy #6: Present an Attractive Image

I see too many authors present an unpleasant image. When I see their author pages, it’s like I want to get away from an unpleasant smell.

The whole aura is unpleasant.

It seems like authors want to live in a hole and live off royalties.

Here’s an ugly reality…

You have just as much of a chance living off royalties from your book than you do in becoming a well-paid actor in Hollywood.

The statistics aren’t good.

And I’m not here to dwell on them. I’m here to help you have a better chance of making a career out of being an author and your associated business.

These are the areas that need have attention.

  1. Your bio
  2. Your image/photo
  3. Your book description

Your bio: Make is complete and use the strategies that you’ve learned here.

Your image/photo: Have a nice photo that looks like you care.  Don’t try to be too cool and don’t look a tortured artist.

Your book description: Make sure this is set up to sell. Use the strategies you learned here. You can also download this free guide.

Super Persuasion Strategy #7: Offer Something in Return

The best way to convince your way of thinking is to reciprocate the gesture. For Amazon authors, this means giving something back to your buyer.

Many successful authors offer free videos in addition to their book.

Mention these free videos in the first pages of your book. Too many authors waste the first pages on acknowledgements and other babble that big publishing house like to do to promote their own business.

But you are your own publisher, so don’t waste the front pages on front matter. Put it this offer in the front in black & white:

Ten FREE Videos to Get You There Faster!

Your buyer will greatly appreciate this gesture. Recently I purchased two books because of the free video.

Here’s a good example


Too many authors think it’s all about getting on the best sellers list. Yes, there are gimmicks you can do to trick the Amazon algorithm that you are bestselling author, but you won’t put one over on your audience.

I know one woman is who has an Amazon “bestseller” status on their books but only a few reviews. No one is going to believe that.

I also know another woman who has over 90 4 and 5 star reviews, but she doesn’t sell any books except one or two a week. The rest of her profile does NOT make use of the super 7 persuasion strategies.

Learn More: There are a lot of resources about publishing your book online, but I think you should also be aware of resources that cover a wide range of ways you can make money online. One such resource is this article I came across recently: Check it out and see if it helps you with your online selling.

Additional Note: If you’re serious about making money from your Amazon books or just looking for other ways to make money online, I suggest you check out this excellent website that I just discovered. Check out here: This will be a great addition to your Amazon book selling adventures!

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