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So what is this post about? I will tell you.  First you have to hear a quick story.

Since I have castigated Twitter for some time on a number of recent posts, someone recently asked me why I would criticize Twitter if I had a profile on Twitter.  The answer lies in the Powerball / Lotto Theory.

To win at Powerball, you have to be in it to win it.  If you buy one ticket you increase your chances of winning tremendously versus not playing at all.  No one is going to call you up to say that you won if you did not buy a lottery ticket.  But buying two lottery tickets doesn’t really increase your odds at all.  You would be pretty stupid to buy more than one ticket during any one Powerball lottery drawing.  One is enough; just enough to keep you in the game.

So, the reason why I am on Twitter and Facebook (but continue to criticize them) is because I have to be in the game to win the game.  But unlike players of Lotto and other scratch off games, I am not going to scratch off all day with a dozen different lottery tickets and think that I am truly making headway.  I am not.  The same is true with Twitter and Facebook

I am not going to click on Twitter profiles all day to get more and more “followers” and think I am actually marketing my business.  I am not.  I am also not going to spend all day cajoling all sorts of strangers to be my “friend”.  It sounds rather pathetic in my opinion and a complete waste of time.  I have a life and a business, and both of them are not taking place on Twitter of Facebook.

But I have to be in it to win it, so my profiles are there just collecting dust and a few followers and a few “friends”* along the way.  I don’t expect much and that’s fine with me because my focus ion my website where the really marketing happens.

*I always feel a need to put “friends” in quote whenever it relates to Facebook.  I found other writers have the same need.  It says something about the true friendships of these friends; a total diversion of the original concept of Facebook.

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