Don’t Write or Self-Publish Your Book Until You Read This

//Don’t Write or Self-Publish Your Book Until You Read This
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Don’t Write or Self-Publish Your Book Until You Read This

Make Thousands of Dollars a Month with Your Self-Published Books

Self-Publishing has opened a whole new frontier for speakers and authors. No longer are you at the mercy of the big, evil publishing companies that offer 15% royalties for all your hard work. You can now write and publish your own book and put it on sale on Amazon and other online book retailers.

That’s the good news!

The bad news is you have just as much of a chance of making any real money from Self-Publish Your Book than if you published it traditionally. You may get a 35% or 70% royalty from Amazon for your book, but you may have a better chance of winning your local lottery than to make a real living from your book.

The funny thing is that when you do a search on Amazon, you will see that a fair amount of self-published books seem to be doing well. (Many of them get reviews by some other means other than selling books).

In a moment, I am going to show you how you can make a real living without the arduous task of writing a book and Self-Publish Your Book. In fact, a decent book that gets noticed by the general public is no less than 220 pages, but I will show you how you can make lots of money just by writing 60 pages. And it’s not an eBook, either!

If you look at the bottom of the market, which is basically where you will start if you’re a first-time author. The bottom looks like skid row in some derelict city. The books often have a bad review. And I literally mean a bad review, as in ONE bad review and no other reviews. It’s like a ghost town with tumbleweeds rolling by. This is where the majority of books end up. It’s like the island of misfit toys. It’s sad, really.

So many authors put their heart and soul into a book, and it falls flat.

And even if you get your book to be a #1 seller, you aren’t going to make any money. There are many, many top authors who freely admit that they don’t make money form their books.  They make money by some other means. Their book is just a springboard to other things. If that’s your intention, then by all means, go for it.

But if you just want to sell books and make money from your expertise, you won’t make a lot of money. Yes, there are a few outliers you managed to get in early, game the system and get a huge following—by writing “How to Self-Publish Your Book, “ but notice these books don’t say anything about making lots of money from your self-published books?

The truth is, you can’t.

But what if there was a way you can make lots of money from your writing?

And no, it’s not blogging. If fact, there is no blogging necessary.

And this way of writing is a lot easier than writing a book. You won’t have to deal with the criticism of the general public (i.e. bad reviews on Amazon). You can write the way you want without the uninformed public publicly criticizing your hard work. And you can format your content the way you want to without conforming to some standardized way of formatting.

And you could easily make a six figure income just by making your writing attractive to the right people

The problem with self-publishing and putting your book on Amazon is that you’re competing with all those $1.99 books. How can you possibly make six figures from that?

In fact, with my guidance, I can help you turn your expertise into a six-figure income practically overnight. In fact, you would only need to make eighty sales a month to make that kind of money. And it’s all from your own expertise.

You know, it’s very hard and complicated to get your book to #1 status on Amazon. You have to pre-sale your book because if you sell 5,000 copies over a six month period Amazon doesn’t count that as a bestseller. You would have to sell 5,000 copies in the first two weeks!

Can you sell 5,000 copies your self-published book in two weeks?

How can you sell your 5,000 copies in two weeks? It’s called preselling. You need to presell your book to anyone and everyone you know, so when your book does get on Amazon, you will have a frenzy of activity and you will make sales.

How do you get a frenzy of activity? From your list of course.

Oh, you don’t have a list of 50,000 subscribers? Then you’re out of luck.

Because you would need an unheard of 20% conversion rate every month just to make six figures from your book if you don’t have a big list.

Ask anyone selling a book—especially—a self-publish book, and they will tell you that they don’t get a 20% conversion rate on your advertising and marketing efforts.

And if you don’t know what a conversion rate it, don’t worry. I’ll explain it to you later. Just know that the profit margins—if there are any—are extremely small for book publishing.

Most people who write books and self-publish them are really doing it to make a name for themselves. And that’s okay, and it’s very effective. But what if you just want to write books to actually sell books? You know, to actually make money? What do you do?

You don’t start selling on Amazon for starters, unless at least, you know how to leverage your book for high profits before you start. And that’s what I help my clients do. I help them leverage their books before they actually launch their books on Amazon.

Doing it this way allows you to make money before launching on Amazon.

When you do launch your book on Amazon, it’s like turning on the afterburners on a jet engine. You’ll take off like a rocket.

Making It Easy to Leverage Your Book Into a Lucrative Passive Income:

There are many ways to make money online but many of them are rather complicated with many steps involved.

You could cobble together free videos from YouTube, read some blog posts or buy a few courses online. But you’ve probably have already done all that. And where has that gotten you? Probably the same exact spot from where you started.

You need an easy and straightforward path to your dream of becoming a published author that makes real money—not someone who is embarrassed by the returns their book makes.

Along that path, I help people take their ideas and turn them into a real passive income that they live off for the rest of their lives.

With my help, you can avoid all the headaches and hassles of trying to get your book to be a #1 Amazon Bestseller list just to make a few books. I can help your leverage your book so you can make a real income and develop a real following for your current and future books.

