How to Sell More Self-Help Books On Amazon Without Banging Your Head Against The Amazon Wall

//How to Sell More Self-Help Books On Amazon Without Banging Your Head Against The Amazon Wall
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How to Sell More Self-Help Books On Amazon Without Banging Your Head Against The Amazon Wall

The first step in selling more books on Amazon is to stop looking at all the blogs and videos that show you how to sell more books on Amazon. Why? Because everyone else is doing the same thing!

You need to look at this whole thing in a completely different way, and in this blog post, I will introduce to that new way of thinking that will enable you to sell tons more books on Amazon or wherever else you’re selling your book.

The way Amazon works is much the same way Google works. There is only so much room on the screen for you and about a dozen other of your competitors. With millions of books out there competing for your audience’s eyeballs, there is just not enough space on the page to give your book a fighting chance.

And you can do all the usual stuff like:

  • Update your author page
  • Write a really good book description
  • Research and keyword your book to death
  • Make your book is in the right category (you did this, right?)
  • Get reviews (watch for those fake reviews!)
  • Free offers and downloads
  • Write more and more books!

And all of that works. But what if you’ve done all that already, and you’re still trying to make a decent income from your book?

The secret is to elevate the status of your book and yourself. People will buy in droves if you’re a serious player.

What if you sold one thousand books a month? How would that look to you?

If your book is like most books, your book is selling for about $4.99 (maybe higher or maybe lower). That would generate about $5,000 in passive income. I didn’t include the commission. Your commission is could be 70%, 35% or even less if you’re with a traditional publisher.

So, you have $5,000 a month which translates to $60,000 a year—which for some is not too bad for one book. Unfortunately, I painted a very rosy scenario. I didn’t include a commission, and you’d probably have to engage in some kind of free offering to get a consisted one thousand readers a month.

Now, you need to figure out how to leverage your existing self-help book, so you can sell more. What you really need is a profit formula for getting the maximum profits out of your book. And this doesn’t take place on Amazon.

With this formula, you will be sure to get many, many more reviews and more sales on Amazon. And you can be sure to make at least five figures a month!

And the good news is that there are plenty of self-help authors who are already doing this very thing—and they’re definitely making high six-figures a year using these strategies.

Here’s one great example:

But you don’t have to be a big name keynote speaker to use these same strategies to boost sales and make a huge passive income from your self-help book.

The secret is that you have to think beyond your book. People today have a strong desire to learn what you are offering. You just need the right formula for giving it to them. Once you give them what they need, you will boost your book sales on Amazon and you’ll make a huge passive income in the process.

The self-help industry is a huge industry right now. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry. Books like The Secret and The Four Workweek are huge sellers because people are yearning for a better life. And what you have to offer is what your audience wants.

But if you keep banging your head against the Amazon wall, you will never make the big sales and the huge passive income you desire.

To make a real big passive income you need to have a high priced product with a high perceived value, a traffic system that is consistent and doesn’t rely on free traffic, and a sales mechanism that can pulls people in and gets them to open their wallets.

I have put together a video presentation that shows you the exact formula for making $12,000 / month by leveraging all the information you have already written in your book.

You can take a peek at this presentation by clicking here.

In this presentation, you will learn the exact formula for taking your self-help book to the next level so you can make $12,000 / month in passive income.

Once you have this formula, your self-book will be a virtual profit machinemaking you money while you sleep. You’ll have a system in place where you’ll have to put in one hour a week to make some tweaks to the formula.

And this sure beats blogging yourself to death.

Hey, if you like blogging (like I do), then that’s great. More power to you. But if you don’t like blogging, then you won’t have to with this formula.

You will be given a system where you will have fast, consistent and reliable traffic.

You won’t have to guess whether something is working or not. You won’t have to wonder if you should post a YouTube video.

You won’t have to guess what day of the week you should post on your blog. You won’t have to wonder if you are Tweeting enough or not enough.

The 3 Step Profit Formula that I show in this FREE Presentation will take all the guess work out of how to make a serious passive income from your book. In this presentation, I even show you some scenarios where you can reasonably make $12,000 a month from your book.

I break down the numbers for you, so they are easy to understand. (And none of this is that hard, anyway).

And here’s the best news of all: even if you don’t have a self-help book already published, you’ll still be able to apply this formula.

I lay this out in three easy to understand steps, so there is no confusion. And at the end, I have a special free gift for you with a $200 value. Once you watch the presentation, you’ll understand how you can use this free gift to your advantage and use it to market yourself or your book.

Check out this FREE Presentation now before it’s too late. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll make that huge passive income from your self-help book.

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