Why Book Titles Are Important and How To Get More Readers

//Why Book Titles Are Important and How To Get More Readers
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Why Book Titles Are Important and How To Get More Readers

The best way you can people’s attention, Get More Readers and get them to buy is to offer a clear benefit in your title. Let’s look at four titles by Dale Carnegie.

  1. Quick & Easy Way to Effective Speaking
  2. How Stop Worrying and Start Living
  3. How to Develop Self-Confidence & Influence People by Public Speaking
  4. How to Win Friends & Influence People

This first title has the lowest numbers of reviews, and I can see why. The title doesn’t have a clear benefit. Many people would say, “What about quick and easy…” The problem is that those aren’t benefits. Those are actually a features.

The result of an action is a benefit. The action is a feature. So a quick and easy way is a feature, not a benefit.

What is the result of this book—other than effective speaking? Which leads you to ask, “What is the result (or benefit) of public speaking?” For many, if not most, there is none. To those who want to pursue public speaking, this would be a clear benefit.

We’ll talk more about this title later, but let’s move on. The next title, How Stop Worrying and Start Living, has a clear benefit. The benefit isn’t the not worrying part; it’s the living part. A title that just said to stop worrying wouldn’t be as effective. What’s the benefit of stop worrying? I don’t know. But if it’s to start living, then I’m all in.

As you can see other readers agreed. This book has many more reviews (and presumably sales) than the previous title we mentioned.

The next title on my list also has the same amount of reviews on Amazon, and it’s because it has a clear benefit: how to develop confidence and influence people. Now, the real benefit in this title is influence people. Having self-confidence it great, but if it gives you the ability to influence  people, then even better.

Now, this title would have done much better if it just left it at that. But Carnegie was not into tricking people, so he added in public speaking because that’s what the book was about.

Don’t be dishonest.

I once read a book titled The Secret to Attracting More Ideal High Paying Clients and Increasing Your Profit, and the funny thing about this 45 page book is that the words “High” and “Paying” were never mentioned in the book once! It was just a book about building an email list. So, don’t be dishonest in your title.

The final title in my list has two clear and powerful benefits without the arduous task of public speaking. And you can see that it has nearly six times the amount of reviews as the other two titles previously mentioned.

So, you’ll want to have a book title that shows a clear benefit. The benefit is what happens AFTER they read your book. “Quick and Easy” are okay, but not the greatest, and they are consider features of the book rather than the benefits.

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