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I recently paid $47 for a 37 page eBook.

And you know what?

It was worth it.


Because it solved my most immediate problem.

And that’s the trick of being successful in selling your products—whether it’s in print or interactive.

You need to solve an immediate and pressing problem.

Before I go into how you can do this, I will tell you the quick story that led me to buy a 37 page eBook for $47.

I run ads on Facebook and I was having trouble complying with their Advertising Policies. (Not that I wasn’t tying).

Facebook has a nasty habit of telling me that my ad doesn’t comply with their advertising policy WITHOUT giving me a specific reason. They just point me to their lengthy Advertising Policies.

So, this was a pressing problem for me.

Then I saw an ad from Dan Henry advertising GAB also known as Get Account Back (NOT an affiliate link).

It was just what I needed. While my account was current, I’ve had it shut down before. And it was no fun. And I didn’t want it to happen again.

I know if I keep getting my ads unapproved I just my get my Facebook account shut down again.

This post is NOT about bashing Facebook or their advertising policies. I get why they do the things they do, although it can be frustrating at times because they don’t specifically tell me what policy I violated.

Get Account Back at $47 to the rescue. Okay, in all fairness to Dan Henry, Get Account Back isn’t just a 37 page eBook. Part of the price includes access to his Get Account Back Facebook group and a 3-hour video.

I haven’t looked at the video yet. I’m assuming it goes over all the stuff in the eBook. Normally, I like to read rather than watch a video. It’s much faster (usually).

Now, getting back to what this post is really about. And that is…

If you can solve people’s most pressing problem, then you have a real goldmine on your hands.

And you don’t need that big of an audience to make some really good money.

In Dan Henry’s case, there are only 473 people in his Facebook group. With the assumption they all paid for the same materials at the same price I did, then that comes out to be $22,231 ($47 x 473) for a 37 page and a three hour video. Not too bad.

And this also considering that all the people who bought the materials chose not to sign up for the group or later opted out of the group. So, his profits could be much higher than what I state above.

Any rate, selling a $47 eBook sure beats writing a two hundred page book at $4.99.

I wrote this post so you can see the value in creating an information product that really solves people’s problem versus just writing a book.

Too many people are quick to write some hackneyed book and post it on Amazon. Amazon is flooded with me-too authors.

Just like the vendors who sold the miners shovels, pick axes, pans and everything else a goldminer would need during the Gold Rush of 1849, the only people who are making money from Amazon publishing are the ones who are telling authors they can make money with Amazon publishing!

It’s the Gold Rush all over again!

But what hasn’t changed is direct marketing of information products

I recently finished reading Joe Karbo’s The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches published in… you know, I don’t really know. I was looking for a date as I wrote this, but I don’t see one. There is a copyright date on the back that says MCMLXXIII which comes out to be 1973.

Joe Karbo sold this book through direct marketing.

In other words, he didn’t sell his book on the book shelves in an overcrowded book store like everyone else. He put ads in newspapers and sold his book directly to the people.

He sold his book for $10.00 while paperback books at the time were going for… well, I don’t really know, but I do remember buying plenty of MAD books and other paperbacks for less than a dollar back around that time, so $10.00 is a lot of money to buy a paperback book in 1973.

And Joe Karbo made a lot of money with this book because he solved an immediate and pressing problem. He also marketed his book the right way. He didn’t go into a big bookstore with a bunch of other books with authors who just want to see their books on the shelf.

According to this article

“The book sold over 2,700,000 (2 million 700 hundred thousand) copies by the time Joe Karbo died.”

That’s a lot of books! That shows you the power of direct marketing.

This is why if you have a solution to a problem, don’t waste it on a book sold on Amazon or some other online bookseller. You need to go directly to the people through direct marketing.

Today it’s easier and cheaper than ever to market directly to your audience.

I won’t go into great detail here, but you can reach your audience directly through Facebook advertising.

Although, I don’t recommend you sell a book through PPC advertising unless you have a proper sales funnel set up. This will be discussed in another article.

The major point I want to make is once you have something that can solve people’s problems like Dan Henry’s Get Account Back program, you can charge just about anything you want as long as you have a proper sales funnel.

Many authors and marketers are doing just that all over the internet. To learn more on how you can create a product that solves people’s problem download my FREE information kit.

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