Why You Should Use Long Copy in Your Ads

//Why You Should Use Long Copy in Your Ads

Think about this for a moment. Think about the last time you went to a salad bar at a restaurant…was there an expectation of you eating the whole salad bar? No!

You were expected to pick and choose ONLY the items you wanted. Some lettuce leaves, a few tomatoes here and there, a crouton and… voila, you now have the salad that YOU want.

That’s what you should be giving your customer every time you sell a product. You should be giving them a salad bar of options to choose from. And only long copy can do that. You need to give your customer everything you can possibly offer. And only long copy can do that.

Don’t skimp on the long copy because you don’t think your prospect won’t read all of it.  Of course, they won’t read the whole thing. They will skim of it, and then pick and choose what they want to read, but if you don’t give them anything to read, how will they know anything about you?

Your ad is a salad bar. Some people want tomatoes, and some people just want croutons—so give them tomatoes AND croutons!

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