Why Creating a Total Package is Much Better Than Selling an E-book

//Why Creating a Total Package is Much Better Than Selling an E-book
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Why Creating a Total Package is Much Better Than Selling an E-book

You may have heard that selling an e-book on your own website is like saddling a dinosaur for your morning commute. Well, you heard right. Those days are long gone.

But that doesn’t mean your audience still doesn’t want what you have to offer, and it doesn’t mean you still can’t make lots of money selling your information on your website.

I say out with the e-book and in with the Total Package. Elsewhere on this website, you heard me talk about the value of an information product. This is what I call the Total Package. The reason why I call it the Total Package is because it’s much more than just ink on paper or text on a screen.

The problem with people’s attitude about making lots of money with selling information on their own website is because they are stuck in the whole e-book mindset. And yet there are still those who are making money on Click Bank just by selling ink on paper.

But many people fail to get someone to buy their PDF (the e-book). Those days are over. You need to think bigger.

You need to think beyond ink on paper. You need to also think beyond video and audio. People will still resist buying those because they can also get those for free on YouTube and elsewhere.

You need to have a total immersive package that isn’t just slapped together. That’s how you’ll be able to make big money (watch this webinar on how to make $12,000/month) by selling your $147 product.

Your product needs to have explainer videos, screencasts, step by step lessons, worksheets, interactive quizzes and tests, calculators and audio recordings for the car. This how people will pay big money for your product.

But if you’re relying on the e-book model, you will probably lose your shirt. But don’t forget that your e-book will of course would be included in your Total Package.

Here’s a post that shows the math on how to make big money with your Total Package (a.ka. information package).

And if you’re a self-help author with a published book, then it’s a straight forward process in creating your Total Package. You just have to think beyond the standard e-book.

When creating your Total Package, you have to think about what is the best way you can communicate your ideas other than ink on paper. If you’re a time management expert, what ways do you think that someone would want to learn the material?

Would a worksheet with a video be better? Or what about an interactive slide show?

There are many ways to put together your Total Package, but the process doesn’t have to be that hard. In fact, it even be easier to put together than actual writing of your book.

To learn more about how to put together your Total Package so you can make a huge passive income from your self-help book, check out this webinar.

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