How to Get Mastery of Your Publishing Career

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This is a great book for self-help authors who are having trouble focusing on getting their books published or making a huge sales. Writing the book is actually the easy and fun part. But it’s a whole other ball game to actually make money from your books.

This book  by George Leonard will help you get focus. Leonard was a fighter pilot and instructor. He soon became a black belt in Aikido and later was an instructor. This books pulls from lessons of those experiences.

He says you should focus on the journey rather than the result. And I agree. When I took up fly fishing, my wife kept asking when I was going to bring home a fish or even catch one for that matter. I told her that I just wanted to enjoy the journey as long as I can. This book helped me confirm those feelings.

Enjoy the journey you’re on and don’t be so focused on the results.

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