3 Reasons Why You Should Think Twice About Your Amazon Book Description

//3 Reasons Why You Should Think Twice About Your Amazon Book Description
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3 Reasons Why You Should Think Twice About Your Amazon Book Description

1) Better Reviews – Meeting Expectations.

The number one reason why you get a bad review on for your book on Amazon is because the book didn’t meet you customer’s expectations. Go ahead, and read the reviews. You’ll see a clear pattern. The book didn’t live up to the hype.

Either the cover, the title or the book description led the reader to believe that what he was getting was something other than what he actually got, and now he’s disappointed.

Your Amazon book description is there to give the reader information on what the book is about. If you only have a few sentences in your book description, then your customer has to rely on your title, your book cover and other reviews.

These are problematic.

If you customer reads all the reviews, he will see that other people liked the book, but he won’t know that the book is the right one for him. For example, you could have a book titled “Time Management for Creative People.”

The word creative is rather vague and mean a number of things. Some people in a creative job such as web design, graphic design, writing and so on will feel this title applies to them. But your book is really for creative problem solvers. Your book description will help clarify that.

So, your book description is vitally important to meeting expectations.

2) Better Rankings – Getting Better SEO

The more relevant words you put into book description, the more likely you will show up in the Amazon search engine. If you haven’t written anything in your book description, the search engine won’t know how to categorize your book.

Not too much to say on this topic other than you need to put words on the page—but they better be the right word; otherwise, you’ll run into the problems mentioned above.

3) More Sales–more sales!

With better rankings, you will no doubt get more sales.  In addition to being in front of more eyeballs, your book description is your sales page.

If you don’t sell your book, who will?

“My book reviewers,” you may say. That is true, but what if you don’t have any reviews? Also, you run into the problem mentioned at the top. If people can solely rely on your reviews to make a buying decision, they will only see that it’s a good book (for everybody else), but they won’t know if it’s a good book for them. Have you ever heard this: “That’s okay for them and  your customers, my business (problem) is different. People will always see their problem as different. That’s why you need to sell your book in your Amazon book description.

You should only see the reviews as a proof element to main sales pitch. You shouldn’t rely on your reviews to sell book. You have to make the sale. The reviews are just the proof that what you said in your book description does what it says it does.

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