“First Class” is the highest compliment you can bestow upon someone

//“First Class” is the highest compliment you can bestow upon someone

“First Class” is the highest compliment you can bestow upon someone

Next time you give a testimonial, think twice about saying “excellent” or “great.” These are vague… and run neck and neck with one another. But nothing exceeds “first class.” It’s visual.

Making things visual will have more impact in the mind of the reader. When I say “First Class” you probably have a mental image of the first class section of an airplane—and being served champagne. Words like “excellent” and “great” are vague and thrown around too much.

The phrase “number one” is also a great way to say someone is excellent because there can only be ONE number one. So, in a testimonial, you can say, “Tom was the number one person we called to get this project done right.” Or “In our book, they are number one.”

You can say “prize winning,” as in… “He gave a prize winning speech at our convention last year.” This is another visual where you can visualize someone getting on stage receiving a ribbon or a trophy—or even a boxer in a ring dancing around with the prize belt slung over his shoulder and dancing.

You might think “superb” and “superior” are good words to bestow  upon someone because they go beyond “great” and “excellent”. But they are just as vague and lose their meaning. You can say something like “peak” performance. With the word “peak” you can visualize someone topping Mt. Everest.

Words that are NOT visual are:

  1. awesome
  2. amazing
  3. fabulous
  4. fantastic
  5. excellent
  6. great
  7. incredible
  8. outstanding
  9. superb
  10. terrific

Words that are visual are:

  1. Peak
  2. Prizewinning
  3. First class

Some words you would think are visual but because of their common usage are not

  1. Top-notch
  2. World-class
  3. First-rate

World-class suffers from too big and thus becomes vague. And First-rate and top-notch are also equally vague and don’t provide any visual inside the mind of the reader.

So, the next time you write copy, make sure you have a visual word to use for when you want to say something is really, really good.

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