Don’t Let Your Customer Download a Preview of Your Book Without Getting Their Info

//Don’t Let Your Customer Download a Preview of Your Book Without Getting Their Info

Don’t Let Your Customer Download a Preview of Your Book  Without Getting Their Info

That’s the deal you make with your customer.

“You give me your name and email, I will give you a preview of my book.”

Your sales page is what gets them excited about your book. You need to have your audience make that commitment. Your email list will sell more books than anything else. (And don’t forget that your book is that gateway to your higher level services).

Too many authors offer a book preview the wrong way.

Having a list of rabid fans is the best way to promote future books and is the fastest way to make sales on those future books.

When you download a preview on Amazon, you can be sure that Amazon will remind you every time you go back to their website—and you can be sure you will get some kind of email reminders, too.

If you let the people who are on your website download a PDF preview of your book without giving up their name and email, you have to no way getting back to them to BUY your book.

The problem with letting people download a book preview without capturing their information is that the real world gets in the way.

Your prospect may download a 30-page PDF of your book, skim through it and like it. But then they will want to think about it a little longer and leave your site to do just that. Now, you’ve lost a sale.

Now as much as we all like to think that a book preview will make a sale, the reality is that a good sales message is really what makes the sale. Books and other things get sold because people get emotionally involved. People get excited about the prospect of what they will receive when they consume the product. Your free book preview won’t really do that as well as a sales page or an email campaign.

So, don’t let anyone download a preview of  your book on your website without getting their contact information. Yes, it’s that important.

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