This blog post will change your life!

//This blog post will change your life!
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This blog post will change your life!

If it doesn’t, I’ll eat the paper it’s printed on

If you’re tired of running on the hamster reel going around and around learn new and exciting things.

And you’re tired of not getting anywhere with all your efforts, listen up because I have some new and exciting things to tell you.

Imagine, for a moment, that you are pulling up to a secluded beach in the Caribbean in your own private boat. Maybe it’s a big yacht or maybe it’s a more modest boat to accommodate you and your family (who needs staff, anyway?).

Or maybe you’re on a cruise ship—a smaller, more exclusive cruise ship—the kind where you’re treated a like a king or queen.

You get off your yacht or cruise ship and feel the warm water at your feet and the beautiful sun on your back.

And you have your own private bungalow with a bottle of champagne that you’re going to share with that special someone.

Or maybe you’re alone and you like it that way. You just got away from all the hectic stuff that’s keeping you busy—happily busy for the past six months.

But now you’re taking a well-deserved vacation.

You’re now making serious money from your newly published book and other business ventures. So much so that this little getaway is really nothing at all. But you enjoy it because you deserve it and you put in a lot of work to get to it and some new and exciting things.

Or maybe you’re not the vacation type. You like to stay home with your creature comforts. You have pets in the large backyard of your big house in your exclusive neighborhood.

And people wonder what you do to make so much money

And when you tell them, they just can’t believe you. They stare at you with envy and want to get in on whatever you have going on. But you tell them that you will let them know when your return from the club—you know, the club where membership is exclusive and everyone knows your name. And they, too, wonder how you make so much money doing what you do.

And you realize how easy it is to making the money you’re making; you start to think it’s a crime. You may even look over your shoulder once in a while. But you relax because you know you’re doing what thousands of other entrepreneurs are doing.  And you joined the club of people who have figured it out.

You figured out how you can make a lucrative passive income online with all the expertise and knowledge you have to offer. You figured out how you can get up in the morning, put on your bathrobe and conduct a little business in your home office—and then decide to get ready later.

You figured out that you can make a real living, a comfortable living by NOT getting in your car and getting stuck in a traffic jam—the kind that just moves inch by inch—taking you three times longer to get to work than if you left three hours later. But, of course, you’re not allowed to do that. No one is. You have to be at work the same time everyone else is getting to work.

But the beauty about not getting stuck in a traffic jam each and every morning is that you don’t wear out your beautiful new sports car that you’ve been wanting to get ever since you were a little kid.

Or maybe you wanted one of those new Teslas—the all-eclectic sports car that all the go-getters seem to be driving these days. It doesn’t matter because you figured out how you can NOT drive in the same traffic as everyone else.

And you’re relived by the fact that you can send your kids to college without compromise.  If they get accepted to their number one choice, you know longer think of it as a lark and worry that you can’t follow through on your promise. Now, you can.

You walk into the foyer of your home and admire the chandelier hanging above. Or maybe that’s not your style. And you rather just go down to the lower level men’s lounge and get yourself of a beer from your own private tap. Play some pool and then kick off your shoes to watch the game on the big screen. And you’re able to relax because it’s all paid for—no debts, no mortgages, no worries.

You go out to a fine restaurant. You tip the maître d’ a twenty to get a table at the all-booked-up restaurant. And you tip the valet a little extra something to get a little extra care for your special pride and joy that you only take out on Sundays and very special occasions—it’s that kind of car.

You can provide for your family. And when you leave, you can leave them with a legacy that you worked so hard to build.

This is the kind of money you would think a lottery winner would have

But it won’t be like a lottery with all the pitfalls of winning the lottery. No, you will make money with a sound strategy and a solid and proven method of making a real passive income. A system, once set, you can dial it up or dial it down—whatever fits your lifestyle.

And you’ll have the money to care for those in need or loved ones who may be older and cannot care for themselves This is the peace of mind we’d like to have.

Or donate money to causes or sudden disasters without feeling like we couldn’t part with the money.

It’s a pretty good life.

And a lot of internet entrepreneurs are living this life. It’s almost a mistake to call them entrepreneurs because they didn’t really invent anything or build some unique business that no one had ever thought of. When you think of entrepreneurs you think of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, or people who are on the cutting edge of some new breakthrough.

You can have a pretty good life without actually having invented anything new, or discovering some new process, or doing anything that a real entrepreneur would do.

And you’ve done just that by embarking on the journey to be a published self-help author. That’s a pretty big feat and that does make you an entrepreneur. But somehow…

The publishing of books is not paying off like it should

You have marketing expenses (not many because you’re doing it all for free on a shoestring budget)… many hours on social media sites… blogging hoping someone will hear you.

It’s tough make a real living from publishing non-fiction book. Your book is really an enhanced business card—which is great in its own respect, but at the end of the day you would like to make a nice passive income from your book, wouldn’t you? Absolutely! That’s the dream of thousands of published authors.

Can it really be done?


It can be done. You just have to find the right path to that success. And that path to success will lead you to more sales on Amazon and other booksellers, and more reviews on Amazon.

And on that path is your information in the form of a product that I call your Total Package. This consists of all the information that’s in your book but presented in a different format, so your buyers can choose how they consume your information.

And when you present your information in a different format other than just ink on paper and away from the herd, you can easily command $50, $100, $150 or more per sale. You can’t do that with just ink on paper ON Amazon—where the rest of the herd is grazing.

This is really the only way you will fully achieve a massive passive income from your book.

It’s also the only direct way you can make your Amazon book a bestseller. Through this process, you will have a legion of fans who will buy your book on Amazon and everywhere else. They will buy anything and everything you put out.

It is only then, when you make your massive passive income, will you have the success of owning a yacht or beautiful home with a large backyard.

To help you achieve that success, I have a special presentation that will show you exactly how you make money with your book.

In this FREE presentation you will discover how you can leverage your book, so you can make up to $15,000  a month in passive income. You will discover how you can rank high on Amazon by using my special 3 Step Profit Formula, and get more positive reviews than ever before.

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