Scaling Your Book So You Can Make Five Figures a Month:

My system is pretty simple. In the beginning, we will narrow down your market, find out who they are and what they’re buying. And then through a little trial and error, we will optimize your traffic generation system. And once that’s optimize, we can scale up to as much as the market will bear.

So, in the first month, you may bring in $500 to $1,000. In the second month, we will scale that up to $2,500 to $5,000. And then in the third month, we will scale up to $15,000 or what the market will bear.

This is the proper way to launch your passive income stream from your book. Too many people try to make $15,000 or more their first month. And gurus talk of “just get some quick money” until get things going. That’s not really going to work out for you. We all want “quick money.” That’s not our problem. Our problem is getting any money at all.

Finding a Place to Start To Launch Your Book Publishing Career:

The hardest part about leveraging your book into a lucrative passive income stream is knowing where and how to start.

There are many courses and books on how to do just that. But to the inexperienced, those are all too confusing. There are too many steps. You could waste half your life trying to figure it all out. Who needs that?

You don’t have time to waste trying to figure out how to make real money from your books

You need to get started now. You can’t afford to make costly blunders. If you don’t start on the right foot, you could spend a fortune fixing your mistakes.

But if you had a guiding hand showing you exactly how to get through every step, you will avoid many of the costly mistakes that inexperienced people make.

Time is not on your side.

If you’re getting older, time is much more precious than money. And even if you’re younger, the world changes so fast that if you operate at a snail’s pace you could miss the whole thing before you even get started.

We all have the same 24 hours to work with. The difference in the people who are wildly successful that ones who are not is in how we use those 24 hours.

I want to help you on the fast-track of success without all the usual headaches and hassles of making real money from your books

Since time is such a precious commodity, I want to fast-track you to success.

To get you there, I am offering a FREE Strategy Session so you can figure out how to best leverage your book into a real passive income stream. An income stream that will bring in five figures a month. That’s right, a month!

Why am I offering this FREE Strategy Session?

Because I know once you see the power of my formula, you might just end hiring me for some of your copywriting or ghostwriting for future books.

Don’t worry. It’s not a requirement for you to talk to me or for me to help you sort all this out.

But when you start making thousands of dollars a month, you’ll see the power of a good sales copywriting, and you just might call me to help you out. Your success is my success.

And you won’t want to do it yourself, and you’ll see the value of getting someone else to do it for you.

So, you see, my goal is to get you to make lots of money with your books, so you will then hire me for any of your writing needs. It’s not as sneaky as it sounds.

But most importantly, I don’t want you to go through this with blinders on.

And there is no obligation with this call. I’ll be able to personally answer any questions you may have. That way, you can finally make a decision as to whether launching into the book publishing and information marketing world is something for you.

You can finally find out if it is entirely possible to leave your day job, and start a whole new business for yourself. You will finally know what this is about.

The worst thing is the not knowing.

So what types of people do I help get to that six figure income? Good question.

I work with subject matter experts. These are people who have an expertise in a certain niche. These are people who have written or in the process of writing a book in which they are an expert.

If you have something to teach and you’re good at it, then you are subject matter expert. And people are looking for people like you to show them how to pursue their path.

Follow this link for a FREE Strategy Session:

If you’re struggling to make sales on Amazon or you’re struggling to get to the bestseller list on Amazon, I urge you to get on my calendar. I can help you sort all this out on one simple phone call.

What is your time worth to you? Is a 20-minute phone worth all the hours of struggling and trying to figure it out all on your own?

If your time is as valuable to you as it is to me, then don’t hesitate. Don’t hesitate any longer.

Find out the answers you’re looking for. Find out how you can make a real passive income by leveraging your book in the right way. Find out how you can make $10,000 or more from your published books.

If you’re frustrated because you know your book should be selling more than it is… or if you can’t figure out how others are getting to the top of Amazon bestseller list… or the money you are making from your books isn’t giving you the financial freedom to change your life, then get on my calendar for your FREE Strategy Session.

In this strategy session, we will discuss where you are and where you want to be in your online publishing career. We map out a quick strategy so you can get make a serious passive income and then get to the top of the bestseller on Amazon.

Did you notice that I said make money, and then get to the top of the Amazon bestseller list?

This is all part of the strategy that I developed. Everyone else is doing trying to get on Amazon bestseller list backwards.

They are trying to get to the bestseller list on Amazon in the hopes of making a real passive income from their book. This is not how the A-list self-published writers go about it.

They first make their book attractive and start making money from their book, and then the get on the Amazon bestseller list.

Now, I am going to save the rest for when we talk on the telephone.

I must warn you. I don’t talk to everyone. First, I need to get some information about you first to see if we are a good match. I can only help people who want to be helped. I can only help people who understand there may be some work involved. After all, you’re looking at making five figures a month.

My calls are scheduled for twenty minutes, but I allow for an additional 20 minutes in case you have lots of questions.

If you have a published or self-published book and want to see your sales take off, then I highly recommend that you fill out an application and get on my calendar. Below is the link.

Click below for your FREE Strategy Session
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