Why Your Book Isn’t Selling on Amazon and Elsewhere

//Why Your Book Isn’t Selling on Amazon and Elsewhere

Why Your Book Isn’t Selling on Amazon and Elsewhere

Your book isn’t selling on Amazon is because of the belief that a fancy title and a snazzy book cover—in which you spent several hundred dollars on—will sell the book. Or the false belief that you just need to send more and more people to your book and they will buy.


The reason your book isn’t selling is because you’re not selling your book. And to sell your book, you need a sales pitch. I know it’s like sleazy or something like that, but that’s how the world works. If you want to sell something, you need to have a sales pitch. Those with the better sales pitches are those who sell more. It’s just that simple.

You’re lucky you live in the Internet age and the world of Amazon and other online book distributors. The reason why is because you are no longer confined to the two hundred or so words on that back cover to make your sales pitch to the consumer to buy your book.

Amazon allows you up to 600 words to make your sales pitch. This is what is called the book description on Amazon, but it’s really your sales pitch. You may think that your book cover, your title and your positive reviews are what sell your book.


All those features help get people interested in looking at your book, but those things don’t sell your book. If the book is a complete mismatch, it doesn’t matter how good your title is or how many five star reviews you have.

Let’s look at an example…

Suppose your book is called, Catcher in the Rye. You wouldn’t know what the book is about unless you read the book description.

In fact, in a movie back in the 90’s, a character in the movie referred to the book as being a book about baseball, and he said he wasn’t interested in baseball stories. Another misinterpretation of the book’s title might may you think it’s about baking—bread, rye bread. Now, we all know that book took on life of its own—which is like winning the lottery. But if your book had a similar title, you might not be so lucky.

And if someone does buy your book based on a misleading title or book cover, you can count on getting a bad review on Amazon. No one likes to be misled. You can oversell your book and some people may be disappointed, but then don’t want to feel stupid by buying a book that wasn’t for them.

The best possible scenario you can ask for when selling your book is to get the right book into the hands of the right audience. That’s where you build a raving fan base. Trying sell to everyone and thinking everyone will love your book is a path to nowhere.

So, in conclusion, your book title and book cover attract people to your book and get them interested, but your book description is what sells your book. Make sure you have a powerful book description. You can find posts and downloads on this website to help you do just that.

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