Adding Value AFTER You Make a Purchase

//Adding Value AFTER You Make a Purchase
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I’ve been buying stuff on Amazon for over 15 years now, and just today was the first time I received an e-mail from the seller. The product I purchased was some vitamins. The seller sent me an e-mail to give me some tips on how to use their product and how to stay healthy. Now, that’s adding value after the fact.

Below is the e-mail I received:

Hi Ash,

Your order of Neuro-Peak just shipped! To track your package, you can view your order here .

By choosing Neuro-Peak, you’ve taken an excellent step towards increasing your mental performance and giving yourself the ‘edge’ you’ve been looking for.

It’s important to me that you get the absolute most out of Neuro-Peak. Here are some tips to help Neuro-Peak work like it’s intended.

How To Get The Most Out of Neuro-Peak:

1.) Consistent Use: It’s important to take Neuro-Peak every day as directed. While some supplements decrease in effectiveness over time, the ingredients in Neuro-Peak work together to actually compound your benefits over time. Continue to take the recommended dosage even if you don’t see results in the first few days.

2.) Sleep:  Simply put, your mind NEEDS sleep to rejuvenate, organize your thoughts, and enhance your memories of the day. Do whatever you need to do to make sure you get a good night’s sleep.

3.) Eat Healthy:  While Neuro-Peak is formulated with the best cognitive ingredients on the market, a diet high in processed foods such as fast food, junk food and soda will severely undermine your results. Eating healthy fats, whole grains and fresh veggies is good for your mind AND body!

3.) FOCUS. Stop Multitasking!:  Today’s fast-paced world has people on mental-overload every single day. While it seems logical to attempt to do several things at once, it’s actually been shown to be highly inefficient and will actually slow you down! Your brain is only able to truly focus on one thing at a time, so trying to do many things (or even two things) at once will likely cause you to make more errors and will actually take more time to do the tasks overall!

4.) Exercise: There’s no getting around it. Exercise is crucial to the health and performance of your entire body, and the mind is no exception. Exercise stimulates nerve cells that enhance cognitive functions- including memory.

5.) Learn New Things: Give yourself permission to learn a new skill that we’ve always been curious about. Engaging your mind in new and exciting tasks that are important and meaningful to you has powerful effects on your memory and general well-being. Make it a priority!

6.) Brain Games: K eeping your mind sharp takes work, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! There are several free “brain game” apps that can be used on your tablet or mobile phone. One of our favorites is Lumosity.

I’m truly thankful and honored that you chose Zhou Nutrition. I can’t wait to hear how you’re using Neuro-Peak to gain an edge in your world.

All the best,

Zhou Nutrition

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Direct response copywriters have known this for years. Whenever I buy an information product or even a book from a information product company, they send me several follow up e-mails. And they do work. Many times, I’ve purchased an upsell.

So, be sure to follow up the next time someone makes a purchase. And don’t just follow up with a receipt. Follow up with something that adds value like the e-mail I received above.

It’s hard enough to get a customer. Once you found someone that is remotely interested in your product, keep in touch with them!

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