Why You’ll Never Make Money With Your Self-Help Book Unless You Do This…

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Why You’ll Never Make Money With Your Self-Help Book Unless You Do This…


If you look at the statistics, it’s amazingly clear that you won’t make money with your self-help book. There are more and more books being published every year, and seemingly less and less readers.

With books being sold at 99 cents or given away for free, your profit margins are next to zero. How do you compete with other self-help authors who are giving away their book for free or are selling their books at ninety-nine cents?

You can’t!

You may be one of those people who are selling your book for ninety-cents as part of a promotion. But if you only have one or two books, you will have nothing to upgrade your audience to.

And even if you sold your self-help book for a reasonable twelve dollars, you would still have to have a massive audience just to make any kind of income.

And when you don’t have an income, you will have a much harder time doing some non-free promotion.  How can you put any money behind a book that sells for ten dollars? You would go broke just thinking about it.

The numbers just don’t add up. Let’s just say you would like to make a nice six-figure income from your books. So, to sell $100,000 worth of books at say ten dollars, you would have to sell 10,000 books a year. Is your audience really that big?

And you may be using your self-help book as your business card, and it’s a foot in the door to promote your other services. That’s well and good, but you still have to get people interested in your book in the first place. So, you still have to spend time, money and effort to promote your self-help book to get people to buy it.

It’s kind of a vicious cycle.

And even giving away your book on your own website won’t do any good. That’s why I say you shouldn’t let your customer download a preview of your book without getting their contact info.

It’s just like if you made a bunch of YouTube videos to promote your business. You still have to promote your YouTube channel.

All you’re doing is substituting one kind of promotion with another. Instead of promoting your higher end services, you’re busy promoting your book. But if you’re not a known quantity, you will have a tough time trying to make any money with your self-help book.

And relying on free traffic takes a lot of time and effort. If you promote your website, you have to engage in an SEO campaign to get traffic to your site. As we all know, that isn’t something that is permanent. That’s an ongoing effort and expense.

And you didn’t sign up for SEO and other ways to get traffic. You just wanted to write a self-help book that will help people solve their problems. Now, you’re caught up in all these marketing schemes to promote your book—that will not make you the money that you hope to get.

And you’ve probably tried to Twitter your way to a big audience.

Yes, there some black hat strategies to get tens of thousands of followers on your Twitter account, but are they really your audience? To get the right audience on your Twitter account would take years and years unless you’re a well-established author.

And once you have a big audience that can hear your free Tweets, you will have to Tweet thousands and thousands of times every month. There are many, many people on Twitter who have over 20,000 Tweets. How do you compete with that?

You can’t!

Those who have big audiences are already well known. And many well-known authors have given up on Twitter altogether.

You need to think about your self-help book and your publishing career in a whole different way. And today, with the all the tools we have, there is no better time to rethink your self-help book.

There are so many tools that you can use to repackage your self-help book so you can make a serious passive income. There are many self-help authors who are making multiple six figures a year just from their self-help books.

They figured out how to leverage their books into a profitable system. The key word here is “system.” You need a profitable system in order to make a serious passive income.

I know this system, and I will show you exact how it works in my…

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