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5 Examples of Amazon Book Headlines and Why They Work


In this section, I will examine 5 very good book headlines from top selling books that I found on Amazon. Let’s take a look:

Ex. 1

If you want to build muscle, lose fat, and look great as quickly as possible without steroids, good genetics, or wasting ridiculous amounts of time in the gym and money on supplements…then you want to read this book.

(Technically, this isn’t the true headline at this time. But let’s examine this because before the author had bragging rights to say that he sold over 400,000 this was his headline.)

This headline is packed with benefits. And that is one thing you need to be very mindful of. Your customer wants to know what they are going to get out of reading your book.

Let’s list the benefits:

  1. Build muscle
  2. Lost fat
  3. Look great
  4. Fast results
  5. NO steroids
  6. NO need for good genetics
  7. NO wasting time in the gym
  8. NO wasting money on supplements

That’s a lot of benefits to pack into ONE headline. But it works!

Don’t hide your benefits!

This book has over 3,522 reviews.

Let’s look at another book in the same category listing.

Here’s the headline:

***The Amazon #1 Best Seller!***

Have you been looking for the perfect
Bodyweight Workout Routine?

Incidentally, this book only has six reviews.

Let’s see why this headline is not working as well.

With only six reviews, it’s hard to believe that this book is a #1 Best Seller. So automatically, I doubt this claim.

(Now Amazon does have a liberal policy of making books an Amazon Best Seller, but in this case, I would recommend not saying it. Let Amazon do the talking with its little banner that they put on the books that are truly bestsellers).

The next line asks a question. Questions are good, but this question doesn’t really say much. There is really no benefit attached to this question. It’s just asking me a Yes/No question.

I could either say “yes” or “no,” and then move on. It doesn’t pull me into the body copy—which is what you want.

Let’s make this headline better by using what we learned from the good headline above…

Have you been looking for the ultimate bodyweight workout routine that will give you ripped abs, bulging quads and powerful pecs without needing expensive weights, resistance bands or a yoga studio?

Now, the key here is to list benefits and relieve the pain.


  • Ripped abs
  • Bulging quads
  • Powerful pecs


  • Expensive weights
  • Resistance bands (expense)
  • Yoga studio (inconvenient)

Okay, let’s look at another real headline from a bestselling book on Amazon.


Ex. 2

Building muscle has never been faster or easier than with this

revolutionary once-a-week training program

This headline is much shorter than the previous one, but still packs a punch.

The benefits are building muscle faster and easier. And in the proof is in the one a week training program.

People love fast solutions or something they only have to do infrequently, so this “once-a-week” program is ideal for so many people.


Ex. 3

Here’s How an Overworked Computer Engineer Accidentally

Discovered the Little-Known ‘Secrets’ to Building Muscle and Lose Fat

Why This Works:

Whenever you say, “Here’s How…” you can expect a story to follow. And people love stories. And this headline connects with a lot of people by saying “overworked.”

And since most people work on computers these days, they can identify with the “computer engineer.” Sometimes, we all feel like computer engineers.

And he “accidentally discovered” these secrets which makes it seem like he didn’t work that hard to find these “little-known” secrets to building muscle and losing fat.

This is a great headline. It arouses curiosity by saying “here’s how” and by having an unlikely hero (the “computer engineer”). This wording leads people into the body copy—which is what you want.

Let’s make a template that can be customized for your book.

Use this template:

Here’s how [unlikely person/hero] accidentally discovered the little-known secrets to [desired result]

Let’s try a few…

  • Here’s how a high school dropout accidentally discovered the little-known secret to making real money on the Internet


  • Here’s how a lifelong procrastinator accidentally discovered the little-known secret to getting twice as much done in a day than most people get done all week.


  • Here’s how an atheist accidently discovered the little-known secret to spiritual healing

Ex. 4

These are the headlines from several books in the same niche. Read them and see which one would make you want to read/buy the book.

  1. Social Media Marketing 2018: Step by Step Instructions For Advertising Your Business on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Various Other Platforms


  1. Give: The Ultimate Guide To Using Facebook Advertising to Generate More Leads, More Clients, and Massive ROI


  1. The Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising


Which book would you buy?

I would buy book #2, and here’s why…

The second title clearly shows me some real benefits or results I am going to get from reading the book. It says I can generate “more leads, more clients” and get a “massive ROI.”

The first title, however, just mentions all the places I can advertise. That’s nice, but it doesn’t dig into my core desire to generate leads or build a business. It is a very weak title.

The third title is very brief and once again doesn’t show me a benefit.

(Incidentally, book #2 has a lot more customer reviews than the other two titles. Granted there are many factors that go into that, but I just wanted to point that out).


Use this template:


The Ultimate Guide to [name your product] so you can [name three benefits]


  • The Ultimate Guide to WordPress so you can build a business, sell your products and never worry about coding


  • The Ultimate Guide to Making Green Smoothies for weight loss, glowing skin and hassle-free lunches or snacks


  • The Ultimate Guide to Self-Publishing for self-help authors so you can create authority, attract fans and grow your business




Ex. 5


Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords: How to Access 100 Million

People in 10 Minutes


This is another “Ultimate Guide” headline. I separated it from the one above because the second half of this headline is very powerful.

This is a really big claim, but it’s not really a claim at all. It’s just an undeniable fact. But it sounds like a claim which makes it powerful.

Also, you have the ever powerful words “How to.” This headline really packs a punch!

Any time you can use numbers and a specific time, you will get people’s attention. Let’s make a template and work from.


Use this TEMPLATE:


The Ultimate Guide to [your book’s subject matter]: How to [give a specific number] in [give a specific time frame]


  • The Ultimate Guide to iStock for Photographers: How to Sell Your Photographs to 25 Million Hungry Buyers in 25 Minutes


  • The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Exercises: How to Gain Inches on Your Arms, Legs and Shoulders in 14 Days.


  • The Ultimate Guide to Dog Training: How to Get Your Six-Week-Old Puppy to Behave Like an Adult in Just 15 Minutes a Day*


*(Okay, I don’t know anything about training puppies, so work with me on this one. Thanks.)

The important thing to remember is to put in specifics. These will resonate with your audience.

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